After rumours of a rift with Olivier Giroud in the pre-tournament preparation, Kylian Mbappe then was pictured alone but for Lucas Digne in the aftermath of his penalty miss against Switzerland.
That miss on Monday night saw France eliminated from the tournament at the last-16 stage, a shock for the pre-tournament favourites, and perhaps not a surprise after a string of underwhelming performances.
There is also speculation that more players that just Giroud are at odds with the young superstar.
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We asked Maxime Dupuis of Eurosport France to give us the lowdown on events in the French camp, and how Mbappe feels about being on international duty.
What is going on with Kylian Mbappe?
He wanted to do everything during this competition. He feels so strong that he wanted to carry his team on his shoulders.
So, yes, yesterday he made an assist and was on the second goal, with that backheel. But Mbappé has to learn to play more simply sometimes.
He complicates his life because he wants to be the player and is obsessed wih statistics.

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He wanted to take free-kicks (although he never does for PSG), he would have liked to take penalties. And we even saw him take a corner against Portugal.
To go and shoot in the fifth penalty shoot-out is also to want to be the hero, in a way even there's nothing wrong with that. But he has to learn to find the right balance between him and the team.
He had a fairly poor tournament and it has been noted that only Lucas Digne consoled him at the end. Are there problems within the squad?
What we know is that his relationship with [Antoine] Griezmann is cold.
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