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KAA Gent - Tottenham Hotspur
Europa League - 16 February 2017

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A hugely disappointing result and performance for Spurs. They will still fancy their chances of turning the tie around, even if the second leg is played at Wembley, but Pochettino will face some difficult questions after this. That's back to back defeats for his side.

  • End of 2nd Half

FULL TIME: Gent 1-0 Spurs


Spurs just can't get hold of the ball to create one last chance. Gent are playing long balls forward, battling for them and winning the second ball. They're out of time.


Having said that, there is still enough time for Spurs to create one last chance to draw level? But as things stand, Gent look rather comfortable and are seeing out this game.


This has been a dismal performance from Spurs. They lost at the weekend to Liverpool and pretty much the same team has failed to turn up for this match against Gent.


Four minutes of stoppage time to be played at the end of the match.


N'Koudou is incensed that he hasn't been awarded a corner kick. He drove to the byline to try and create a crossing position, but he is tackled and the ball bounces back off him.


The cross was slung into the Gent box by Eriksen, but Kane just couldn't get it under control and the home defence can clear. Although Gigot has taken a dull one in the process.


Ordinarily you would expect Spurs to turnaround a tie like this in the second leg at White Hart Lane. But next week's second won't be played there. It will be played at Wembley.


Just for a moment there it looked like Dele might have slotted through Son with a clever little flick, but the flag was raised for offside, and indeed it was the correct call.


These tactical changes from Pochettio haven't worked. If anything they have given Gent the advantage, with Dele completely eliminated as a threat when he's playing this deep.


You couldn't really claim that this has been the most exhilirating of matches, but if it stays like this it will set up the second leg rather nicely. Gent want a second goal to take to Wembley.


Dele is so frustrated at the moment. He needs to be careful not to pick up a second yellow card. He is walking on thin ice, kicking the ball away, complaining about every decision.


This could be another issue for Spurs. Kane looks to be limping somewhat. Pochettino really could do without his main source of goals and frontman from picking up an injury.

  • Christian Eriksen
    OffHarry WinksTottenham HotspurThere's the last throw of the dice from Spurs, with Eriksen coming on for the visitors. Oh how Spurs need him to be at his sparkling best for the next 10 minutes.
  • Christian Eriksen
    OnChristian EriksenTottenham Hotspur

There's the last throw of the dice from Spurs, with Eriksen coming on for the visitors. Oh how Spurs need him to be at his sparkling best for the next 10 minutes.


That's twice in the last few minutes that Alderweireld has played his way into trouble in the centre of the pitch. The home fans are really getting behind their team now!


Spurs' changes haven't helped them in the slightest. Gent have now taken it upon themselves to push high up the pitch and commit players forward. They are going for it!


PUSHED ON TO THE POST! Alderweireld is robbed off the ball 25 yards out, with Milicevic getting a powerful shot away on goal, but Lloris got down well to save and push the ball on to the woodwork.

  • Kalifa Coulibaly
    OffJérémy PerbetKAA GentGent aren't sitting back! They are going for this, looking to build up quite the lead to take to Wembley next week. Coulibaly is their top scorer and he has been brought off the bench.
  • Kalifa Coulibaly
    OnKalifa CoulibalyKAA Gent

Gent aren't sitting back! They are going for this, looking to build up quite the lead to take to Wembley next week. Coulibaly is their top scorer and he has been brought off the bench.


Time is running out for Spurs here. The changes off the bench have disrupted the flow of the match and so they have yet to get going since Son and N'Koudou entered the pitch.


Dele has picked up a yellow card for arguing with the referee following the award of a freekick to the home side. He really needs to cut that out of his game.

  • Georges-Kévin N'Koudou
    OffMoussa SissokoTottenham HotspurThere's the change we originally expected from Spurs, with Sissoko making way for N'Koudou.
  • Georges-Kévin N'Koudou
    OnGeorges-Kévin N'KoudouTottenham Hotspur

There's the change we originally expected from Spurs, with Sissoko making way for N'Koudou.


MITROVIC HEADER! The Gent player gets away from his marker and gets a header off on goal from a corner kick, but Lloris is untroubled by the effort, with the ball flying over the bar.


I don't think Asare quite realised just how much time and space he had. He could have taken on the shot, but he clipped a cross and Spurs were able to clear. That was a chance.


I thought it was almost certain to be Sissoko, given the way he had dropped out of the game since the goal. Instead, Dembele - who has been the driving force - is replaced.

  • Heung-Min Son
    OffMousa DembéléTottenham HotspurWell, this is a peculiar and somewhat unexpected change by Pochettino. It's Dembele who is coming off.
  • Heung-Min Son
    OnHeung-Min SonTottenham Hotspur

Well, this is a peculiar and somewhat unexpected change by Pochettino. It's Dembele who is coming off.


It looks like Pochettino is about to make a change in an effort to turn this game around. It's Son who is getting ready down on the touchline, but who will he replace?


Davies needed to make that header! The cross into the Spurs penalty area was driven into Milcevic, who looked certain to get on the end of it, but Davies glanced a header away.


For all that Spurs are pushing forward in search of an away goal and an equaliser, they still look somewhat vulnerable at the back. Genk will look to make the most of that.


In fairness to Spurs, they have picked themselves up after losing that goal and are now attacking once again, just as they were for the 15 minutes of the second half before they conceded.


That was a dismal effort. Dier lines up the freekick from the best part of 25 yards, but Kalinic can watch it drift past his near post without any fuss. Spurs have to do better.


So what does Pochettino do now? Spurs had started this second half much better, they were beginning to take a grip of things, but now they find themselves 1-0 down.


That goal came completely against the run of play. Spurs had been enjoying their best spell of the match by far, but they have fallen behind here. Gent took their chance when it came.

  • Jérémy Perbet
    GoalJérémy PerbetKAA GentGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Gent 1 (58 mins - Jeremy Perbet) Spurs 0. That's just too easy! Gent drive into the Spurs penalty area before Perbet has the chance to sweep the ball into the net. The Belgians have the lead in this tie! They lead 1-0.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Gent 1 (58 mins - Jeremy Perbet) Spurs 0. That's just too easy! Gent drive into the Spurs penalty area before Perbet has the chance to sweep the ball into the net. The Belgians have the lead in this tie! They lead 1-0.


He was eventually crowded out of play. Dele had the ball at his feet inside the area, trying to get a shot away at goal, but Gent got enough bodies back to stop him.


Sissoko and Dembele are driving Spurs forward from midfield. That's a big difference to the way things were in the first half when the central unit was far too passive.

  • Kyle Walker
    Yellow cardKyle WalkerTottenham HotspurThere's the first booking of the match and Walker deserved it. That was a late challenge from the Spurs full back.

There's the first booking of the match and Walker deserved it. That was a late challenge from the Spurs full back.


Whatever Pochettino said to his players at the break, it seems to have worked. Spurs are playing with a much higher intensity, but they looked somewhat open at the back now.


The marking from Spurs was slack there. Milicevic drifted away from Walker and received the ball inside the area, but his shot was high and wide. Could have been worse.


This has been much, much better from Spurs at the start of the second half. They have already created more opportunities than they did over the course of the opening 45 minutes.


DEMBELE STRIKES AT GOAL! The ball fell to the edge of the Gent penalty area, with the Spurs midfielder taking the shot. But Kalinic was behind it to make the save.


OFF THE POST! That's the closest we have come to a goal this evening. Walker surged into the box, played it to Dele, who threw himself to the ground. The ball fell at the feet of Kane, but he clips his shot off the outside of the post.


It looks like Walker has been pushed further up the pitch on the right side in an attempt to provide the likes of Dele and Kane with more service from the wings. Will it work?


Pochettino will surely want more intensity, a higher tempo from his team in this second half. They were strangely passive in the first half, which was weird given their attacking lineup.


The second half is under way in Belgium! It's still goalless between Gent and Spurs.


What did you make of the first half? Does Pochettino need to make changes at the half time interval? Can Gent pull off a win with what is a second string lineup? Tweet me!

  • End of 1st Half

HALF TIME: Gent 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur. That was a dismal first half for Spurs, but Pochettino will be grateful that no real damage has been done. They must play better after the break.


That was better from Spurs. Dembele spins and takes the shot from about 20 yards out, but his effort is somewhat tame and Kalinic can make the straightforward save from the midfielder.


I know I've said this before, but it's bizarre just how passive Spurs have been in this first half. They have allowed the Gent players all the time on the ball they could want.


Of course, the second leg of this tie will be played at Wembley, which wasn't exactly a happy hunting ground for Spurs in the Champions League. Might that be a factor?


This has been such a strange display from Spurs because the starting lineup suggested they wanted to kill this tie in the first leg, but the performance has been so passive.


Pochettino will surley need to make changes at the break to open the game up. They have been far too congested in the centre of the field. That could be a personnel change or a tactical change.


This is a match being played in the centre of the field. There hasn't been much in the way of goalscoring opportunities, and that isn't making for the best spectacle.


There is a growing sense that Spurs are starting to take a grip of this game as half time starts to come into sight. They are moving further up the pitch, but still not in control.


Sissoko was handed a starting spot by Pochettino for this match this evening, but the Frenchman has yet to score a goal for Spurs since making the move from Newcastle in the summer.


DELE GETS HIS SHOT AWAY! It was a great run from Dembele to force his way into the box and make a pass to Dele, but his shot on the half volley is blocked by a Gent defender.


There are just four games left of the regular season left to play in Belgium before the play-offs come into force, and Gent are desperate to qualify for those play-offs.


This is quite a remarkable performance from Gent so far given the number of changes they made for this match. They have prioritised league points over the Europa League, but that hasn't had an impact yet.


Foket had so much space out on the right wing, with Spurs being pulled into the middle, but after making a decent cross into the area Perbert could onlt sky his effort over the bar.


That was a pre-planned corner kick routine from Gent. They attempted to work it short then clip a pass over the top of the Spurs defence, but Davies was alert to the danger.


Alderweireld had to make the block there. It was Perbet who drove at the Spurs backline, making the most of a mistake by Walker, but his shot was blocked by the defender.


Gent should be credited for how well they have the game. This might be something of a second string lineup from the Belgians, but you wouldn't be able to tell.


Kane has been isolated in his role as the central striker in these opening 20 minutes or so. Spurs have barely moved the ball into the final third. Gent are right on top of them.


There has been a real lack of intensity and tempo to this match so far. That will suit Spurs, but given their lineup I expected to see more from them in an attacking sense.


NOT THE WORST EFFORT! A cross is lumped back into the box after a cleared corner, but the Gent player sends his effort wide of the far post on the half volley.


Pochettino looks rather calm on the touchline for the moment, though. Gent have been on top but they don't look like they have much in the final third to really harm Spurs.


Gent are enjoying a lot of success down the wings. Whenever one of their players surges down the wide areas there's a great roar that goes around the home supporters.


They might have started an attacking lineup, but this has been a conservative start to this match by Spurs. Gent are the ones dictating things at the moment.


Pochettino hasn't been the biggest fan of the Europa League in recent years. Even going back to his time at Southampton, he always threw some pretty serious shade at the competition.


Of course, there's a Champions League qualification spot up for grabs in the Europa League, and so with the top four so competitive it would be wise for Spurs to go all-in for this.


And now Kane lines up a strike from the best part of 20 yards, but his dipping effort is saved by Kalinic, although the Gent goalkeeper had to gather it a the second attempt.


CLOSE BY DELE! The England international is positive as soon as he received the ball from Winks, but his powerful effort skipped just past the near post with Kalinic beaten.


Gent have won just two of their last 10 fixtures, while Spurs have only won two of their last 13 matches away from home. So shall we just put this one down as a draw already?


Spurs are in fact the favourites to win this whole tournament. Along with Manchester United, Pochettino's side are tipped by the bookmakers to win the Europa League.


Indeed, the home side have started very well here, although much of that is down to Spurs allowing them to keep hold of the ball in the midfield area. Not causing much damage.


Gent have started sharply here, but they are resting a number of their best players. They seem to be prioritising the league over the Europa League. I thought it was only English teams that did that?


Wanyama plays a ball into the channel for Kane to chase, but Kalinic is quick off his line to make the interception. Kane is looking to turn and run at goal every on in this game.


This is Spurs' fifth competitive trip to Belgium and they have still to wait on any of those trips. Will tonight see them break their duck? They are the favourites to come away with the win here.


Early signs are that Kane is leading the line, obvously, with Dele on the left and Sissoko on the right. Although Sissoko is more than willing to cut inside and drift into the centre.


Indeed, Pochettino has made just two changes to the side that lost to Liverpool at the weekend. Winks has been handed a starting place in the centre of midfield.


Of course, Spurs come into this game on the back of the defeat to Liverpool on Saturday. That was one of their worst displays of the season, but Pochettino has stood by that team.


That was a half chance for the home side within the opening two minutes. The ball was cut back to the edge of the box by Simon, but Milicevic couldn't a meaningful connection.

  • 1st Half

The match is under way in Belgium! It's Gent against Spurs in the Europa League.


Genk will pose a threat, but they don't play with an archetypal frontman. They play with attacking midfielders making runs into the final third. Spurs should be able to see them off.


That's an attacking team from Pochettino. He quite clearly wants to take a positive result back to London for the second leg. Winks starts, as does Sissoko. Kane and Dele lead the line.


TEAM NEWS: Gent - Kalinic, Mitrovic, Asare, Dejaegere, Gigot, Saief, Foket, Esiti, Simon, Milicevic, Perbet. /// Spurs - Lloris, Walker, Alderweireld, Dier, Davies, Wanyama, Dembele, Winks, Sissoko, Dele, Kane.


I'm Graham Ruthven and you can catch me on Twitter ahead of the match. How crucial is it that Spurs take at least an away goal back to London for the second leg? Tweet me!


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