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West Bromwich Albion - Manchester United
Premier League - 17 December 2016

Premier League – Follow the Football match between West Bromwich Albion and Manchester United live with Eurosport. The match starts at 18:30 on 17 December 2016. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Alan Pardew or José Mourinho? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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So, United move from 6th into 6th, but are now level on points with Spurs, having played a game more. But they have momentum now, even if the title is gone.

West Brom, meanwhile, though they were outclassed tonight, are still a useful outfit and will cause plenty of aggravation against plenty of other richer clubs.

Anyway, thanks all for your company - have good nights.


Full-time: West Bromwich Albion 0-2 Manchester United


Pogba lanks down the left and crosses, Rashford at the near post trying to turn a finish across the face. He misses his kick instead.


United have made this look very easy indeed.


Smalling, back after two months' malingering, replaces Herrera. It's amazing how he's turned out to be good after all, after starring in all United's best performances under Van Gaal.


There shall be four added minutes. Ibrahimovic is Hargreaves' man of the match.


More drift like so much flotsam and jetsam, the lights twinkling like October suns. Is what Raymond Chalndler would say were he liveblogging the game.


Brunt loses the ball to Rashford who sticks it into space and goes, so Brunt steps across and absolutely bodies him. It's not quite a red, but it's not that far away.


Beautiful from Leko, easing past Darmian at great speed and by way of nutmeg. He then digs out a cross towards the near post, but Carrick is on-hand to nut clear.


There is not a lot going on here. On the plus side, I made spicy roast chicken for the ages yesterday.


Off goes Rooney, replaced by Fellaini.


It's a long, long time since United won comfortably away; the last time they won away by more than one goal was October 17 2015.


Robson-Kanu comes on for Phillips; Leko comes on for Chadli.


Good possession for West Brom down the left, but Rashford picks up a loose pass and heads down the other end like Roadrunner. He feeds it inside to Zlatan, who does nothing with it, but the speed with which they broke was worth of note in a dull half.


Change for United, Rashford replacing Lingard. Unfortunately, they simply exchange a lwo-ten, denying us the handshaking treat that we've come to expect as of right.


West Bro win a free-kick down the right and Phillips is on it, flipping a very useful cross towards McAuley, only for Zlatan to intercede and head clear.


Change for West Brom, Dawson off and Morrison on. Nyom goes to right-back, Brunt to left back, and yerman into midfield.


Rooney appears to be rubbing his quad as West Brom win a corner down the right, no doubt to be swung in by Brunt. He goes long with it, past the back stick, where McAuley is up well, but heads into Pogba's hand. There follow muted shouts for a penalty, but Pogba wasn't even looking at the ball.


The game is now nurturing a pleasing tetch, and Phillips shoves Darmian in gratuitous fashion. Valencia then gets down the right and cuts back, seeking Zlatan, but Dawson intervenes and Pogba controls a shot from distance into the ground and wide.


The ball's in the air down the United left and as Dawson waits for it, Pogba barges him; it's funny, but concedes a free-kick in a dangerous area, which Rojo heads away.


Rojo and Zlatan still want a quiet one with Rondon - all being well, we'll soon get to enjoy some of those things that no one ever wants to see.


Rojo robs Rondon and Rondon takes it badly, shoving Rojo. Jones comes over, Rondon shoves a hand in his face, and Rojo and Rondon are booked. Interesting refereeing, that.


"United are starting to peak at the right time" reckons Owen Hargreaves of the 16 points that they're behind Chelsea.


Rondon wanders wide and draws three defenders, knocking into Phillips' path, only to learn that he'd wandered offside. Tony Pulis thinks Herrera's attempted interception played him on - I'd be keen to know his thoughts on the time between Rondon and Herrera's touches.


So it turns out Jose Mourinho might be better than David Moyes and Louis van Gaal after all. Who knew?


Lingard is booked for something we weren't quite allowed to see, but it gives West Brom a free-kick wide on the left. Brunt swings it over well as well, but McAulay can't get over it and flicks well past the post.


GOAL! West Brom 0-2 Manchester United (Ibrahimovic) Rooney wriggles down the left and knocks into Zlatan on the corner of the box, who mooches between two defenders, flicks it up, takes his time, and shoots low towards the far corner - whereupon Dawson's deflection makes sure it finds its way into the net.


Brunt and Phillips have now swapped - that's got to work better for West Brom.


Brunt does not look comfy on the right, and it takes all he's got to move onto his left foot. But Darmian has time to block, and then be fouled as Brunt runs out of patience.


Ibrahimovic takes possession off Herrera and ragdolls Olssen. It costs him a free-kick - an iffy one - but he is a ridiculous specimen.


United are knocking it about nicely, but lack a bit of edge up front, in my humblest. They're not really threatening a second, and West Brom are plenty good enough to find an equaliser.


Dawson rattles through Ibrahimovic, introducing instep to calf, and he's booked.


Lingard nashes down the left after Rooney humps clear - he doesn't get there, but his movement is excellent again; he's the deluxe Park.


Off it goes.


Right then, no changes for either side and we're set.


Oh man.


A hairbrushing injury is surely only moments away, but he has played exceptionally since coming back in when there was no one else available.


So, United have looked classy and confident, without creating much; West Brom have played well too, and if they can get more balls into the box, will cause plenty of problems.


Half-timeL West Brom 0-1 Manchester United


There shall be one added minute.


United keep it moving though, and Valencia gets round the back, crossing for Lingard who can't get there. But the ball ends up being lifted back in, Darmian totally miscues a volley - no, really - and Lingard touches brilliantly into his own path. He's in! So he smashes over the top for no reason whatsoever!


Bit of possession from United, and Herrera swings a cross towards the far post that has Zlatan shaping to head home - but Dawson does brilliantly to head away.


Dawsom plays a really nice ball into the channel for Rondon, who's in behind Rojo. So Rojo comes across, and when Rondon nips away from him, does just little enough to knock him over but not be called for a foul.


I've not the slightest idea what Jose Mourhino sees in Matteo Darmian, nor why he prefers him to Luke Shaw and Daley Blind.


Lovely from West Brom, Phillips popping up on the right and sending Darmian for a coffee and he moves across the box. He then squares to Fletcher, who has the angle for a shot, but tries to send him back in and the chance goes.


Jones is forced out further than he'd like to win a header, and Phillips picks up the loose ball, dragging a shot not too far wide of the near post.


West Brom look a little slow to attack now, but they neednt' lose heart. They're only a goal down, against a team used to letting them in. If they keep the head, there's plenty in his game for them.


United are passing the ball really nicely now, stretching West Brom in a way they didn't Palace. Eventually, Zlatan spreads for Valencia, who's unnecessarily offside, but still - they're moving it quickly and with enterprise.


United hang onto it well, before Rojo guides a wonderful pass 40 yards onto Herrera's toe. He looks to volley it into the middle, where Zlatan waits, but doesn't quite middle it.


Fantastic play from Phillips, nashing by Lingard and Valencia and swinging over a perfect cross for Rondon, mooching about between Jones and Rojo. He's up well too, but flashes a free header wide.


Lovely one-touch play from United, Zlatan sending Rooney in down the left, but Foster is out quickly to dive at his feet.


Rojo, though, puts one out for a throw deep inside the United half. West Brom, though, chuck it short, and do well to get another chance when the ball goes out again. And again. Pulis is shrieking at his players to get it in, and in the meantime, Chadli runs across the face of their box, then has a shot blocked - right into the path of Brunt, who lashes a snap-shot past the near post.


United look comfortable now, which is a way of saying that they might well concede. But it's been a while since they looked threatened.


"I know how to charge people in the face and put them to sleep."


Dawson readies himself to head a ball clear, so Zlatan rushes across to charge body into face. Booking.


Lovely from United, Lingard's movement causing disruption again. He appears down the left, cuts back a cross, and Rooney takes a touch, then smacks a shot goalwards. It looks like it's going in too, but Foster gets a very good touch to tip it against the bar.


Nice from United, Lingard coming across to join in with Rooney and Herrera down the left. Herrera then flicks, Rooney tries to do the same, AND TRIPS OVER!


This so sombre.


The stats say possession is 50-50, and of course there's no arguing with stats. But West Brom have done much more with it so far - so they've had more effective possession. They're losing, or, put another way, there's only one stat that matters.


Brunt rolls one across to Dawson, WHO LETS THE BALL ROLL UNDER HIS STUDS AND INTO TOUCH! If I had emoticons, now would be the time to use them.


Pogba, who's done nothing, wiggles his foot over the ball then flicks a ball through to Zlatan, who's in - and several yards offside.


West Brom are dominating here, as we see that Zlatan tugged someone back in the build-up to the goal. Darren Fletcher was not impressed.


And Brunt produces a jazzer, too, swerving in like billy-o, all the more so when Olsson is up first at the near post. But no one's gambling at the back, the ball rushes out for a goalkick.


And they are, Dawson volleying a high pass down the line for Brunt. Rojo comes across to meet him, blocking the cross behind. West Brom are the division's top scorers from corners...


On the telly they're saying West Brom will have to come out and play now, but the truth is they were bossing things before United score the first time they went forward. They're good to keep doing what they were doing.


"I still can't believe United got Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a free," says Owen Hargreaves, which is only partly true - he's not paying himself is he. And I still wonder if United's best side doesn't have Rashford instead of him. But he's easily their most reliable scorer, even though he makes them less flexible.


United come down the right again, and this time Rooney cranes his neck to head goalwards, but McAuley is in the road. He concedes a corner, which comes to nowt.


GOAL! West Bromwich Albion 0-1 Manchester United (Ibrahimovic) This is a lovely goal! Valencia has the ball at right-back and immediately, Lingard is on his bike. Valencia humps down the line, it lands in his path and he lets it bounce, controlling a brilliant cross into the middle, where Zlatan punches the header home.


Lingard runs down the side of Nyom, who ragdolls him to the ground - but with subtlety, so no one perceives a foul.


Is over the top tautology? I think it is; over will do.


Brunt and Chadli exchange passes as West Brom pass nicely, the former's shot blocked by Carrick before the latter slams over the top.


If everyone in the world was Darren Fletcher, there'd be world peace.


Ander Herrera has given away his first free-kick of the evening. There shall be many more, probably with some feigning of injury and indignation thrown in.


United are wearing black shorts. For those interested in such fripperies, sleep well.




Could mean nothing else.


United are going to find it hard to get beyond this defence, I fancy.


The players are in the tunnel. Wayne Rooney is looking earnest. Thn this comes on! Ave it!


A photo to warm the hearts of all football fans.


Olsson twins news:


Steven Gerrard is wearing a black v-neck jumper with his grey syoot. Oh, and a grey weird material tie.


BT Sport have noticed that Michael Carrick is a useful player. I think Jose Mourinho has caught up.


Wayne Rooney actually played pretty well at Palace. Playing on the left, he can't arse-up too many promising passing movements, and he's there with the intention of scoring. On the other hand, he's not a better winger than Anthony Martial.


So, can West Brom get the ball to Rondon? More or less, that's their tactic, and it's a good one given the one-man forward line that plays up front for them. On the other hand, their defence looks a little slow - if United's starting XI struggles, they've a fair bit of pace on the bench.


"We've got to be very on top of our game ... we've got to be patient at times," says Darren Fletcher imparting double-tautology.


So, West Brom go for extra defensive solidity, while United decide on more pace up front; at Palace in midweek, they were exceptionally slow. It's almost as though none of Mata, Rooney and Zlatan can run fast.


So one change for West Brom; Dawson comes in for Morrison, with Brunt moving into midfield. United make two changes, Valencia for Bailly and Lingard for Mata.


Right then, those obligated to entertain us:


After a while spent playing well and drawing, Manchester United have now started playing less well and winning. This is telling, apparently. West Brom, meanwhile, - or WBA as they now like to be known - are on a roll, fully converted to the cult of TP are all the more likeable for it. With both sides in the mood, this should be a belter.