UEFA has elected to scrap the away-goals rule in European competition, according to the Times.
The rule has been in place in European competition for 56 years, but reports had circulated for some time that it was to be abolished.
And at a meeting on Friday, UEFA has taken the decision to scrap away goals - subject to executive committee approval.
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The rule has led to some dramatic moments in European football down the years, the most recent high-profile instance was defending champions Bayern Munich being toppled by Paris Saint-Germain at the quarter-final stage of this season’s Champions League.
However, it has been felt for some time that away goals do not carry as much weight as when the rule was brought in - with the Times quoting a source as saying: “The view is that it is much easier to score an away goal now than it was in the Seventies and Eighties, when football was lower-scoring and stadiums were more hostile. There was less visibility surrounding a match in terms of refereeing, quality of the pitch and organisation, so home advantage is not so significant [now].”
The decision is sure to divide opinion, with former Liverpool defender and now Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher against the move.
Taking to Twitter, Carragher wrote: “The away goals rule in Europe makes the games so much more exciting, please read this thread @UEFAcom for the reasons why you are making a big mistake.”
Despite opposition voices, it appears UEFA will consign the away-goals rule to the history books.
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