8:30 PM
Stadium MK
International friendlies • Regular
  • 2nd Half
  • Brazil
  • Cameroon
  • Toko EkambiZoua
  • Kunde MalongOlinga
  • PaulinhoCosta
  • WillianWalace
  • BahokenBassogog
  • Choupo-MotingNjie
  • 1/2 Time
  • Brazil
  • Cameroon
  • OnanaOndoa
  • FirminoJesus
  • 1st Half
  • Brazil
  • Cameroon
  • Richarlison
  • Mandjeck
  • NeymarRicharlison

Brazil - Cameroon

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Anyway, thanks for your company - ta-ra.


Another win and another clean sheet for Brazil - that's six of each in a row. But they've still got plenty of improving to do, likewise Cameroon, who defended well enough but made bad decisions when in good positions.


Full-time: Brazil 1-0 Cameroon


Cameroon win a free-kick on the right, swung into the middle, and Zoua is up first! He heads into the ground, the ball rears up and beats Ederson, hitting the face of the bar ... the flag goes up for offside.


Bassogog blazes through the middle and has runners either side, but looking for Djoum, his pass has too little on it and Marquinhos intercepts.


There'll be two added minutes...


Change for Cameroon: Zoua replaces Ekambi.


Lovely skill from Costa wins a corner for Brazil, which goes short to Allan. He does really well to get around the back before crossing low ... Jesus has a poke and Ondoa saves, then Richarlison has a ram and Ondoa saves! He punches the air and well he might, that was very fine work.


Nice from Brazil, Alex Sandro and Richarlison combining down the left for the latter to pick out Allan with a cross; eight yards out, he should score, but instead of picking a corner assumes that decent contact will be enough. He achieves that, but it isn't, Ondoa shoving away.


Cameroon don't really look like getting the ball into a dangerous area, never mind scoring against a team who've not conceded a goal in five games, since losing to Belgium. Brazil, though, still have work to do in attack - Arthur is not best-served by Paulinho, much as his running power can be useful.


Keen to make an impression after a disappointing outing against Uruguay on Friday night, Douglas Costa carries the ball from the right, across the face of the box, before swiping a shot higher and wider than an inflatable skyscraper or something.


Brazil knock it about, but when they send Richarlison around the back, Olinga is there to challenge.


Scotland now lead Israel 3-1; France and Uruguay is goalless.


Hopefully for that, Malong is subbed; Olinga replaces him.


N'jie has made a bit of a difference, and he injects some pace, funnelling the ball across to Mandjeck, who lays back for Malong ... who, from 30 yards, decides that he's just the boy to lash a scorcher miles away from anywhere.


"It's a Premier League stadium, it's a Premier League area," says Leon Osman of Stadium MK and Milton Keynes. Er, no and no.


N'jie attacks the box, at pace, but Marquinhos does just enough to stop him and just little enough not to concede a penalty.


Double change for Brazil: Willian and Paulinho off, Douglas Costa and Walace on.


Change for Cameroon: Bassogog replaces Bahoken.


Brazil move the ball from right to centre, and Arthur, given time and space, whips a curler over Ondoa and against the bar! Great effort!


Pablo finds Richarlison out on the left, and he drives for the line, then digs out a cross that only just misses Jesus.


N'jie has gone up front with Bahoken; Ekambi is now at the top of the diamond.


Seedorf makes his second change: off goes Choupo-Moting, on comes N'jie.


brazil break quickly, one long kick from Ederson setting Jesus and Neymar away down the left and forcing Bong to foul the former. Willian puts in yet another good ball, but Cameroon get it away.


Or, put another way...


Willian has been dangerous tonight, and given space, he takes his time to pick a pass to Danilo, on the edge of the box; he moves the ball onto his left foot, fooling the keeper, then drills a low shot just wide of the near post.


Elsewhere, Scotland have come from behind to lead Israel 2-1.


The running of Jesus is giving Brazil more options than the hold-up play of Firmino. It's a shame for Firmino to get his chance when out of form, but in the end, he's not as good regardless.


This is a much better and more open game now.


Ederson kicks out, and what is Ondoa doing! He charges outside his box, wrestles with Jesus, misses hic kick, and when Jesus outpaces Banana, the net is empty. From wide on the right, he clips a low finish and moves off like he's scored, only to hit the base of the near post! And Richarlison can't force home the rebound!


Look at this! Djoum gets in behind Danilo and swerves over the belter of a cross for Coupo-Moting, arriving on the run and slide - he extends a leg, but can only send the shot wide. What a chance that was!


Apparently, Kylian Mbappe has gone off injured too - so it's not been a good night for PSG.


Brazil are playing with much higher tempo now. I'd expect them to score at least once more if they keep it up.


They get it out to Willian, who stops to stop Bong, then nudges a yard and unfurls a luscious cross between keeper and defenders that Jesus misses at the front post and Richarlison, flying in, misses at the back.


Brazil stroke it about with purpose.


Pressure from Jesus forces Biyik to concede a corner, which Willian sticks under the bar; nervously, Ondoa goes to punch, the ball skimming off his knuckles and going behind; this time, Cmaeroon clear.


Change apiece: Jesus for Firmino, and Ondoa for Onana.


Off we go again.


Brazil had much the better of the first half without playing all that well - Cameroon need to use the ball better when they get it - and I'm beginning to wonder if Richarlison might become a proper player.


Half-time: Brazil 1-0 Cameroon


GOAL! Brazil 1-0 Cameroon (Richarlison) This is a very nice finish indeed; Willian swings the corner to the near post and Richarlison, helped by fine blocking from Paulinho, runs around the back and from out to in before punishing a header just inside the post. He's looked good since coming on.


Arthur takes a corner short to Allan, who outswings an fine cross ... which Firmino doesn't see coming! Still, it's probably for the best and he shoots with his back by mistake, only for Onana has to tip away superbly.


Nut Richarlison is doing his best, taking a pass from Willian on the right, and as Danilo makes a decoy around his outside, he crosses for poor Alvaro Firmino, who heads wide. He has one goal in 13 games.


International friendlies, sheesh.


Danilo has a dig, ahead of Willian, and gets decent contact and direction, but not quite enough height, ending up with a corner off the wall which Willian wastes.


Paulinho into Richarlison, whose feet are far too quick for Fuchs - a split-second later he's eating grass, and Brazil have a free-kick just outside the box, left of the D...


After that mini-flurrylet from Braseew, Cameroon look comfortable.


Djoum diddles Richarlison, who stands in his way; the free-kick comes to nothing.


It's worth noting that this Cameroon midfield diamond is administered by Clarence Seedorf,who played in two of the best - with Pirlo at the base, Gattuso on the other side, and first Rui Costa, then Kaka at the tip. I actually wonder why more teams don't use it - it gets you two strikers and a number 10 without losing the midfield numbers game, and full-backs who supply width have never been in such plentiful supply.


Cameroon win a corner down the right and Malong's delivery isn't bad, picking out Banana, who can't direct his header, the ball skimming off his forehead.


Arthur lashes a lovely crossfielder to Willian - Bong's out of the equation, so if he takes it, he's in ... he fails to take it and chastises himself accordingly.


Every time there's an action replay, the kind of undercarriage of the screen reads "BRAZIL GLOBAL TOUR". Seriously.


Brazil are in control now, and a slick passing move leaves the ball out wide with Paulinho, who larrups a cross at no one.


Brazil are starting to take control, Richarlison cutting across the box and shooting wide.


It's just not happening for Firmino! Willian, who is in fact on the right, pulls back low and well for Firmino, and he's in front of goal, eight yards out! But instead of picking a spot, he takes a touch to control, and as the ball gets away from him, flicks an outside of the footer that Onana (what's his name) saves really well, throwing out an arm.


Oi! Wyke up myte! Sandro again down the left, and finds Richarlison, who drives at Fuchs and crosses; Kana Biyik misses it, but Firmino assumed he wouldn't, so isn't in position to apply the finish.


Mandjeck is caught in possession by Paulinho, who powers away ... until yer man schleps him down by the neck. He's booked.


Bong advaces down the left and finds Bahoken, who crosses into the midriff of Alex Sandro and Brazil counter...


I think Willian might now be playing on the left, with Richarlison on the right. He moves inside and feeds Alex Sandro, who crosses behind.


Excellent free-kick from Willian, between keeper and defenders; Alex Sandro throws head and neck at it, but can't get sufficient contact.


Richarlison steps on the gas to escape Fuchs - he looks like a player really hitting his stride - so Biyik hauls him down. Of course he does.


Brazil play it out from the back, and Arthur turns blind - he's quickly robbed, and Ekambi drags a shot wide from 20 yards.


I admit, I thought Brazil would win the World Cup - not because they're all that good, but because they looked the most organised, settled side. Their problem was that they ran into one of the greatest performances in Belgian football history - and even then, on another night, they'd have got extra-time. Now, though, Tite is searching for his best combination, and without Neymar it's not inspiring.


Off goes Neymar, replaced by Richarlison - this is a good chance for him, because there a places up for grabs. Not on the left, but neither Firmino nor Jesus are certs on the left, likewise Willian on the right.


Oh dear. Neymar's twanged his groin, and though he goes off for treatment then comes back for a go, he quickly signals that he's done.


Brazil maintain the pressure, though, Neymar lifting in a cross for Allan who takes it beautifully on his chest on the left of the box, then sends Biyik for a bag of sweets coming back inside before lashing a shot that Onana palms behind. The corner comes to nowt.


A clever square pass from Arthur, finding Paulinho, allows Brazil to get Neymar into the game, and when he sends back a return, a slide into the box finds Firmino ... but Banana is on him.


Just like Recife.


Brazil were not imprerssive in beating Uruguay with a penalty on Friday, and come down the left with Bong; he crosses seeking Choupo-Moting, but Alex Sandro is there to head clear.


The commentator just asked Leon Osman, who's played in international friendlies, how you catch the manager's eye and get picked for a tournament...


And off we go!


Apologies - my system crashed, but we're back - and the players are out! Not gonna lie, I thought this kicked-off in another 15 minutes ... but let's be 'avin yer!


Kana-Biyik, of 1990 fame, is represented here by his son - who was once suspeneded by Rennes for ruckus with fans.


Tonight, Matthew, they'll be playing a 4-402 diamond, with Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, of Stoke infame, at its tip. At the base is Georges Mandjeck, who knows what he's doing.


Cameroon are doing ok at the moment - most recently, they've lost in Morocco and drawn in Malawi, but they're well-placed in their Cup of Nations qualifying, two points behind the Lions of the Atlas - do they have lions in the Atlas? - and three ahead of Comoros. They won the trophy last time...


And here are Cameroon...


We've not been given the Cameroon XI yet, so let's have a closer look at Brazil's: Allan makes his first stast, just reward for his consistency at Napoli the last couple of seasons. At the back, Alex Sandro and Pablo come in for Miranda and Felipe Luis; Renato Augusto and Walace drop out of midfield - the other addition is Paulinho; and in attack, Willian is in for Douglas Costa while, in the middle, Firmino gets another go. He must be running out of chances, especially as Jesus links far better with Neymar, but here we are. Oh yeah, and Ederson replaces Alisson in net.


Let's have some teams!


Brazil and Cameroon at Stadium MK - really, what have they done to deserve that?


Evening all, and welcome to the Italia '90 classic that never was!