Pep Guardiola has defended Benjamin Mendy after he was criticised for breaking Covid-19 protocols on New Year’s Eve.
The Manchester City defender reportedly invited a small number of friends and family to his house to celebrate the occasion.
The club said they were "disappointed" by the incident, although felt some parts of the story had been "misinterpreted" in the media.
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Asked for his thoughts after City’s 3-1 win over Chelsea on Sunday, Guardiola said: “He had good intentions with the heart that he has, but he has to understand some things. He invited two or three people on New Year's Eve, they all tested negative, but they were at his house.
I would like to know how many people had five or six people at home on New Year’s Eve, I’m pretty sure many. Normally in society we judge the other one, it would be better if we judge ourselves. I’m pretty sure Benjamin will improve on that and next time he will be more careful.
Mendy was on the bench for the win over Chelsea and did not feature in the game.
"He broke the rules, I’m not justifying it, he cannot do it,” added Guardiola.
“But don’t give lessons to the other ones, don’t put examples from the players for society. We all have to do what we have to do.
"Of course it was not correct what he has done, but don’t judge him too much, if we look at what we have done New Year's Eve, many, many people have maybe done the same.
"It’s easy to judge others. If everyone put the demanding intentions on ourselves everyone would be better."
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