Good evening and welcome to live coverage of FC Porto versus AC Milan, in the third round of matches in Group B in the Champions League. There’s a door marked exit in this group, and the loser of this will be staring forlornly at it at the halfway stage. Neither Porto or Milan have won a game as yet, which loads a bit of jeopardy on both tonight’s match and the reverse of it in a few weeks time. The group favourites, Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, are in action elsewhere, but the winners of this little square go will have the chance to be the fly in the ointment come the denouement of Group B. Teams from the Estadio do Dragao coming shortly.

Champions League / Group Stage
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza / 03.11.2021
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Ibrahim Mustapha
Ibrahim Mustapha
Updated 19/10/2021 at 19:09 GMT
Leao gets in some room for Milan on the left of the area, but skews his cross straight behind for a goal kick.
Porto have started well here, and are buzzing around the Milan area in a lively old fashion.
OFF THE POST! Porto's in-form man Diaz cracks one from the right edge of the area, and it wallops the inside of the far post before flying out.
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Diaz doesn't get a free kick after a haring run down the left, and is incensed. Milan break, and a retaliation foul by Conceicao draws an immediate yellow. The crowd are less than chuffed.
Peep! We're underway in Porto.
Milan almost got themselves a point against Atletico Madrid last time out, but a late strike from Luis Suarez denied them.
Here's a quick reminder of the recent Champions League form of these teams. You might want to look away if you're a Porto fan, given their last home performance...
Although they are not what they were, there's no denying we are in the presence of Big Cup royalty tonight. Milan have won this tournament seven times, second only to Real Madrid, while Porto have scooped it up twice. The second of those, under the stewardship of Jose Mourinho in 2004, is the only time in the last 26 years that the title has gone outside of La Liga, Serie A, the Premier League and the Bundesliga.
It's gone even worse for the visitors. Milan lost 3-2 at Anfield and then 2-1 to Atletico Madrid at the San Siro, and are marooned at the foot of the group. Much like Porto though, it's going rather swell at home. They've won seven and drawn one in Serie A, and produced a memorable comeback to turn over Verona on Saturday.
Porto's Champions League campaign started off well enough, nicking a point in Madrid, but they were hosed down 5-1 at home by Liverpool last time out. In the league things are going better; they're unbeaten in eight, and currently sit in second place behind Benfica.
And your Milan:
Here's your Porto for the evening: