Macedonian clubs boycott

Macedonian clubs boycott games over FA chief
By Reuters

22/11/2009 at 16:16Updated

Four Macedonian first division clubs boycotted their matches on Sunday to protest against the re-election of the Macedonian FA president Haralampie Hadzi-Risteski.

Officials said the four clubs would be expelled from the league if they continued their protest.

The players of champions Makedonija Djorce Petrov, Sloga Jugomagnat, Pelister Bitola and Horizont Turnovo gathered at Makedonija's stadium in Skopje and issued a statement asking for Hadzi-Risteski's re-election to be overturned.

"We want a new MFF General Assembly and a union of first and second division clubs to be formed, so that the new body and not the MFF is in charge of running the championship," the statement said.

"Until this is accepted by the MFF, we will not play in the league and we will keep boycotting all upcoming matches."

Milan Spirovski of the MFF said the opponents of the four clubs would be awarded 3-0 wins for Sunday's games.

"The clubs which didn't show up will have points deducted and if they don't turn up for the next round of matches they will be expelled from the league," he said.

Hadzi-Risteski was elected FA president for the third consecutive time since 2002 on Saturday, winning 82 of the 117 votes at the MFF General Assembly.