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UD Las Palmas - FC Barcelona
Liga - 14 May 2017

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So, enjoy the rest of your weekend - bye!


So the battle to become champions of Spain will go into the final week. Madrid need four points from two games to be champions, but Barca have at least kept them honest - to use a figure of speech - thanks to their seventh straight win.


Full-time: Las Palmas 1-4 Barcelona


There shall be two added minutes.


Messi runs at Halilovic, stops, then moves off again, rifling a shot at goal that Javi Varas tips over the top. Eventually, Las Palmas clear the corner.


Javi Castellano lifts a ball over the top for Prince, who crosses towards Jese ... but Marlon Santos is there to intercept.


Suarez has looked lively since coming on, and he finds Neymar down the left; his change of pace is devastating. He then hits the by-line, crosses low, and a bundle of bodies send Alcacer's shot behind. The corner comes to nowt.


As you'd expect, Madrid don't allow Barca to steal a march; Toni Kroos has put them 4-1 ahead.


Viera's race is run; Javi Castellano takes his spot.


Pass, pass, papass, pass, foul. Roque Mesa and Jonathan Viera foul Messi, just outside the box, just right of centre. Javi Varas must be thrilled with their behaviour.


I'll level with you: not a huge amount going on here.


Ronaldo has just cleansed one into the top corner, to give Madrid a 3-1 lead over Sevilla. That's probably that.


Two chances for Barca: Rakitic and Suarez off, Denis Suarez and Alcacer on.


Another change for Las Palmas: Hernan is on for Montoro.


Neymar slides a shot pass to Suarez, and snaps into the box for Messi. He swivels into a shot and gets good power too, but it flies wide of the near post.


Immediately after the goal, Halilovic replaced Momo.


GOAL! Las Palmas 1-4 Barcelona (Neymar) It's a hat-trick! Rakitic spreads play crossfield for Jordi Alba, who puts it into space ahead of him, inside the box, but with the goal at an acute angle. Neymar runs onto the ball, and as Javi Varas comes out, gently strokes a clever finishacross him and into the far side-netting.


Las Palmas need to play with a bit more aggression here. I know they run the risk of being passed around, but they're not asking questions of a makeshift back-four.


GOAL! Las Palmas 1-3 Barcelona (Neymar) The ability to pick it up like this is something. But Las Palmas sit off Andre Gomes down the right, allowing him to find Rakitic who crosses. In the middle, Suarez tries to get to it but misses; on the back post, Neymar does not, heading back across goal. Suarez tries again, sliding in, but the ball defeats him on its way into the far corner.


Though I'd not say that goal looked like it was coming. Las Palmas have shown a little more vim since the break. Barcelona, meanwhile, have just been waiting for things to happen.


WHAT A GOAL! Las Palmas 1-2 Barcelona (Bigas) Bigas makes an interception on the edge of his own box and finds Momo on down the right. So off he pootles, knocking a ball into space ahead of him for Prince, who cuts back to the edge of the box, screws over a low cross, and there's Bigas to sweep home! Brilliant!


Some nice football! From Las Palmas! Lemos plays into Roque Mesa, and he plays a square ball for Jese who collects, holds off Andre Gomes, and shoots into Ter Stegen's legs. Decent save, and also decent defending; but encouraging from the home side too.


Change for Barca: Andre Gomes, who's had a disappointing first season, replaces Digne. He goes to right-back.


And here he is! Messi strolls through the middle of the pitch, finds Jordi Alba and accepts the return. But instead of finishing immediately he takes a touch, allowing Lemos to block when he opens his body to smack into the corner. Useless, that lad.


This half is going to be horrendous, but feature at least one belter of a goal. And even if it doesn't I guess any opportunity to enjoy Messi needs to be appreicated.


Sevilla, who are apparently playing ok, have nicked a goal back against Madrid. So...


This is showing no signs of changing.


We're back underway.


Two great goals have put Barcelona in a commanding position, though Digne did well to avoid getting sent off. See youse in 15.


Half-time: Las Palmas 0-2 Barcelona


There'll be one added minute.


I'm really not quite sure what Las Palmas are hoping to achieve here. They're allowing Barca so much time on the ball, then not bothering to get men forward on the odd occasion that they can.


Rakitic plays a pass around the corner and around the Las Palmas defence for Suarez, but he sets off just too early, and up goes the flag.


This is all very quiet. Las Palmas are sitting off and Barca are sauntering. It's like someone's put valium in the pre-match pasta.


Messi turns in midfield and chips a ball over the top for Neymar. For a second it looks like he's in, but Javi Varas scuttles out to snaffle.


Digne and Rakitic confuse one another just outside the Barca box, and when the ball runs loose, Prince swipes it wide.


The pace of this game is now exceedingly slow. I'm pretty sure both sides would happily call it 2-0 and go home.


Jonathan Viera foujs Suarez down the right, and Messi and Neymar stand over the free-kick; Messi bends it into Javi Varas' arms.


Lovely pass down the line and over the top from Michel, but Momo is caught in 74 minds as it drops, unable to even touch it, so Ter Stegen simply picks the ball up.


This is exceptional behaviour.


Roque Mesa takes a square pass off Jese and drives a low shot that Ter Stegen saves without extending himself.


On the other hand, Barcelona are wearing purple tops with pink trim, and pink stockings - shocking pink.


WHAT A LOVELY GOAL! Las Palmas 0-2 Barcelona (Suarez) Neymar and Iniesta exchange passes, they Neymar, from on the left touchline, lifts a luscious pass over the top for Suarez. Again, he's clear, free of Lemos, and this time as the keeper comes out, he caresses the ball over him and into the far corner. I think Barca might win this one.


WHAT A LOVELY GOAL! Las Palmas 0-1 Barcelona (Neymar) Oh this is joyous. Busquets, facing his own goal, diddles to men with a double drag-back and turn, then finds Iniesta, who sends Suarez clear through the middle. He might score himself, but instead makes sure by squaring for Neymar, and he taps home.


Neymar races to the left by-line, but stretching to pull-back, he catches too much of the ball and sends it well behind everyone.


Ronaldo scored Madrid's second goal. That's his 400th for the club. Seriously.


The crowd whistle as Viera is off and not being called back on. But here he comes now.


Madrid have scored again. That's first-rate spirit-crushing.


Looking again, it's actually Digne's arm that catches Viera. He's still receiving treatment. but looks like he'll be ok to carry on.


Digne and Viera crash to the ground after contesting a high ball. Viera looks crook, and the stretcher is on.


This is quiet, so let's enjoy Torino's chairman on Joe Hart - before he conceded another five today.

"We probably didn’t expect so many mistakes from an England international… but he did some good things, too."


Madrid lead Sevilla 1-0, the goal coming following a quickly-taken free-kick.


Is Bigas from Salford? As in, "Don't mess with him, he's Bigas."


This is pretty quiet at the moment, but out of nothing here come Barca, Alba raiding down the left and cutting back for Suarez. He runs over the ball as Messi arrives onto it - the position isn't dissmilar to that from which he scored the winner against Madrid. And he connection is just as good, but this time a defender - Bigas - makes the block.


Busquets finds Messi, who slides a pass forward for Suarez, but Lemos throws legs over it, altering the position of his body in relation to the ball, and he turns to bring it away. Nicely done.


An adult speaks.


Lemos curls the free-kick around the wall and into Ter Stegen's midriff.


On the other hand, he might've done, so maybe a yellow was the correct call. Or at least an understandable one.


Las Palmas break, Montoro sliding a ball inside Digne for Jese. He bustles clear at inside-left, but Digne pulls him down just before he enters the box, and Gonzalez Gonzalez shows a yellow card, presumably on the understanding that Umtit was coming across. I'm not certain he'd have got there.


Barca are in gear now. Jordi Alba goes down the left and slides a pass into Messi down the left side of the box. He moves away from goal, Las Palmas relax, and then he turns to smack a low cross across the face of goal; Helder Lopes turns it behind before Suarez can pounce at the back post. The corner comes to nowt.


Iniesta clips a ball over the top, ostensibly to no one, except he's seen Suarez tanking in - of course he has. But the pass it just too long, and Javi Varas collects easily enough.


The ref is called Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez. On which point today I learnt that Alexis Sanchez is called Alexis Alejandro Sanchez Sanchez.


Las Palmas win a corner down the left, go short, then pass it several more times before Viera sends in a cross. It's easily fielded by Ter Stegen.


Digne trips Lopes good and late. He avoids a booking, but that was pretty crude.


Off we go.


I said Spanish, I meant Dutch, in which I know one word: bustehouder.


Anyway, the players are ready to go.


The IPL cricket has overrun, so I've currently got commentary in Spanish. Please bear with me.


Tangentially, this is the best football-related thing I've seen recently.


I suppose there's a chance Madrid slip-up tonight. Zidane has done a really job of rotating his players this season, and they'll have expended a lot of energy, both physical and emotional, in midweek. That's all I got.


Declare every trophy they've ever won, null and void.


...only joking.


My view...



... this Las Palmas presentation is exceptional.


Evening all! So, Barcelona currently top La Liga, but are level on points with Real Madrid having played a game more. They'll need to win this and hope Sevilla can do them a favour.