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BSC Young Boys - Manchester United

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What a result for Young Boys! They played with real vigour after United went down to 10, but United were really poor at that point, sitting too deep and so poor in possession. United botched the Champions League by losing to a pot for team last season, but should redeem this one - though you never know.


Full-time: Young Boys 2-1 Man United


GOAL! Young Boys 2-1 Man United (Siebatcheu) United give it away at the last! Lingard, deep inside his own half, looks to slides a pass back to De Gea but he's not seen Siebatcheu, who allows the ball across him then, as the keeper comes out, directs a finish in the opposite direction and kicks off the mother and father of all pile-ons and rightly so! Young Boys have earned the hell out of this!


The teams Solskjaer played for were left to reorganise by themselves if something went wrong and I'm not sure if that's what's gone on here, but United have been a mess.


Kanga and Zesiger replace Elia and Lauper.


Siebatcheu crosses well, but Maguire stretches every fibre of his being to head away.


There'll be five added minutes.


Martial replaces Fred, but it's too late for him to do anything. He should've been on ages ago.


Garcia finds Sulejmani down the left and Shaw comes all the way across to see him away. But Young Boys sustain the attack and Rider absolutely lamps a shot from the edge of the box, but De Gea flies through the air to tip away.


Ngamaleu arrives onto a weak clearance from Shaw - he's been a little shaky tonight and so far this season - but whacks his volley wide.


And Sulejmani for Hefti. Young Boys want all three points here.


Young Boys send Rieder on for Martins.


Lindelof is hurt in a challenge with Ngamaleu, but should be fine.


Dalot's ball in is decent, but rather than swing at it, Lindelof waits to it to fall perfectly, which it refuses to do, and various defenders smother his attempted shot.


A pitch invader runs on, so there's a short break prior to a United free-kick, which Dalot will stick into the box.


United have been really poor this half, and that's not really on. They've got 10 men, it's true, but with the quality they have they shouldn't be pinned back like they have been.


Ngamaleu wins a corner off Dalot and it goes short while United sleep, Varane doing really well to extend a leg as the low cross fizzes in.


Garcia goes down the left but his cross is too strong for everyone ... then Hefti collects and delivers a better effort, which Varane clears with a slight but crucial flick.


I wonder if Martial might've been a smarter change. The worst of him isn't much use, but when he's on, he's good at holding the ball up, which United badly need.


Two further changes for United, Lingard and Matic coming on for Ronaldo and Bruno. I'm sure that's tactical and with the intention of preserving a point, but also with an eye on the weekend.


I said this was an important half for United, not because qualification is at stake - you'd expect them to sort that whatever happens here - but because they need to prove to themselves that they can come through difficult circumstances as, for example, Chelsea did at Anfield a few weeks ago.


De Gea comes for a corner and when he doesn't get it he pursues the ball well off his line, and Ronaldo clatters it into the nearest set of shins to win a throw.


It's absolutely rocking inside the ground, and with 22 minutes to go United need to do something because they're not mustering anything in attack.


GOAL! Young Boys 1-1 Man United (Ngamaleu) Again, Young Boys go right and Elia crosses well, the ball passing between Shaw's legs, and when it skips off the turf, Ngamaleu stretches ahead of Varane to poke inside the near post.


Young boys are sending in a lot of crosses, but with three centre-backs, Shaw and Pogba, United are fairly well-placed to repel them, Shaw seeing away the most recent one.


I wonder if we might see Lingard at some point, whose speed on the counter might be helpful. But in the meantime, Magurie wins an important challenge just outside his own box, earns a free-kick in the process, and De Gea is booked for taking too long over taking it. That seemed a tad harsh.


It's gone a bit quiet, but then Siebatcheu isolates Fred down the right and looks to have jinked away from him, but Fred - who's having a decent second half - recovers well to win the goalkick.


One man who'll be enjoying this is David Moyes - United's next two games are against West Ham, and the extra running they'll do tonight won't do his side any harm at all.


Aebischer crosses from the right, looking for Siebatcheu, and again it's Varane on hand to clear.


United will be happy with the second half so far - they look as likely to score a clincher as Young boys do to score an equaliser.


We see it again and Camara was pretty sneaky, keeping his arm close to his chest in shoving Ronaldo in the back, but that's definitely what he did. Young Boys have got away with one there, because it's a red card too.


Another towering header from Varane finds Bruno and he puts Ronaldo in behind as Camara misjudges the bounce! He zooms into the box without quite ever having the ball where he wants it, then Camara leans on him and he goes down! That looked a penalty to me - though the contact wasn't heavy, at the speed it was enough - but the ref makes a big show of signalling that nothing untoward went on.


This is actually a decent test for United, who've lacked defensive rigour in years. Between them, Maguire and Varane should have enough to keep Young Boys at bay, but the midfield will need to help them by looking after the ball.


Varane, who's so good defending crosses, sees the corner away,


Elia, who's been Young Boys' best player, whips in a cross that Varane heads away, then Dalot sticks the loose ball behind.


I appreciate the sentiment, but I doubt it'd end well for either.


Martins, the man Wan-Bissaka fouled, is late on Fernandes and is booked.


United still have a fair few players able to hold the ball and Ronaldo should be a decent out-ball, which they'll need - they won't want to invite pressure.


Siebatcheu is a striker, while United are now playing a back three - or five if you include the full-backs - with Pogba, Fred and Bruno behind Ronaldo.


A change apiece, Young Boys replacing Sierro with Siebatcheu and United removing poor old Van de Beek with Varane.


We go again!


Elsewhere, it's Sevilla 1-1 Red Bull. Both goals were penalties, and Sevilla have also missed two penalties.


That started slowly but improved, and the second half should be a lot of fun.


Half-time: Young Boys 0-1 Man United


Fassnacht, who's playing well, puts in a similar challenge on Fred as Wan-Bissaka did on Martins, but pulls out just enough to only earn a yellow card.


There'll be one additional minute.


I'm not really sure who's meant to be defending United's right flank along with Dalot because at the moment, they've got four central midfielders on the pitch, all of whom prefer the left side.


United need to get themselves organised and fast. Young Boys are getting the ball out left whenever they can and this time, the ball goes back inside to Sierro, who scuffs a shot that De Gea saves easily enough.


This is a really interesting game now, and a big chance for Dalot. Wan-Bissaka will, I imagine miss the next two games, allowing him to show he's an option as a more attackingly able right-back, if that's what he is.


Ye've gottae score! Elia again shows up on the left and cracks a low, hard cross that all the defenders miss and here's Fassnacht, arriving onto it and making a gorgeous connection, lacing towards the car corner from eight yards ... but no! It goes just wide.


Poor Sancho, who's started his United career slowly, is yanked, with Dalot replacing him and going to right back. I guess United will play a 4-4-1.


United looked really comfortable before that, and I'm not really sure what to say. I don't think it was a wild challenge, but it was definitely a painful one.


RED CARD FOR WAN-BISSAKA! Pursuing his own poor touch he goes to win the ball - his eyes are on it and I think he gets a slight touch - but he carries on past and treads all over Martins’ foot so the ref shows him a red card. I'd not have complained had it been a yellow, but I can see why it wasn't.


Fred collects a poor clearance from Von Ballmoos, but Sancho slips receiving his pass and the attack breaks down.


Pogba mistimes a leap, though Siermo backs in I think, Kane-style, and when the ball slides off his head, Aebischer collects and slams a shot just wide from 20 yards.


United work it out to Wan-Bissaka down the right and he crosses first-time - that's out of character but in a good way - and it's a decent effort, though Von Ballmoos collects.


The tempo has picked up these last 15 minutes; this is a decent game now.


My system crashes, apologies, but it's still 0-1.


Young Boys are into this now, Fassnacht swaying away form Pogba just outside the box to fashion a shooting angle before lashing low and hard ... De Gea does well to dive full-length and tip away ... before United speed into a counter, Ronaldo lashing left-footed from a tight angle only for Von Ballmoos to stand up as long as possible at his near post, beating away well.


Better from Young Boys, Siermo picking up an improperly cleared corner and crossing well, with Camara getting up first .. but he can't get enough on his header and the ball skews away from goal.


And if they find it, there's a decent chance we see Anthony Elanga, who's on the bench. He was terrific in pre-season and combines the agility of a winger with the instinct of a striker. He's also close to ready, if not ready, and looks plenty good enough to play for United.


United are starting to dominate, pinning Young Boys back as they seek a second goal.


Ronaldo didn't score in his first 26 Champions League games. Since then, he's rustled up 135 in 151.


There's been a lot of guff written and spoken about Ronaldo, but ultimately he's a colossal upgrade on Cavani, and perfect for a team who, until now, have scored too few tap-ins and headers and too few goals in big games.


GOAL! Young Boys 0-1 Manchester United (Ronaldo) It had to be! Fernandes turns up on the left and, with the outside of his right boot, curves a sc-rump-ti-ous cross in behind, eliminating four defenders from the game. Ronaldo, whose movement is just so, so so good, and he meets it first-time with a firm side-footer that's got enough pop on it to beat Von Ballmoos, who gets a decent touch that means it dribbles rather than fizzes through his legs and over the line.


Elia collects a fine ball out to him on the left and he slows up Lindelof then feints inside and drags outside, rinsing by him only to hammer a low cross that eludes everyone. That's a let-off for United.


Better from United, moving the ball out left through Pogba, but Shaw's cross is too loopy and Von Ballmoos collects.


The pitch is very green, like it's on a computer screen, and a lot less threadbare than the 80s versions QPR and Luton had - yes, and Preston, but I don't think I ever saw that one. Liverpool, in particular, hated playing on them, but there was something amusing about players ripping their knees and thighs to shreds just like the rest of us.


Young Boys are sitting off United, who need to move ball and feet quicker.


This has been a slow start.


Sancho and Van de Beek work the ball out of defence nicely but the move quickly runs out of momentum.


Shaw bustles forward and plays a wall-pass off Pogba, but no one makes an angle for him so Fassnacht makes the challenge.


Nice from Fernandes, pulling to the left touchline and clipping an oblique ball over the top from Sancho, making a decent run from the opposite side of the box. But he can't quite keep it in and Young boys will clear via goalkick.


United move it nicely on the carpet but then Elia barges Fred off the ball - that's not the first time we've seen that this season - and runs at the heart of the United defence, sliding a shot just wide of the far post from the edge of the box. It never looked like hitting the target but De Gea hurled himself in its direction nevertheless.


Uefa thought it'd be Pogba midfield and Van de Beek left, but it's the other way around, and Sancho is on the right as expected.


I hate to say it, but Solskjaer has a Michael Greco brush-forward. Babyface or not, it's time to get it shaved I'm afraid.


Off we go!


The players of both sides take the knee. Good.


Let the music play!


And here come the teams!


All this analysis and we've barely mentioned Bruno Fernandes, which makes you think what it must be like gameplanning for United. How do you prepare and shut down a team with so many players who can hurt you?


Rio Ferdinand is analysing Paul Pogba, who's been majestic in parts so far this season. Most particularly, his passing around the box has been so clever and composed; if he can keep that up while maintaining his intensity, United will do big things.


It's hard to feel sorry for a multimillionaire who plays for Man United but I kind of feel sorry for Victor Lindelof, who starts tonight. He knows Varane has been signed to have his spot, and also that there's nothing he can do about it - he's not getting stronger or faster and those are his big issues. If I was him, I'd be asking for a go in defensive midfield because there's a spot there and he might just have the passing for it.


Solskjaer tells BT that Saturday was a special day but every game is different and his tea need to earn the right to win again. He's not bothered about the artificial surface - coming from Norway he's used to it - and the pitch is quick, the players used to it. Asked about Van de Beek, he agrees it's an important night for him but the coaching team know what he's capable of and he's fitter and stronger now. Young Boys are physical and direct - he namechecks Aebischer and Fassnacht - noting that they've done well for Switzerland.


Other hand, their performances against Paris, twice, and Leipzig were miles better than anything they managed under the other two.


From a mate in the away end.


As four Young Boys, they've won the last four Swiss leagues, the most recent one by 31 points. But they lost their manager, Gerardo Seoan,e to Leverkusen, replacing him with David Wagner of Huddersfield fame, and now sit fifth with eight points after five games, already five behind FC Zurich, who lead the tale.


I'm glad that Sancho is starting on the right tonight, because United have needed a player for that position for ages. Greenwood is good in that role but doesn't stretch the play because he's looking to attack the box, whereas Sancho is more likely to go on the outside, making them harder to defend against.


Tonight, Pogba starts on the left of United's front three, but I very much doubt that'd be so if Rashford was fit or if the opposition was better - assuming Ronaldo starts all the big games, I can't see how Solskjaer could only pick one of Sancho, Greenwood and Rashford.


That said, if we assume that Pogba and Bruno will start the big games, it's hard to see how Van de Beek can complete the trio - the way I see it, of the players available only Scott McTominay has the necessary physicality - but you never know.


The headline news is, I guess, that Van de Beek inclusion. My guess is that he's been given this game to see if he can play in a deeper midfield role; it won't be as physical as the Premier League, so if he can't do it here, the assumption will be that he can't win do it there. He's put on some bulk in the summer, which'll help, but the main question - for me - is whether he can position himself to get on the ball. My biggest gripe with him is that games pass him by, and that'll need to change if he's to have a future at United.


United make three changes from the team that beat Newcastle at the weekend. At the back, Varane has a rest with Lindelof coming in, Fred replaces Matic in midfield, and Van de Beek - yes, you read that correctly - has Greenwood's spot. As I suppose we're mandated to add, Ronaldo starts.


Let's have a look at our teams...


Elite-level football on a Tuesday teatime - sometimes it's not a bad old life. And make no mistake, we're watching contenders here. As Chelsea winning the thing proved, United could've been good enough last season, but a disgraceful performance in Turkey was followed by a profligate one at home to Paris, so they went to Leipzig in the final group game needing a point and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer lost his nerve, sending out a needlessly defensive side that got battered in the first half.

Well, that won't happen again. We've not seen three at the back from United since, and the standard of attackers in the squad is such that they can take any team apart on any given day. They might still lack a midfielder to control games, but you can be sure that no side will relish facing them and they'll want to lay down a marker tonight.


Afternoon all and welcome to Young Boys v Manchester United!