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Euro Qualifying • Group I
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Belgium - Scotland
Euro Qualifying - 11 June 2019

Euro Qualifying – Follow the Football match between Belgium and Scotland live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:45 on 11 June 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Roberto Martínez or Steve Clarke? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Thanks for your company tonight - ta-ra.


Scotland weren't awful tonight, but once they'd conceded just before half-time they could do nothing to stop Hazard and De Bruyne. Not many can.


So Belgium cement themselves at the top of Group I with four wins from four; Scotland are fourth.


Full-time: Belgium 3-0 Scotland


GOAL! Belgium 3-0 Scotland (De Bruyne) He is so good. Carrasco tees him up, just outside the box, just left of centre, and he power-places an expert's finish into the bottom far corner.


Mertens onto De Bruyne, onto Carrasco on the left of the box. He opens his body but curls a low shot into the heels of Mulgrew.


Italy have beaten Bosnia 2-1.


There'll be three added minutes.


Double change for Belgium: Kompany is replaced by Vermaelen and Thorgan Hazard is replaced by Carrasco.


I'm sorry, what?


De Bruyne races onto a ball nudged clear, lamping a rising shit which Marshall palms behind.


Meunier puts another decent ball into the box, but neither Hazard nor Lukaku can capitalise.


And there you go. Scotland break with Fraser, who slides a clever pass through for McKenna. But Courtois is out quickly, making a fine save, before McKenna struggles to sort his feet and Burke fails to find a shooting angle. That was very poor from all three, and is exactly the problem with this team. If you struggle to score you struggle to win.


The corner yields another corner, which comes to nothing.


Mertens sends a vicious cross spinning, hissing and bouncing into the box, forcing McKenna to stick out a leg and poke behind.


Italy now lead Bosnia 2-1, while Hungary have taken the lead against Wales.


One thing international football teaches us is that a decent striker covers a lot of ills, and if you're to have one class player, it's best that he's that. Scotland have more in some areas than some better sides, but until they find a reliable scorer, it's hard to see how they get anywhere because they're trying to finagle a goal in every game.


Fraser runs at Meunier and drills a cross at Burke's midriff; all he can do is bundle behind.


Tielemans, who's had a quiet night, is replaced by Mertens. I'm slightly surprised Hazard hasn't been spared.


Nice from Burke, making ground along the by-line, but he can't find Fraser with his cross and Alderweireld clears.


Nice interplay between Thorgan Hazard and Lukaku finds other Hazard in space at inside-left; he looks to slide a diagonal pass for De Bruyne, arriving on the other side of the box, but it's well behind him.


I wonder where Lukaku will be playing next season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer clearly doesn't fancy him, and with good reason - it's hard to play quick, one-touch stuff with him in the team, and United don't have wingers or a number 10 to create for him. Perhaps Antonio Conte will take him to Inter - if not, he's got a problem because not many can afford him.


Lukaku takes a short pass from Alderweireld and turns into the box, right of centre, using McKenna as a screen to bend a shot just past the far post.


I'm not really having Belgium's 3-5-2. You just don't need Kompany when you've got Vertonghen and Alderweireld, and if you've got Lukaku, full-backs and wingers make sense.


France now lead Andorra 4-0 and Germany now lead Estonia 6-0.


Scotland replace Russell with Forrest. That should sort things. .


Belgium, then. What do they need to do to take the next step? Not choking would be a start, because they've done that three times now, low-key against France and Argentina, high-key against Wales. They've got the players to have anyone, but taking those final steps can be so difficult.


De Bruyne slides a gorgeous pass in behind for Hazard, who steals a yard off Mulgrew and screws a shot wide. The flag goes up, but that looked onside to me.


Lukaku spins, moves away from McLean and chucks lollipops that diddle McKenna and opens up the angle for a shot, but his right-footed effort scooshes just wide.


Lukaku is a strange player. He has a poor first touch, he doesn't look fit and he's not a great finisher, but his numbers are immense.


GOAL! Belgium 2-0 Scotland (Lukaku) It's too easy for Belgium now. Again, Kompany is allowed to pass into midfield, finding Hazard, whose lovely first touch and turn allows him the space to turn and look inside the D - though one of the 74 defenders in the vicinity might've done something. In the end he finds De Bruyne who, coming back from an offside position, drills a shot which Marshall can only parry, and following up, Lukaku taps a volley home.


In Budapest, it's still Hungary 0-0 Wales. I believe Daniel James has done some fast running.


De Bruyne curls the free-kick into the box and Vertonghen flicks on, but Mulgrew, chasing back, does just enough to force Lukaku to shoot wide.


McTominay leaps and turns to shield the ball from Thorgan Hazard, but catches foot with stud to earn a booking.


...he drives up and over the wall, but Marshall dives to shove away.


McTominay catches Hazard's face with an arm, so Belgium have a free-kick 22 yards out, left of centre and De Bruyne behind it...


Meunier dashes down the right and stands up a cross for Lukaku, pulling off Mulgrew in the middle. If we're being generous, the ball is slightly behind him, but he should still score ... except he bundles a header wide


Scotland struggle to clear a Lukaku cross, and the ball breaks to Witsel on the edge of the box, whose low shot is saved by Marshall easily enough.


Lorenzo Insigne has scored a volley from the edge of the box to bring Italy level against Bosnia. He's a player.


Armstrong has a thigh injury, apparently. On which point, how are these players still playing football? Obviously these games need to happen at some point, but we're nearly halfway through June - they need a rest.


Off we go again. It's raining.


Back come the teams.


Scot;and will be vexed to have conceded so close to half-time but nothing we saw before the goal suggested that anything than a home win was on the cards.


Belgium are much better than Scotland, it turns out.


Half-time: Belgium 1-0 Scotland


That goal is extremely Lukaku, a simple finish against compliant opposition after looking like a fairy elephant for most of the half.


There'll be three added minutes.


GOAL! Belgium 1-0 Scotland (Lukaku) Eden slides Thorgan in down the left of the box, and he forages brilliantly to retain possession despite various challenges before returning the ball; Eden then dinks a cross from the line and Lukaku, up early with McKenna pinned, heads firmly into the net.


It's all Belgium now, though they're not peppering the goal.


Wissam Ben Yedder has scored a second for France in Andorra, while Germany now lead Estonia 5-0.




Meunier crosses from the right and McKenna's flying header achieves very little, glancing the ball into the path of De Bruyne; his shot is deflected behind, for another corner that comes to nothing.


Fraser finds space down the right, but Kompany heads his cross clear.


After taking a clever pass from Hazard, De Bruyne spins in the box and drills a low cross at Lukaku, who tries to flick home; you'll be shocked to learn that he can't sort his feet out, hitting the ball into one with the other.


Italy trail Bosnia by 0-1 - Edin Dzeko has put the visitors ahead.


Fraser nips in front of De Bruyne to run the ball clear and De Bruyne can't help himself, piling into a tackle nonetheless. He's booked.


Armstrong has hurt himself, so is replaced by Fraser. That might not do them any harm.


Belgium look nicely fluid with Hazard and De Bruyne wandering, but they need another man through the middle. I wonder if 4-4-2 might work better for them, so they can double-up out wide and give Scotland's centre-backs two men to mark.


De Bruyne turns up on the left and moves the ball onto his right foot, looking either to shoot for the top corner or cross for the back post; either way, Marshall has to leap and twist to tip over. The corner comes to nowt.


But Belgium are coming, Hazard wiping the floor with McGregor down the right, turning inside and out before crossing; Lukaku can't quite get there and Thorgan Hazard is on his heels, so O'Donnell heads behind and Scotland get the corner away.


Hazard finds Meunier, whose cross is a good one, but at the back post, Thorgan Hazard can't find a shooting angle as three players converge on him. Excellent defending.


It's a matter of time before Hazard does something that amounts to something. He bounces through midfield, past two men, and though the impetus is lost, the attack continues before McLean sells Taylor short with a pass; De Bruyne pounces and lashes a shot wide.


Goretzka has added a third for Germany. They might sneak this one.


Belgium need some width, and De Bruyne a bit deeper. They don't really need Witsel in a game like this.


Scotland knock it aboot.


Gnabry has added a second for Germany. What was Arsene Wenger thinking when he sold him?


Kompany caresses a pass into midfield for Hazard, who weaves forward and squares for De Bruyne; he has a great sight of goal, but spanks a riser straight at Marshall, who flings up a hand to prang over the top. The corner comes to nothing.


McTominay wins possession deep and a fine pass from McLean sends Burke away at inside-left. He has a look, then dinks a cross that's nowhere near Russell, ruining a decent situation.


Hazard takes the ball and immediately stamps on the gas, so Armstrong brings him down and the free-kick comes to nothing.


Tielemans, who's been quiet so far, lamps a shot from distance miles away from anywhere.


"I like to leave the lid off the pan, turns a house into a home."


This has been a decent start for Scotland - they're in the game, and Belgium have yet to pin them back. I wonder if a winger might be handy.


Elsewhere, Mbappe and Reus have given France and Germany the lead against Andorra and Estonia respectively.


Nice from Armstrong, sticking a ball in behind Kompany for Burke who, 20 yards out, snatches at the opportunity, dragging a shot wide of the far post. That wasn't a great chance, but you'd not be surprised if it turned out to be Scotland's best.


Lovely from Thorgan Hazard, dashing into the box and skinning O'Donnell with a change of pace before tucking back for Lukaku; he swivels to shoot into McKenna.


Tell you what: from here, "Hazard" means "Eden Hazard" and "Thorgan Hazard" means "Thorgan Hazard".


De Bruyne flips an early cross into the box and O'Donnell, at the back post, isn't told there's no one close so heads behind; Marshall punches Eden Hazard's corner away.


No idea what this even means.


Meuni9er is back on and seems ok, trying a cross which Mulgrew heads away.


What happened to crouching? Our species is screwed.


During that period, Meunier ran into Burke and looks to have knacked his knee. The challenge didn't look a bad one, but he looks in a fair bit of pain such that I'd not be surprised if this was his night.


Armstrong finds Burke, who holds up well, and Scotland enjoy a spot of possession.


Belgium knock it about as Scotland sit back, and as soon as De Bruyne injects some pace, finding Meunier, Taylor clears his cross.


There are a lot of empty seats - frankly, I can't believe more people don't want to see Scott McTominay do his thing.


Off we go.


Belgium huddle. I think they're discussing the best recipe for stock.


The Belgium players all have a hand over their heart; De Bruyne and Hazard don't sing.


Anthem time.


Belgium haven't lost a competitive match at home for nine years...


Here they come!


The players are making their way into what is a disappointingly wide tunnel.


One potential area of joy for Scotland: Vincent Kompany. Yes, he scored an amazing goal against Leicester, but that doesn't alter the fact that he doesn't like the ball. Burke and the nearest winger should be ready to put him under every time he gets it.


James Collins is also in the studio and says that it's no fun marking Romelu Lukaku. I'm surprised at that - he doesn't use his physique to smash defenders as he might, he doesn't run much and doesn't hold it up well. So there you go.


Darren Fletcher has a white hanky in his top pocket, so looks like he's nabbed some bogroll to complete the look.


Little Bobby Martinez says you want the opposition to have their best players so he's not pleased Robertson isn't there. He also says that it's about the collective, not the individuals, and he expects Scotland to sit deep and be well organised.


Clarke also says that Fraser couldn't last 90 minutes, which is why he's not starting.


Steve Clarke says that Andy Robertson did everything possible to be fit, but couldn't make it. Asked what he told Taylor, his replacement, he says" you're playing left-back", then goes on to add that all the pressure on the manager who picked him - the player just has to enjoy it.


A portent.


Darren Fletcher is on the Sky studio, which is great - he's already one of the best pundits in football, articulate and well-informed. I wonder if the reason he - and Neville, and Carragher - are so good is that they had to think pretty hard about how to maximise their ability and sit on their direct opponents.


Looks like it's going to be a wild night.


I'm really looking forward to seeing Tielemans tonight. He has a lot of ability, a rare midfielder able to actually play in the middle of the pitch. If he can put it all together, he can become one of the best of his generation, but having ability is very different to using ability.


Belgium make two changes from the weekend. On the right of midfield, Meunier replaces Castagne, while Tielemans comes into midfield; Mertens drops to the bench, with De Bruyne moving forward into his position, next to Hazard and behind Lukaku.


I'm quite surprised by that XI, I must say. I'd expect McGinn to be someone around whom Clarke would build, likewise Fraser who offers speed on the counter and an astute brain. If Scotland are going to improve, I'd expect those two to be key to that.


Steve Clarke makes five changes from the Cyprus game: captain and goalscorer, Andy Robertson, is out with a hamstring injury; he's replaced by Greg Taylor of Kilmarnock, who makes his international debut aged 21. Also coming in are McTominay, Armstrong, Russell and Burke, who scored the winner off the bench; missing out are McGinn, Forrest, Fraser and Brophy.




Qualifying Group I, there's a lot going on nowadays, and hopefully some of it will happen in Brussels tonight. By ranking - though not by achievement - Belgium are the world's best team, while Scotland have a new manager. They scrounged a late win over Cyprus on Friday night, while Belgium beat Khazakhstan; they'll need to be a fair bit better to escape tonight with anything but a hiding.


Evening all, and welcome to Belgium v Scotland!