The Welshman, who featured in Los Blancos’ shock 2-1 defeat to Girona on Sunday, has been nicknamed The Golfer by his team and was conspicuously absent from a recent team meal.
And now the goalkeeper has revealed the reason.
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30/05/2020 AT 12:31
"It is very hard to describe Gareth in one word,” said the former Chelsea No 1 in an interview with Belgium newspaper HLN.
I would say he has so much talent, but that it is such a shame that so often that talent is blocked from shining.
"I live like somebody who is born and bred in Madrid. I eat late, I go bed late... it is their way of life.
"The other night we had a dinner with the entire squad.
But Bale and (Toni) Kroos did not turn up. They reckoned the dinner was too late at night.
"We had arranged to be in the restaurant at 9.30pm and we started out meal around 10.15pm and by midnight we were having coffee.
"We go to bed at around 1am. We have to train every morning at 11am. I think that is a perfect time.
"But Bale had told us 'I am not coming to join you, guys. I go to bed at 11'."
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