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Tottenham Hotspur - Chelsea
Premier League - 20 August 2017

Premier League – Follow the Football match between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea live with Eurosport. The match starts at 17:00 on 20 August 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Mauricio Pochettino or Maurizio Sarri? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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So, there we are. That was a fine game, full of drama, pace and conviction, with a belter of a goal to boot. and, at the end of it, Chelsea are back while Spurs have a mini-situaiton. Anyway, thanks for your company - see you tomorrow for Everton-City!


Full-time: Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Chelsea


Lloris looks like he might greet, and understandably so. The winner was difficult to save, being so close to his feet, but he ought to have found a way.


Sissoko, the geleimpter, jumps with Alonso and imparts elbow to Roger Ramjet-jaw. The ref sees nothing untoward.


My days, this is going to sting Spurs. On the touchline, Pochettino is still muttering to himself.


Ah, there he is! The lesser-talented Janssen replaces Trippier.


There shall be four added minutes.


Kane is booked - for lair, I presume.


Pochettino is absolutely steaming, in the worst possible sense of the word.


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Chelsea (Alonso) Oh I say! Batshuayi breaks through the middle but Dembele flies into a tackle which pokes back to Lloris. Wanyama is sleeping when the ball is hurled at him though, Luiz wins it, and sets Chelsea away down the left. Alonso thinks about a cross, but with not much on lashes it goalwards instead and it clips Lloris' heel and goes in! The celebratory bundle is a belter.


Eriksen, who's had a good second half, picks up possession at inside-right and runs at Rudiger, who wins the ball; except Bakayoko pulls him from behind, and that's a free-kick, close to the position from which Alonso scored. Chelsea decide against a wall, and for a second it looks as though Alderweireld might get a chance to head for goal, but in the event, Azpilicueta smuggles wide for a corner. it comes to nowt, but Azplicueta is booked for mouth in the meantime.


Chelsea scrounging a winner would be the height of "Tottenham Hotspur Football Club".


GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 Chelsea (Batshuayi o.g.) Eriksen curls in another peach and Batshuayi, who hasn't dropped quickly enough, steers a fine header past Courtois at the near post! He looks all sad, so let's not make too much sport of his misfortune.


Luiz puts a hand on Alli's shoulder jus outside the box, close to its left corner. That was unnecessary....


Incidentally, Sissoko has not yet scored for Spurs. But the game's about entertainment, not goals and, wittingly or otherwise, he's given us plenty of that.


Oh, titter!


A couple of good minutes for Spurs is enough to convince Conte to act. Off go Willian and Morata; on come Pedro and Batshuayi.


Alli finagles space and sets Kane for a shot ... Martin Tyler is excited ... but with the ball having travelled 0.00045cm, Christensen hurls himself into a superb block.


Eriksen makes space at inside-right, but his cross is headed behind. Luiz nods the corner clearish.


I wonder if Conte will tell Pedro to sit down again. Willian is excellent on the counter and Spurs are leaving gaps now.


Willian, who knows he's about to replaced by Pedro, steps over to fool Vertonghen then runs past not Dier and this time unleashes a low shot which zooms against the foot of the post! This is going to be some last quarter!


Morata stretches his legs and screams past Alderweireld down the left. He can't make anything of it, but it's a sign of how this game is now proceeding.


Spurs are definitely quieter now, and Chelsea are taking advantage of the space left by Dier.


Chelsea are coming back into the game now, and Willian speeds at the Spurs defence, this time able to find Mortata. Only Alderweireld stands between him and goal, and he makes space for the shot nicely, but a deflection is enough to send the ball trickling wide.


That change for Spurs: Son replaces Dier.


Lovely from Willian, shimmying past Dier and with Morata a couple of yards in front of him begging for a through pass. But a poor touch ruins the angle, and the chance goes.


Suddenly Chelsea raid down the right, but Kante's cross is just over Bakayoko. Spurs won't mind that, though - it gives them a chance to break - all the more so when the ball ends up with Kante again, and again he can't pick out a cross which works. But Christensen wins back possession on halfway.


I know Spurs are all over Chelsea, but they're not creating much; they need some fresh ideas, in mine.


As Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno taught a wider audience.


Alli is coming into things now, and he pops in the right corner this time, helping Eriksen to win a corner. Moses beats Vertonghen to the ball when it comes in, and again Chelsea clear to no one.


Lovely from Alli, pulling left and drawing Kante in before poking a nutmeg; naturally, Kante piles into him and is booked. The free-kick, though, is headed away hard by Morata; that's the best thing he's done all afternoon.


Football as military part 45,087.


Alli lifts the ball over Azpilicueta and lashes it goalwards; it hits a hand, but I failed to see whose. Regardless, there are shouts for a penalty, rejected and rightly so - there was no movement of hand towards ball.


Chelsea can't get the ball to stick when they clear. They need to get it into Morata, then get around him, but at the moment they're just surviving.


Nice from Trippier, skating down the right and snapping a low cross into the box ... Azpilicueta does very well to hump clear, with Kane waiting; he makes do with kicking the post instead.


I think we'll see Son shortly - Spurs could use some of his nip and conviction.


Things are a bit messy now, which is exactly what Chelsea will be after.


Chelsea have mustered very little offence - in the last 20 minutes, football-related - but as I type that, Kante sweeps a pass out to Willian on the right. He sways this way and that, then pumps a cross past the back post and Spurs get the ball away.


Vertonghen flies into a tackle with Willian, studs first, body second, ball who knows where. You've seen reds given for less - that was nasty and dangerous - but a yellow is deemed to suffice


Davies drills a cross into the box and unwilling to risk his right foot, Alonso tangles himself trying to clear with his left. Happily for him, he hits Christensen's back and the ball ends up with Courtois.


Kane absolutely skins Rudiger, who is lucky not concede a penalty - any kind of collision - and one was close - would've done it. Nothing comes of it, but Rudiger has not looked comfy today, and didn't look an especially good player during the Confed Cup either.


Eriksen's corner finds Kane seven yards out! But the ball skids off his brow and wide! That was a very useful chance.


Lovely ball into the channel from Trippier and Kane, pulling right again, backheels beautifully into the path of Eriksen. But he is, reckons Gary Neville, running too fast. But before he can hit it too well, the ball flicks off a defender and goes behid.


Spurs set us away once more.


Our players are back with us.


I'm looking forward to when Arsenal get Rotherham in the Cup.


This is sublimely partial.


The goal that separates the teams at half-time.

Marcos Alonso scores a brilliant free-kick for Chelsea against Tottenham

I concur.


That was good. Chelsea started really well, shutting Spurs down all over the pitch, but missed as good a chance as they were getting. Spurs then came into things, only for Alonso to curl home a wondrous free-kick, after which the home side dominated without creating too many chances, though Kane did smack the post. See youse in 15.


Half-time: Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Chelsea


Trippier finds himself with time in which to cross, and he drills low and hard ... Alonso puts it behind. Again, the corner isn't great, but Vertonghen picks up possession on the opposite by-line and crosses low towards the near post ... Dier looks set to slide in first, but superb work from Luiz concedes another corner, and this time Chelsea get the ball clear.


Spurs are putting it on Chelsea at the moment; they've three more minutes before the break.


Kane puts Davies away with a long pass and he drives at the heart of the Chelsea defence, then unloads a zetz ewhich catches a deflection and forces Courtois to push behind. The corner comers to nowt.


Oh, Harrance! Dier and Wanyama pounce on a loose ball in midfield and set Alli away at inside-left. He draws his Azpilicueta before flicking a pass for Kane on his outside, putting him in a one-on-one with Christensen; it's a mismatch. So Kane cuts inside and murders a drive against the foot of the far post!


Also, Cheggers Plays Pop and Vicky Cristina Barcelona.




From just outside the box, right of centre, Eriksen swings out a beaut, low, hard and menacing. Courtois can't come and defenders can't touch; it slips past them all, just by the far post.


David Luiz is a funny guy. Eriksen gives the ball to Trippier out on the right touchline, and as the return is slotted back, decides he can't be arsed chasing. So instead he imparts a clothesline and is booked.


TOTCHE sounds like the Yiddish word for little arse.


Bakayoko leaves the pitch rubbing his back, but he'll be ... get this one ... back!


Dier jumps through Bakayoko, and there's another stoppage. Spurs do not need that.


I'll tell you who'll have enjoyed that Alonso goal more than anyone else on the planet: Alvaro Morata, or Moratz as I assume he's already known in the dressing room.


Like a human bowling ball, Dier piles through Moses and Luiz, who has a relax on the grass as he accepts treatment. Dier is booked.


Rudiger, who's not enjoying himself, fouls Kane, boots the ball away, and is booked.


But what's this? Kane finds himself on the right of the box and Alderweireld slips him in with a lovely ball down the side of Christensen. He then slips as he shoots, though, and Courtois is able to save. Seconds later and from a similar position, he drills another shot wide of the far post.


Spurs aren't playing with quite the same conviction as before.


Spurs win a free-kick down the left, curled into the box and headed behind for a corner which comes to nothing. I'd give you names and stuff, but my Sky Go has vanished and I'm momentarily watching on my exceedingly cracked phone.


Never the wrong time to sneak in a forename. They forgot to copy him in, but.


Antonio Conte contemplates bringing on a fifth centre-back.


WHAT A GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Chelsea (Alonso) Chelsea win a free-kick 25 yards out, just right of centre. Willian and Alonso stand over it, before the latter steps up and curls a glorious effort over a noticeably lanky wall and into the near top corner. Brilliant gear!


If Dembele could add a few more goals to his game, he really would be a star. It oughtn't to be so difficult, given he was once a striker, albeit one whose finishing wasn't the best.


Lovely from Dembele! He accepts possession on the half-turn and moves across David Luiz, then lashes a shot which is deflected over the top. The corner comes to nowt.


More possession for Spurs, but they're finding it hard to find space. This is, I believe, ironic, given that there's more of if than they're used to.


In Dier, Alderweireld and Vertonghen, Spurs has three centre-backs who are excellent at hitting long passes. On the other hand, in last season's Europa League final, Manchester United allowed Davinson Sanchez to have the ball as part of their gameplan, because he's not as competent in that aspect. For balance, though, he looked a proper prospect against Lyon in the semi.


Alderweireld clips a lovely ball from centre to inside-right, looking for Alli who's preying on Christensen. It's enough to persuade the young defender to miss his kick, and suddenly Alli has no one between him and goal. The angle, though, is tight, and the bounce of the ball high; he leathers over the bar.


Antonio Conte probably planned it like this, but Chelsea are now sitting deep and allowing Spurs the ball. On the other hand, they probably don't have a choice in the matter.


Alvaro Morata misses a golden chance for Chelsea against Tottenham.

Alvaro Morata misses a chance for Chelsea against Tottenham

Azpilicueta leaps towards the ball, at the feet of Kane. he gets nowhere near and Kane krichs down the right doing his best to run fast. He's not replete with options so looks to go around the outside of Luiz, and eventually Chelsea see his cross away.


Out first special comments from Jamie: he agrees with Gary.


Not sure he's on Twitter at the mo.


This has been a much funner start than I'd anticipated.


Bit of possession for Spurs now, and Wanayama picks space through the middle of the pitch to find Kane, who turns and escapes Kante. From 22 yards, he drills low and hard, but straight at Courtois; he gets rid via clumsy long-barrier.


Davies is caught in possession by Azpilicueta, so Wanyama simply barges through him. It's not much, but it's a start.


Spurs haven't quite got going yet.


And that, I'd suggest, is a difference between Morata and Lukaku. Whatever their technical merits, one is a cold-blooded killer who knows how good he is; the other suffers with doubt.


Oh, Alvaro! Azpilicueta picks up possession 40 yards from goal, right of centre, and whips a tremendous cross into the box which picks out Morata. He's done very well indeed to locate space between Alderweireld and Trippier, but can only head wide. That's gotta sting.


Kante lifts a cross into the box, looking for Morata, but he's bundled off the ball by Vertonghen. It's Chelsea who've started the better, but.


Gary Nevl says the pre-match atmosphere was the best he's seen in a while, for what that's worth.


I guess Antonio Conte is trying to shit down Alli and Kane with that blanket formation. There will, however, still be space in the corners, and between their wing-backs and centre-backs.


Kane holds the ball up and looks for Alli towards the right touchline, but Luiz, indeed playing in midfield, intercepts and clears.


League football at Wembley is go!


"Special comments from Jamie Redknapp alongside our match commentators..."


Let's get the boyz on the baize! Out they come! Noise is emanating from the PA in the name of ATMOSPHERE and IMPORTANCE.






Though I fear we may see a dour game, it'll still be interesting to see how Chelsea's new signings do, Christensen too; they've not had a young player establish himself since He Who Must Not Be Named. Christensen has done everything possible to prove himself ready.


Gary Nev reckons the big pitch will suit Spurs, and I see why - generally, a bigger playing area is better for a better side. But they have no wingers, knew how to find space on a tight pitch at White Hart Lane, and that tight pitch allowed them to swarm opponents.


Perhaps Chelsea are playing 3-5-1-1. I think they might want to avoid defeat. 


Er, Sky just called Wembley “the home of football”. Alright, lads. 


Er, for example...


This fixture might be a useful one for Spurs in terms of getting the atmosphere going. Their first Champions League game last season was ok for about five minutes, but a derby against a hated rival ought to have everyone up for the row. 


Another thought. To attack a side playing three at the back, two elements are helpful: wingers, and/or two strikers. As such, I'm not sure we’ll see many goals today. 


So Spurs are back to a 3-5-2, which is understandable: Trippier is fit again, it allows them to get Dier and Wanyama in, and was important to their strong finish to last season. However: I wonder how well it’ll work at Wembley. The wider pitch could use a proper winger, Kane doesn’t have the pace to roam the width of it, and the greater distance from touchline to box means that overlaps are handy. 

Chelsea, meanwhile, include Rudiger, Bakayoko and Morata, though it’s not entirely simple to fathom their formation; most likely, Moses is in Hazard’s usual spot at inside-left. 

Whatever the situation, neither side can afford to lose this. Spurs need to make a soulless hangar feel like home - immediately - and Chelsea need to feel better about things. 



Tottenham: Lloris, Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies, Dier, Wanyama, Dembele, Eriksen, Dele, Kane… Subs: Vorm, Son, Janssen, Wimmer, Sissoko, Winks, Walker-Peters.

Chelsea: Courtois, Christensen, Luiz, Rudiger, Azpilicueta, Bakayoko, Kante, Alonso, Moses, Willian, Morata… Subs: Caballero, Pedro, Kenedy, Musonda, Batshuayi, Tomori, Scott.


It’s the big one. Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage of Episode I of the Wembley 2017-18 adventure. It’s Tottenham v Chelsea in the Premier League, the battle of last season's top two!