34 minutes, just 34 short minutes! But those 34 minutes may be enough to whet the appetites of Real Madrid supporters, and convince everyone of his talent. Eduardo Camavinga is like that. He doesn't like to take his time to set the record straight. So far, his arrival at Real looks like a dream. Brought on as a substitute twice - last weekend against Celta Vigo (in a 5-2 win) then in the Champions League on Wednesday against Inter (winning 1-0) - the former Rennes star was decisive on both occasions, with a goal in the former game then an assist in the latter.
"The kid is ready!", Summarized Marca, who made their headline about him on Friday.
This thunderous entry into a prestigious Real Madrid team may be surprising. Last season, Camavinga had a more difficult period after his first call-ups for the France national team (editor's note: 3 between September and October 2020). We even sometimes had trouble recognising the refreshing kid who changed the face of Stade Rennais matches by his simplicity, his vision of the game and his influence. And now, here he is starring at Real where he arrived just before the end of the summer transfer window for 31 million euros (+ 9m bonus).
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Eduardo Camavinga

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Astonishing? Not for Mathieu Le Scornet, who found him for Stade Rennais in Fougères when Camavinga was 10 years old training at the Breton club.
"When he is confident, his qualities stand out especially when there is a notion of challenge. Because he is a boy who works in challenges", Julien Stephan's assistant in Strasbourg tells us. And by joining one of the biggest clubs in the world, the left-footed midfielder offered himself a challenge that lived up to his immense potential.
Moreover, his drop in 2021 was not necessarily worrying. We tend to forget because Camavinga can give the impression of maturity on the pitch, but he's still an 18-year-old kid!
“Last year, he validated the entire course of the player who must move from young person to professional and must perform immediately. (…) There can then be a little relaxation, even more when you are 17 years old. - being able to be less demanding with himself. But when you have the qualities ..." summarises Le Scornet.
Qualities, of which the French international has many. Football, of course. But also mental.
"What is amazing about him is that we see a player who is already strong, who seeks to make a difference either by passing or by dribbling. But when we discuss with him, we realise that he does not yet feel strong enough. And therefore that he is implementing a work-related strategy to progress. He has a real thirst to learn," says Le Scornet. This is obviously one of the keys to its success.


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And at Real Madrid where Carlo Ancelotti asked for "patience" with the former Rouge et Noir, Camavinga may have found the ideal context to allow him to continue his progression. The daily requirement, the obligation of results and the level of the players who surround him now should help him to reach new heights. "The experience he will acquire with Casemiro, Modric or Kroos,” Le Scornet says, excited already.
Even if he has shone in his first steps with the famous white shirt on his back, Camavinga knows that he has not yet fully arrived. He still has many obstacles to overcome. In particular, to try to earn a spot as a starter. Afterwards, it will be necessary to impose himself in the long term to become the successful player he is expected to be. The one that makes many observers salivate. But it remains to be seen in which position specifically "It's an 8 plus! We're talking about 9 and a half. He is an 8 plus. Or 8 and a half if you want, " concludes Le Scornet.
"When he's really strong that's when he starts from behind. The typical action is what happened on Wednesday. That's him."
And the fans of Real are seeing it. With some pleasure.
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