Here is the interview in full:
Reporter: Jose, commiserations. What did you make of your team's performance today?
Jose Mourinho: "I think you know me and I do not run away from my responsibilities. I think first of all I want to say that because we are in such a bad moment, I think you shouldn't be afraid to be also honest. Because I understand when we are at the top I understand there is quite a big pleasure to put us down. But when you are so down, I think you must be honest and to say clearly, the referees are afraid to give decisions for Chelsea.
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"With the score at 1-1 the result is huge penalty and once more we don't get. A penalty at a crucial moment in the game with the result at 1-1, I repeat, if the FA wants to punish me they can punish me they do not punish other managers, they punish me it's not a problem for me. But I want to repeat my players deserve it, the Chelsea fans deserve it, I am a Chelsea fan too, I want to say it again too, referees are afraid to give decisions for Chelsea.
"Why? Because when they give there is always a question mark from you, there is always a question, there is always a critic so we are always punished. We are punished because Diego Costa is suspended because of images in other matches we see the same thing in other matches and it is not given and with us it is one, and one and one and one, and even in the Champions League, which is a game with not three officials but five we are not given a penalty.
"And this penalty in this game today is more than crucial and you know why? Because my team in this moment .. The first negative thing that happens, the team collapses, the team mentally and psychologically is unbelievably down.
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"It's like good players are bad players. The first half .. We did not show our quality but we were in control, and one mistake a lack of concentration, one goal, you are having a tough time where in normal circumstances you come to the second half you do your normal game.
"I told the players at halftime, no worries, we are not losing, do your normal game it's 1-1, the team comes with a good spirit and we have a penalty .. A giant penalty .. And he was afraid to give it, like everyone else is afraid to give.
"And after that the team lost. You know their second goal is an individual mistake, their third goal is an individual mistake. The team tries but they collapse. They are in such a low moment, that they collapse.

Chelsea's Gary Cahill (L) and John Terry look dejected at the end of the match

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"I can also know what you are thinking and saying in the studio. What people are saying is going to happen is not going to happen. I want to make it clear -- one I do not run away.
"Two -- if the club wants to sack me they have to sack me because I am not running away from my responsibilities from my team or from my conviction. To be champion is obviously very very difficult because the distance is considerable but I am more than convinced that we will finish in the top four and when the season is so bad and you finish in the top four it's okay.
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"Third .. Even more important than the first and the second points. I think this is a crucial moment in the history of this club. Why? Because if the club sacks me they sack the best manager this club has had and secondly the message is again the message of bad results the manager is guilty. And this is the message not just these players but the ones before, got during a decade I think this a moment for everyone to assume their responsibilities.
"I think the players should and other people in the club who should assume their responsibilities, and to stick together and this is what I want. The players will play until the end of this season.

Jose Mourinho on the Chelsea bench

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"You know I consider myself with a big self-esteem and a big ego. I consider myself the best, I am living the worst period of my career, the worst results of my career. Doing that as a professional hurts me a lot, doing it at Chelsea hurts me twice, because I like this club very much and it was because of that I came back.
"So I want to carry on, no doubt, ... and when you go down to so many individual mistakes and fear to play, and are playing really really bad individually, I cannot come here and say you and you and you and you -- it's not my job. But I think it's clear we are being punished by too many individual mistakes and as I was saying sadness brings sadness. Bad results attract bad results.
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"The first mistake is just the first because after that comes another. This team needs to finish the first half winning 2-0 or 3-0 with the fears disappearing so they play free in the second half with a free reign, and a free spirit this is what this team needs and it is not happening.
"And I repeat and make it clear again, I don't want to be offensive or non-polite, or to question the dignity of the people, but I repeat the referees are afraid of giving decisions and when you are top and you want to see people come down -- when people are down give us a break and be honest with us because the team deserves that and the penalty is clear and 2-1 is a completely different story.
"Ok, thank you."

Chelsea's Jose Mourinho

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