The Chelsea striker spoke to AS on his 30th birthday and in a wide-ranging interview, the subject of his time at Anfield was raised.

“I played three-and-a-half years there and they made me feel at home, as in the Calderon,” Torres said of the Reds supporters.

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“The affection of the fans was tremendous and made me feel a quiet confidence.”

Torres left Liverpool in January 2011 in a transfer that led to a complete reversal in his popularity with the red half of Merseyside.

Since signing for Chelsea, Torres has been greeted with jeers whenever he plays against his former club.

Torres insists that if the Liverpool supporters knew the full details behind his departure, they wouldn’t be so negative towards him.

“They haven’t understood because all they’ve been told is the version that some people have given the club and the media,” Torres added.

“They have been sold something which isn’t reality. I’m sure it’s not easy to understand when a player leaves, but I have the thousands of letters I’ve received in London from Liverpool fans thanking me and now following me in another team.

“Last year we went to play at Anfield and a man over 70, almost in tears, thanked me and wished me the best.

“There will be every kind of reaction but the Liverpool fans I have come across have had loving words for me.”

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