Eye-watering details of Alexis Sanchez's Manchester United's contract revealed

Eye-watering details of Sanchez's United's contract revealed

10/08/2018 at 09:20Updated 10/08/2018 at 11:34

Le Buzz

Alexis Sanchez seemed extremely keen to leave Arsenal for Manchester United last year... and now we know why.

The Chile international pushed hard to get out of the Emirates and, despite not exactly lighting it up in his first few months at United, has shown glimpses that he could prove to be an excellent addition.

Excellent, but expensive. Very, very expensive.

Here are the three big figures of interest:

  • £391,000-a-week basic wage
  • £75,000 bonus for every game he plays
  • Annual £1.1m signing-on fee


So that's a £75k bonus for every time he takes to the field for United - which somehow isn't considered to be covered by his actual wage.

And a £1.1m bonus every year for simply turning up again.

The financial landscape in football might be changing, but those numbers are ridiculous.