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Tottenham Hotspur - Maccabi Haifa

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Full-time: Tottenham Hotspur 7 [seven] - Maccabi Haifa 2


Credit to Maccabi, who've given a lot to this game.


What have we just seen please?


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 7-2 Maccabi Haifa (Alli pen) Alli opens his body and punches hard; Cohen barely moves.


PENALTY TO SPURS! This is brilliant! Moura darts a ball into the box for Alli, who looks so graceful as he controls, takes a touch, pirouettes and pokes a ball through Planic's legs; Planic can't handle the shaaaame, so hails him down.


Spurs could have a pretty decent side if they get the next round of purchases right. They need at least one midfielder, two if Mourinho won't trust Lo Celso and Dembele to play together, and a centre-back.


Ashkenazi replaces Abu Fani.


Spurs will be happy with how this has gone. They don't look great in midfield or at the back, but going forward they're a lot to handle, especially if left space to attack.


Rodriguez finds the ball at his feet 20 yards out so has a dig and it's a decent one, but straight at Hart.


Maccabi don't want any more punishment and Spurs don't want any more running. This is dying a death.


Another change for Maccabi, Rodriguez replacing Haziza.


In co-commentary, Gary Breen says how welcome Joe Hart's personality will be in the Spurs dressing room. Er, not so sure about that one.


Time elapses.


Kane now has 15 career hat-tricks. What a player.


Reguilon replaces Kane.


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 6-2 Maccabi Haifa (Kane) Alli slides a ball out Bergwijn, who flicks feet over the ball and skips away from Habashi before slipping a pass in behind which Kane seizes on, clipping the hat-trick goal over the diving Arad. What a player!


Moura, outside the box down the right, moves inside it then slides back for Bergwijn, who lashes at goal, forcing Cohen to tip over. The corner comes to nowt.


Donyoh, who was at Man City for a bit, replaces Arad.


Haziza looks a decent player, and he pulls right then attacks the space behind Doherty when the ball is clipped over him, heading across seeking Rukavytsya; Alderweireld scrambles to safety.


Alli bundles across the face of the box, feints to shoot and squares for Moura, who lamps a riser just wide.


This is hilarious. Moura loses the ball in the box but Abu Fani opts to be fancy, dwelling on it to Moura robs him, chucks in a brilliant Zidane-style turn, goes outside Arad, and fires in a shot that he gets back to block.


Bergwijn is a very difficult player to read - that can be both a good and a bad thing - and he gets on the ball outside the box, thunking a shot into Cohen's midriff.


Nice from Maccabi, Lavi clipping a ball into the box which Rukavytsya watches coming over his shoulder to guide home; but he went just to early, and the flag goes up.


Goodness me, where is this going to end? Winks clips the ball into space behind the Maccabi back four and Bergwijn bounces onto it; he's got only Cohen to beat. He could do anything but opts for the hardest thing, trying a chip that the keeper saves.


In the Carabao Cup, Stoke won 1-0 at Villa and Liverpool-Arsenal is still 0-0.


Elsewhere, Rangers lead Galatasaray 2-0.


5-2 was the score when Maccabi visited Old Trafford.


Spurs are allowing a lot of shots, and Chery allows a ball across him then turns extremely sharply with the direction of the ball to larrup a low one that skips just past the post; Hart couldn't be sure so dived like it was going in.


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 5-2 Maccabi Haifa (Kane pen) Cohen dives right and Kane clips down the middle.


PENALTY SPURS! Davies crosses from the left, into Mabouka, whose arms are in front of his midriff. The ball hits them, and there we go again. That's more of one than they Maccabi one, but still not one.


Abu Fani finds more space outside the box and absolutely wallops a swerver that Hart has to dive to shove away. Great shot, good save.


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 4-2 Maccabi Haifa (Rukavytsya pen) Hart dives right and Rukavytsya rolls left.


PENALTY HAIFA! This is so, so stupid. Haziza flicks a bouncing ball inside Doherty and hits the arm by his side, about two-thirds of the way up. That is an absolute crock.


Sanchez looks more confident on the ball these days, swaying to leave Rukavytsya and bring the ball away. When he was at Ajax, Mourinho played on the unreliability of his feet and told everyone about it afterwards. If that didn't inspire change, them him arriving at Spurs surely did.


At the moment, it looks like the latter - they're still moving it nicely and committing men forward.


I wonder if Haifa will try and keep the score down, or look to do something about it.


I thought Kane would go off but he's still here - Lo Celso, though, has gone, so we can assume he'll start on Sunday. Alli replaces him.


Off we go again.


Half-time: Tottenham Hotspur 4-1 Maccabi Haifa


Haifa need to advise themselves because they're in danger of a proper sorting here. And, as I type that, Bergwijn weaves patters outside the box and lays off to Lo Celso, who plays a clever first-time knock in behind. Kane is onto it, but his first touch is uncharacteristically poor and Cohen smothers.


A hopeful punt in behind sticks Chery in behind Doherty and from an acute angle he tries a Van Basten-style shot but can't quite get the lift, allowing Hart to claw away.


Lo Celso is a lovely player. I'd wondered if he was one Mourinho might take against, but it seems not - though there's time.


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 4-1 Maccabi Haifa (Lo Celso) Kane wanders onto the ball after Planic miskicks embarrassingly and finds Lo Celso outside him. His touch is a little heavy, but because of that, Cohen comes out, which allows Lo Celso to lift the ball over him. Another very acceptable finish, and in three minutes he has doubled his tally for Spurs.


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Maccabi Haifa (Lo Celso) Doherty marauds down the right and swigs over a fine cross that Moura meets well, but he heads into Davies who, with his back to goal, funnels the ball backwards to Lo Celso, who paggas a left-footer past Cohen. Good finish, and game over.


Spot the difference.




A lush flick from Kane feeds Lo Celso, who semi-rides a heavy challenge and moves the ball on to Bergwijn, who heads for the box but is crowded out.


Maccabi are still playing with confidence, Chery drilling a lovely crossfield ball out to Haziza, who controls well and has the confidence to go backwards when there's nothing on.


Dele Alli's mustache, oh yes.


Moura attacks the space behind Planic, who holds him off easily, levering him to the grass for good measure.


Obviously it's gone quiet and scrappy the second I said that.


Haziza catches the cumbersome Hojbjerg trying to play football and Abu Fani nicks the ball, so Hojbjerg fouls him. Of course he does. The ref administers what looks like a final warning.


This has been a really good opening, not words I remotely expected to be typing.


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Maccabi Haifa (Moura) Doherty swings a decent kick into the near post where Moura attacks it, backhead, neck and backing it into the far side-netting.


Spurs win a corner....


Winks and Hojbjerg are so one-paced - Maccabi are finding it so easy to pass around them.


WHAT A GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 Maccabi Haifa (Chery) Deep in his own half, Sanchez attempts a crossfield ball and Mabouka intercepts, feeding Chery who turns to get the ball onto his left foot and is allowed to wander infield, but who expected this? From 25 yards, he absolutely clatters a screeching, spitting, hissing outswinger that flies into the top corner!


Maccabi are playing with loads of confidence and Abu Fani is looking lively. He smacks a pass into Rukavytsya, and when it doesn't quite stick, he pounces on the loose ball and bends a very good shot only just wide.


Bergwijn attacks the Maccabi box and Kane takes men away so he shoots; Cohen can only parry, but just as Kane looks set to poach, Mabouka inserts himself between man and ball to make a brilliant tackle.


Good from Maccabi again, Lavi breaking from midfield and sliding Rukavytsya in behind Alderweireld! His first touch in excellent and his second is serviceable but necessarily takes him away from goal and he doesn't have the pace to get a shot away before Alderweireld comes back at him to make a fine challenge.


And back to Lo Celso, he's a lot of fun. If he can stay fit, he has the qualities to become a serious player, though has work to do with his numbers - for now, he's an inconsistent gamebreaker who can make any team look silly at any moment but probably won't.


Maccabi look a decent outfit, quick to the ball and quick to press.


Davies whacks one in behind Arad and Lo Celso screeches onto it, sliding into Planic to win the ball before getting up and driving into the box. He has options inside but opts to go alone, lashing across a riser that fills the outside top corner.


Maccabi are starting to knock it about nicely.


I'm afraid I know the cube route of nowt about this lad.


Maccabi will feel like they're in the game now.


That was a great and fast start from Spurs; are they beginning to look like a team? But just as I type that, Maccabi open them up with Sanchez caught ahead of play, and Haziza finds Chery, who whacks one from distance that Hart has to parry behind.


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Maccabi Haifa (Kane) This is excellent and simple, Davies playing inside to Bergwijn who takes a clever first touch, opening his body so that the ball can run across it and he can glide a fine return ball into stride; Davies takes another touch, crosses, and Kane taps home from a few yards.


Doherty raids down the right but is blocked off.


Joe Hart has yet to seek attention.


A false start and we're away.


I forgot to note that Joe Hart is in net for Spurs. I'm not quite sure what happened to him, because he was a decent keeper - it seemed like the Hartdog, exhibition shouting, Pirlo behaviour got distrcting.


Here come the teams. to a lot of noise.


This UNESCO world heritage site is in Haifa. Peek the Bahai Gardens.


FYI, it's not MAccabi it's maKABI. Generally, words in Hebrew emphasise the second syllable.


I was also at Old Trafford 18 years ago to see Maccabi play Man United - that time in the home end. United won 5-2 and Diego Forlan got his first goal after being presented with a sympathy penalty (Roy Keane was injured so couldn't veto). Maccabi won at home though - in Cyprus - with Yakubu scoring a hat-trick.


19 years ago, I was at Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea play Hapoel Tel Aviv. Hapoel had won 2-0 at home, and managed to nab a 1-1 draw in the return - I was in the away end, and it was absolutely madhim, as they say in Hebrew.


As for Maccabi, they've not played for a couple of weeks because Israeli is back in lockdown - played, Bibi - but they won their last game, 3-1 against Haopel Beer-Sheva and are top of the league after two games. Last season, they finished second but a distant second, 14 points behind the leaders.


Goodness me!


if I was pocking a team to play Spurs, I'd be targeting the full-backs - Doherty is a wing-back really, and Davies isn't that good - and looking to move Winks and Hojbjerg about, who are alright players but nothing special. It's hard to see them outplaying anyone half-decent with that midfield, though they have the pace and skill to bother any team on the counter. I wonder if we'll see Kane continuing to drop deeper - his passing is great, his pace isn't - acting as a pivot for the speedsters either side of him.


Looking at the bench, Spurs don't have a lot going on in the way of goals. But they do have gamebreakers, in Reguilon, Alli and Ndombele - though my guess is the former and latter will start at the weekend.


Only two players remain from the Chelsea starting XI: Alderweireld and Bergwijn. But Spurs move from a 3-5-2 to a 4-3-3, matching up Haifa. I guess Kane is playing because ultimately, they really, really need a win tonight - they can't afford to go out of Europe given the money they need to earn from it, so in many ways this is a bigger game than the one on Sunday against Manchester United.


Haifa: Cohen; Arad, Habashi, Planic, Menachem; Mabouka, Lavi, Abu Fani; Chery, Rukavytsya, Haziza. Subs: Keouf, Jose Rodriguez, Ashkenazi, Nachmani, Donyoh, Meir, Gershon.


Let's have some teams then...


Since narrowly averting disaster in Plovdiv, the last time they played in this competition, Spurs have grabbed a little bit of momentum. They played really well against Newcastle, maybe better than they've played under Mourinho, so viewed in the round, a dodgy 96th minute penalty isn't the worst thing in the world, and fought back well against Chelsea before holding their nerve in the shoot-out. However, Heung-min Son is now hamstrung, which will likely cost them at some point, and under late Mourinho it generally be this way - some good performances, a bit of the old magic, them some tedious disasters. But they should be ok tonight.


If I was a matchgoing Spurs fan, this tie would be knocking me sick, because what an away trip it'd be. But here we are...


Evening all, and welcome to Spurs v Maccabi Haifa!