6:00 PM
Baku Olympic Stadium
Euro 2020 • Group A
  • 2nd Half
  • Turkey
  • Wales
  • Roberts
  • JamesWilliams
  • Çalhanoglu
  • Yilmaz
  • Davies
  • Mepham
  • RamseyWilson
  • ÜnderKahveci
  • KaramanDervisoglu
  • AllenAmpadu
  • MerasMüldür
  • 1/2 Time
  • Turkey
  • Wales
  • YokusluDemiral
  • TufanYazici
  • 1st Half
  • Turkey
  • Wales
  • Ramsey

Turkey - Wales

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That's a magnificent win for Wales, and another miserable show from Turkey. They're going home if they can't beat Italy - and maybe even then - while Wales are going into the knockouts.


Full-time: Turkey 0-2 Wales


GOAL! Turkey 0-2 Wales (Roberts) Again, Wales take the corner short, and again, the brilliant Bale drives towards the box. Just when the shot looks on, he flicks outside him to Roberts, and the right-back sweeps the decider low past Cakir! WALES ARE GOING INTO THE LAST 16!


Wales take the corner shot and Bale attacks the box from the left side, flicking hard with the outside of his boot and forcing the keeper to parry; Moore's shot is then blocked behind and Wales have another corner.


Bale ploughs towards the Turkey box and slips a pass into space for Wilson, whose shot is blocked behind by Celik.


Calhanoglu is booked for something or other.


There'll be four added minutes, but I'm sure it'll end up being more because of that little discussion.


Oooh yeah! A tremendous, brave header from Rodon foils an attack led by Yilmaz, the flag goes up anyway, and then there's a scuffle, full of all the things that absolutely NO ONE wants to see. It's superb. Anyhow, the ref hands out card to Davies, Mepham and Yilmaz, and seeing it again, Yilmaz went down to berate Rodon for his brilliant defending, at which point Davies administered an almighty shove that sent Yilmaz flying, there was lots more shoving, and a general melee. Lovely stuff.


Now here come Wales, James skating past Celik on the left touchline before burrowing towards goal at the speed of light. He's got two men in the middle, and all it'll take is a measure low pass ... but he takes the aerial route and Morrell can't quite grow enough to head it. But he shouldn't have had to!


AND HERE'S THAT CHANCE! Calhanoglu picks out Demiral, whose leap is huuuuge, and he headbuts a monstrous effort that Ward parries away! That is a save!


Celik lumps it forward seeking Yilmaz, but Mepham is up, then again to concede a corner...


Wales are sitting deep now, inviting pressure. I don't often like that tactic, but denying Turkey space in behind is working well so it makes sense. Either way, you assume any chasing team will make at least one chance.


Wales send Wilson on for Ramsey. Will his goal prove to be the winner?


Another ball clipped over the top - Turkey are deploying Wales' tactics but with players less adroit than Bale and Ramsey - forces Muldur to stretch after it, and though he deflects the ball into the box, it misses both strikers and defenders.


Kahveci replaces Under.


this is pulsating, intense stuff but - whisper it if you're in Wales - they've defended well and Turkey have created little.


Now here come Turkey again, Yazici sticking a pass into space, behind the Wales defence and down the left. So Ramsey sprints towards the danger and has to time his tackle perfectly ... which he does! Superb.


Muldur gives it away to Bale and he sends Ramsey away. Ramsey moves towards the box, then clips a cross towards the back post and Bale is up! But he can only head wide, though had he scored I think he'd have been penalised for shoving the defender.


But when Turkey win a corner and Calhanoglu curls it in. Moore does superbly to head away. He's so effective defending his own box.


Wales fans won't thanks me for saying this, but this game stinks of late, heartbreaking equaliser.


While he receives treatment, Turkey send on Dervisoglu for Karaman.


Moore goes up with Soyuncu, who yanks his face for him and drawis blood.


These last few minutes are going to be proper frantic. Let's have them.


And here comes Wales' change - Ampadu it is, but for Allen.


Change for Turkey, Muldur replacing Meras.


I wonder if Wales might bring on Ampadu for Morrel to give them a little more midfield solidity.


A long cross finds Under at the far post and Under jumps with Davies, bundling the ball back into the air and towards Yilmaz, who has to generate all the power himself ... and can only plop a header into Ward's arms.


Very gradually but very definitely, Turkey are turning it up.


Calhanoglu drives towards the Wales box but when he looks for Yilmaz, a phalanx of defenders block the route.


World class is strong, I'd say, but he's still got a lot of ability.


I mentioned Bale bodinning his penalty; this is what I was referring to...


Karaman lifts a ball into the box for Yilmaz, but Davies, who's defended superbly so far, heads it away.


So far in this competition, more penalties have been missed than scored.


It's almost as though Bale knew Eurosport's blogger had a few pennies on Wales to win to nil and him to score.


Turkey have been saved and they know they've been saved, so quickly win a corner. Under takes it and picks out Yazici, who's furious with himself for heading straight at Ward.


Dearie me, that was a poor penalty. Before it, Bale looked confident, but perhaps he was too confident, only he knows. It was confidently-taken, it was just an absolute mess of an execution but what's this?! Cakir tries a clearance, it hammers into Bale ... and shoots just past the near post!


HE'S BODINED IT! BALE HAS BODINED IT! He steps up, pauses, then larrups way over the bar! that is foolish behaviour!


PENALTY TO WALES! Bale runs at the befuddled Celik and dips outside him, right on the line of the box, left-hand side. Celik can't help but extend a leg, Bale can't help but fall over it even if he wants top but he doesn't, and this is qualification right here!


Roberts tricks his way to the by-line and clips back well for Moore, who clips a first-time snap-shot goalwards ... it takes a slight deflection too, making Cakir's save all the better - and it was pretty good without it.


Ward takes his time over a goalkick, so takes a going-over from the ref - but no card.


Under's corner is a goodun, Ayhan heading back in ... and it drops to Ylimaz, who leaps, swivels, and volleys a good chance over the bar!


Under chips a dangerous ball to the far post, where Davies does really well to head behind for a corner.


These have been a good few minutes for Wales, and when Roberts switches a ball from right to centre, Bale controls well, swatting a nasty-looking shot just over the bar.


Bale is feeling himself tonight, and again he comes deep to pick out Ramsey down the left. This time, though, his square ball is cut out, his reward a corner ... that comes to nothing.


Meras clips a ball into YIlmaz, who knocks down nicely. But Roberts is there to head away, and Wales can now spend some QT with the ball.


Turkey move it through and across midfield, Yilmaz knocking off to Calhanoglu. He has a look then lets go a shot, and Ward fields it well.


Turkey have pushed up the pitch and are looking to get to the ball first. This second half should be a belter.


But here come Wales and James goes by Celik on the inside, crossing towards the far post, and again no one attacks it so Cakir has to shove it around the post. The corner comes to nothing.


Meantime, Calhanoglu bends a cross towards the far post which no one attacks, and the ball goes only just past the far post.


Demiral goes to centre-back with Ayhan moving into midfield.


Turkey take off Yokuslu and Tufan, replacing them with Demiral and Yazici.


We go again...


That was a really enjoyable half, dominated by the class of Gareth Bale. Three times he picked and three times he executed defence-splitting passes; on the third occasion, Aaron Ramsey applied the finish they deserved, and Wales - their best players in particular - have turned up.


Half-time: Turkey 0-1 Wales


There'll be one added minute.


It's true that Turkey have been slightly ascendant these last few minutes but it's Wales who've made all the chances, and that Bale for Ramsey combination is clearly something they've practised and planned. Well done Robert Page!


GOAL! Turkey -1 Wales (Ramsey) THIS HAS BEEN COMING! Again, Bale drops deep, again Turkey give him time to pick a pass, and again, he picks out Ramsey, running alone beyond the Turkish line. But this time he stays calm, leaping to control majestically on his chest, before scuffing a half-volley past Cakir. What a strike! What a plan!


Wales are resting in possession, to borrow Brendan Rodgers' phrase, but then Ramsey lofts a ball over the top for Allen - he's in behind Celik - but his touch is poor and the ball dribbles over the by-line.


Wales could use a breather. Ramsey lifts a bouncing ball over Yokuslu, but there's no one up with him so no counter.


Under finds Yokuslu, but as he drives towards the Wales box, Rodon does well to unload him.


They're also getting to the ball first now - according to Graeme Souness, the key aspect of any football match. But have a look! Bale cuts out a stray pass and charges forward, Moore and James to his left. He opts to go alone, assuming he'll do Soyuncu for pace, but his touch is heavy and the defender tanks in to challenge, taking Bale down too so that he can't go after the loose ball.


Turkey are playing a bit better now, and starting to pin Wales back.


The ball flies over towards Şenol Güneş, the Turkey coach, so he goes to trap it on his thigh, misses, and sees it roll under his foot. Wonderful stuff.


Both now back.


I was talking about the old skool coverage just a few minutes ago, and shonuff we've lost the clock and the pictures.


Meras barges James over, but the ref sees nothing amiss.


And it's a good one too, Calhanoglu picking out Ayhan in the middle, and he gets a good head on it too ... but Morrell is on the line and heads it away ... though a replay shows it was going wide.


Turkey win a corner down the left....


Under gets away down the right and he's got men in the box, but he tries to jink past Davies, who's having no such thing. Coming away with the ball, Davies then tries to find James, who slips.


Bale comes deep and looks to arrow a diag over the top for James. It's overhit, but a good indication of a good plan.


The coverage of this match is a proper throwback - hazy picture, jumping, freezing and all the old tricks. I'm quite enjoying it, it gives you that illicit, exotic feel you just don't get in ultra HD.


YE'VE GOTTAE SCORE! Bale sticks another fantastic ball in behind, this time through the middle, and Ramsey is onto it! His first touch moves it right, so when he comes to hit it he's sort of coming around his own arse. But he's got so much time and so much space - it's as though he can't believe either are real - that he just takes an almighty swing, sending the ball flying high over the bar. Wales can't keep missing chances like this, but on the other hand they're playing really well.


Celik gets a breather from chasing James and carts a superb cross over to the back post, but it's just too high for Karaman.


Rodon hits long to Moore, who knocks down for Ramsey, who immediately sticks James away down the left. Hit screeches towards the line and cuts over a low cross for Moore, but Ayhan does really well to slide in and get enough on the ball to take it away but not enough on it to score an own goal.


Wales have had 55% of the possession so far.


This is a really good, aggressive performance from Wales, and as Robbie Savage says in commentary, they need to get the ball out to James, who has Celik on toast. He skips by him again, only to find himself with no options, so Wales go backwards. Still, though, they're in possession.


Goodness me, how do Wales not score here?! How is that not handball?! Let's break it down. Wales do really well to move it through midfield and James crosses from the right, picking out Bale; he should head for goal but instead goes back across the face, I've no idea why, and I'm sure that hits a hand! But looking again, what actually happened was Soyuncu got up high to hook away from Moore with a horizontal roundhouse, and in the follow-through the ball flicked his arm. Good decision by the ref.


I'm all for there being games in a tournament featuring one team trying to score and another trying not to concede - I really enjoyed Spain-Sweden - but it's nice to watch one featuring two teams intent on winning. And that's what we've got here.


Turkey break and Karaman knocks infield to Under, who hooks a bouncing ball directly at Ward.


Excellent header from James, knocking down for Allen, who quickly returns possession. James promptly centres and Moore is up! But he under pressure from Soyuncu, he can't get over the ball, heading high.


James and Bale have swapped, Jmaes now on the left and Bale now on the right. I think that makes sense, because Wales need both running towards goal.


Wales counter with James and my web browser crashes before I can see what happens, but the broad answer is not much.


Davies is caught upfield andUnder gets away behind him, crossing low and hard for Yilmaz, who shoots low and hard. But Mepham does superbly to block behind, for a corner which comes to nowt.


But he retrieves possession at inside-left and spins, flicking a tremendous pass in behind the Turkish line that puts Ramsey in! He's exactly the man Wales want in this position and he does really well to feint a shot then turn inside, sending Soyuncu out for a bag of chips. But his splayed body covers the square pass that'd give Moore a tap-in, so he shoots towards the near post ... and Cakir extends a leg to make a smart save. That was well done by all concerned, but when a player as good as Ramsey gets a chance like that, you expect them to score.


I think Wales have got Bale on the left and James on the right at the moment, and Bale wins a throw. He'll take it himself, but can't pick out a man.


Wales are having most of the ball at the moment, knocking it about confidently.


No matter. Wales win a free-kick in a similar area, but James' delivery is poor and Davies has to crane his neck low to direct a header wide fro 15 yards.


Wales with a throw down the right, deep inside the Turkey half. Roberts comes forward to take it, then chucks it straight at Ayhan.


I'm one of those who watched lockdown football without crowd noise, as I don't like pretending so wanted to hear what the players heard. Having whistles, jeers and songs back in my life is a beautiful thing.


There are 35000 of so fans in the ground, almost of all them supporting Turkey - who play in red. Wales have disguised themselves as Australia - cunning.


Away we go!


The players take a knee. All black lives matter.


This is another of those grounds which doubles-up as an athletics stadium. In other words, it's completely unsuitable for football.


Footballers singing anthems badly is one of life's greatest pleasures.


The ground is absolutely bouncing. I cannot wait for this one.




The players are tunnelled.


There's not a chance Tomori isn't better than Mings, Coady and probably Stones too.


What a collection of words this is!


Speaking to the Robbie Savage, it seems like Page took James off against Switzerland because he was knackered. He says he wants players to be naused when subbed, and they've had a good chat about it since.


Mark Hughes reckons the first goal will be vital. More news as I get it.


I wonder how offensive Turkey will be tonight. I don't think they can wait for counters to beat Wales because Wales won't commit too many men forward. But more than that, they'll see this as their chance, and I can't believe they'll treat it with passivity.


James has played most of his domestic football on the right because that's where Man United have a gap, but he's much better on the left - and that's where he starts tonight. It's just a shame that David Brooks isn't back to his old self - the achilles injury he had was brutal - but hopefully he gets there eventually.A fit him makes this team much, much better.


Ashley Williams is also there, so allow me this namedrop: Ryan Giggs told me that he saw him marking Daniel James when James was at Swansea, and he was sitting off him by 20 yards, so petrified was he of James' pace. Giggs said it was up there with the best roastings he's ever seen a winger give a full-back - Williams was playing out of position that day - which you'd take as a compliment.


Mark Hughes is in the BBC's studio. Any excuse, basically.


Once upon a time...


In the 1986 World Cup, which also took this six-group format, two points got two teams into the last 16. But at Italia 90 and USA 94, three and four points were required respectively.


It's as warm as you'd expect in Baku, but Wales will be pleased to have avoided the afternoon slot, which I doubt helped them much against Switzerland. I was surprised by how poor they were in attack - I wanted more from Bale and Ramsey - and surprised James was taken off. But this is it really - if Wales can't win, they're probably going home.


Wales, meanwhile, are unchanged, though I'm a little surprised they've not stuck Ampadu into midfield in place of Morrell.


Unsurprisingly, Turkey make changes following their weekend abjectivity. At centre-back, Ayhan replaces Demiral, and in midfield, Calhanoglu replaces Yazici.




This is an absolutely colossal match and I can't wait for it. Turkey were miserable at the weekend, and will be desperate for improvement this evening; fair enough, Italy are and were good, but the meekness of the surrender seemed extremely unnecessary.

Wales, on the other hand, were poor against Switzerland but hung in there to escape with a draw. A win tonight, and they'll be very close to the last 16.


Good afternoon and welcome to our live text coverage of Turkey v Wales.