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The summer of 2018 feels like a long time ago really. It was a time before politicians were earnestly talking about the security concerns an app which makes your face look a bit older. It was a time before the Warm-Up was really aware of a subsection of society that genuinely believed the earth was flat. It was also a time when, for a month or so, Kieran Trippier was the best right-back on the planet.

England’s run to the World Cup semi-final produced a number of implausible moments and concepts, but Trippier’s elevation to this sort of hero status was one of the most remarkable, a status that has, to say the least, slipped over the last season with Tottenham.

Which makes the 28-year-old’s transfer to Atletico Madrid all the more pleasing really, as it seems to be a win for all parties. Spurs get a decent fee for a player they were probably going to edge out of their team anyway. Atletico get a player they know has serious potential to be excellent for an amount they can cope with. And Trippier. Well, Trippier. He gets to play for one of Europe’s finest, under Diego Simeone, when he might have been contemplating a season on Tottenham’s bench instead.

And fair play to him. He seems like a decent bloke, and it’s always interesting to see how British players get on when playing outside their comfort zone. Contrary to the opinion of a select few insular pundits, hopefully Trippier turns out to be brilliant and it’s a huge success for everyone involved.

De Ligt finally completes Juventus move, everyone praises their deity of choice that the saga is over

It’s been a long one. But this morning it was finally, 100%, definitely confirmed that Ajax defender Matthijs de Ligt is now Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt, the defender that we frankly still have trouble believing is only 19 – 19-years-old! – moving to Turin for a fee somewhere in the region of £67million, and now everyone can get on with their lives.

We’re used to transfer sagas of course, but this was a long one, with all of Europe’s toppest and most monied clubs jostling like people trying to catch a bouquet at a wedding. Obviously it was going to be a long one with Mino Raiola involved, and as an aside it was good to see that everyone’s favourite super agent was being suitably humble as his man underwent the formalities at Juve’s stadium on Wednesday.

So why did De Ligt choose Juve? Well, he doesn’t have to explain himself to us, but he did get a little tap up from a Juventus emissary during the Nations League, when Cristiano Ronaldo approached him immediately following the final and tried to persuade him that Turin was the place to be.

Cristiano Ronaldo mit Matthis de Ligt

Image credit: Getty Images

I didn’t understand him at first. I was a little shocked, so I laughed. But I didn’t say anything. So soon after the game you are not at all concerned with it. You are disappointed that you have lost and that is the only thing you are thinking about.

The FA, Paddy Power; Paddy Power, the FA

Every single day we are provided with a reminder that everyone in football takes this game just a little bit too seriously. Take Huddersfield’s ‘new kit’ for example: in a fart of publicity on Wednesday, they unveiled their jersey for the new season, which featured an extremely prominent sash from a well-known bookmakers, a jersey they wore for a pre-season friendly against Rochdale.

Naturally, most sensible people reacted with initial horror, then as the gears in their brains kicked in realised that this was almost certainly a publicity stunt and the real kit would be revealed in due course.

Not at the FA, though. Some earnest hand-wringer at our game’s governing body became extremely concerned about the regulations on such things, contacted Huddersfield for their observations on these regulations and then went so far as to issue a statement on the whole thing, a statement which read:

The FA has clear kit and advertising regulations for all club matchday kits. If we believe that any club has breached these rules we will look into the matter and, if required, will take the appropriate action.”

Genuinely, we really do take football far too seriously sometimes.


Any Dundalk fans who travelled to see their team beat Riga FC in the Champions League qualifiers last night got a little more entertainment than they bargained for. RAVE ON!


Hero: Oan Djorkaeff

Remember the name!

Well, you probably already know the name. Yep, that’s Oan Djorkaeff, son of, scoring his first goal for St Mirren last night.

Zero: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Unending arrogance, insulting another player and effectively calling the organisation that is providing him with a high profile and a handsome wage a retirement league that would’ve been beneath him a few years ago. He’s just a douchebag really, isn’t he?


Che Adams confirms it is “Shay” rather than “Chay” before he sits down to discuss how he has become Southampton’s newest signing in a £14m deal from Birmingham City but the spelling of his name begs an obvious question. Is there any connection to Che Guevara? “Yeah, it was where I got my name from,” Adams replies, breezily. “Che Guevara was in the news around the time that I was born and I think it was something to do with where his body was buried, although I’m not sure. My mum just really liked the name.”

It’s an unusual start to the Guardian’s interview with Che Adams, but a rewarding one nonetheless.


In honour of Kieran Trippier’s transfer to Atletico, here’s a reminder of when he briefly turned into Andrea Pirlo during the World Cup in Russia.


Look, please don’t watch the Europa League qualifiers. It’s too much football. Well, unless it’s Rangers v St Joseph’s maybe. And actually RoPS Rovaniemi v Aberdeen is nicely poised. And the first leg of Domzale v Balzan FC ended 4-3 so that could be another thriller. OK, watch as many of the Europa League qualifiers as you like.

Tomorrow’s Warm-Up will be brought to you by Tom Adams, who will have watched all those games.

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