Josep Bartomeu has resigned as president of Barcelona.

The entire board that served under Bartomeu is also understood to have resigned, according to multiple reports.

Barcelona to delay wage payments amid 'worrying' financial situation

On Monday, Bartomeu said that resigning as president had "never crossed my mind", so his resignation 24 hours later represents a remarkable U-turn.

He had come under fire this year for his fractured relationship with star player Lionel Messi after the Argentinian handing in a transfer request in the summer. Messi has also publicly criticised the way that the club handled the departure of Luis Suarez in September.

Barcelona's constitution reads that if a president resigns, they incur 15% of any debt accumulated over their term. Barcelona's current debt is 488 million euros, leaving Bartomeu with a 78 million euro bill to pay, but it is unknown whether he will take on that responsibility.

Barcelona lost the first El Clasico of the season 3-1 on the weekend.

Bartomeu has also announced, upon resignation, that the club have "approved participation in a European Super League".

"The future European Super League will guarantee the sustainability of the club and that Barca keeps belonging to it's members".

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