Giorgio Chiellini has claimed he put a curse on Bukayo Saka moments before the England forward’s penalty was saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma.
Saka needed to score to keep England alive in the Euro 2020 final shootout, but his effort was saved by the Italy goalkeeper.
Footage has emerged of Chiellini mouthing something as Saka began his run-up, and it has been identified as ‘Kiricocho.’
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Kiricocho was invented by legendary Argentina coach Carlos Bilardo.
Bilardo was in charge of Estudiantes when he noticed a fan called Kiricocho was always present at training sessions when his players picked up injuries.
The coach sent Kiricocho to watch his opponents train, in the hope it would have a similar impact on them.

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The tale stuck, and Chiellini confirmed to ESPN that he had said Kiricocho when Saka was heading towards the ball on Sunday.
Chiellini said: “Hello Christian, I confirm everything! Kiricocho!”
I guess that solves everything, then.
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