Emerson Royal has said he was kicked out by Barcelona and left ‘hurt’ by the manner of his departure to Tottenham Hotspur.
The full back joined Spurs late in the summer transfer window, moving on from Barca after making three appearances for the Catalans.
Barca took up their option to sign the Brazilian on a permanent basis from Real Betis - who held joint ownership - in the summer, only to move him on to Tottenham.
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The Catalan club’s dire financial situation is well documented, and it appears the decision to sell Emerson was to help balance the books.
"I thought that the club wanted me to stay,” Emerson told Marca. “I played the Sunday as a starter, the day after I woke up and I went to training relaxed.
"There I started to see that there were many things happening, that Tottenham spoke with Barcelona, that they had almost done a deal.
I met with the directors of the club. They started to tell me that the situation of the club wasn’t good, that I came in a complicated time and for that reason it was better to sell.
"I repeated my intention to stay because I had a dream of playing here and to contribute to Barcelona. I know that in my best form I was going to succeed here.”

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Emerson has conceded his words fell on deaf ears, and took the decision to reluctantly move on from a club he loves as he did not want to be unhappy.
"I am smart and I realised in that moment, no matter what I said I was out,” Emerson said. “They were kicking me out with good words.
"I didn’t want to stay at a club that I love but being sad. I knew their thoughts were that I should go, without saying it.
"Then, I decided to leave. I said that I don’t want to stay and be sad."
When asked if he felt used by Barca, the 22-year-old said: “Used is not the word, but it hurt me in the way it happened.
"They could have acted in another way. There were better ways to fix things.”
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