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West Ham United - Liverpool
Premier League - 4 November 2017

Premier League – Follow the Football match between West Ham United and Liverpool live with Eurosport. The match starts at 18:30 on 4 November 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers David Moyes or Jürgen Klopp? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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The score does not tell the tale here; both teams were miserable but in their own distinct ways and to very different degrees. West Ham are going down, Liverpool have a couple of good players.


Full-time: West Ham 1-4 Liverpool


West Ham are absolutely broken. It's very hard to see how Bilic can carry on.


West Ham, though.


There'll be three added minutes.


Lanzini, not a hair out of place, is booked for kicking the ball away. West Ham need a cuddle. And maybe something sterner.


Can't really argue with this, all the more so given a centre-forward not especially into scoring.


Solanke picks up a loose pass in centrefield and simply by virtue of so doing has a run at goal. He ought really to feed Salah to his left but understandably looks to announce himself, lashing a zooter just wide.


Off got Firmino and Oxlade-Chamberlain; on comes Solanke, for all that first-team football he wasn't getting at Chelsea, and Lovren. Liverpool are now playing three at the back.


Dear oh dear. Liverpool sortie down the right, all of West Ham chug over thataway so it's quickly switched thisaway to Milner. He looks towards the far corner and shoots at the near, the ball scooting just wide.


I'm not sure the ground is even half-full now.


Oxlade-Chamberlain picks up a loose ball in the box and shoots when he's ready. Obiang, I think, blocks the effort. It really doesn't matter much.


So what would constitute a good season for Liverpool? Top four I suppose, but they really need to try and win something - they'd be as well getting into the Europa League, if we're being real. West Ham, meanwhile, will do well to stay up. The starts made by the promoted sides is a serious problem for them.


Salah isn't the perfect winger, but he sure does know where the goal is. Oxlade-Chambermaid finds him on the right of the box and he opens his body to aim a low curler across Hart, but the keeper is wise to the ruse.


Many of the Westairmfrewnfrew lot are going him, and you can't really blame them.


Pretty sure I've covered more distance than most of the West Ham team.


I meant to say, immediately after the goal, Milner replaced Mane.


Not sure I've ever seen a team play this mehly and win this easily.


GOAL! West Ham United 1-4 Liverpool (Salah) Cut to crowd cam. Lanzini gives the ball away, Liverpool nudge it forward, Mane injects minor gas, and so unarsed are West Ham that he's able to be fouled, get up, and lift a pass for Salah on the left of the box while the entirety of the defence moseys over towards him. So Salah takes a touch and laces a low one into the far corner; great finish, despite the contributing ineptitude. People are going home.


Things have quietened. Liverpool are going to score again, I'd reckon.


Gomez takes a throw deep inside the West Ham half, and Mane falls into a shot which someone or other blocks.


This is another good snap.


Here's Sakho, on for Hernandez.


Diafra Sakho is preparing to come on; West Ham could really use a winger. Perhaps they should shove Cresswell further forward.


Firmino does really well to escape Ogbonna and Cresswell, barging into the box on its right-hand side and lashing a shot across goal ... and just wide. That was as good a chance to finish things as you could possibly wish for.


Nice for Arnautovic, dragging the ball down the side of Gomez then bringing it back and dinking a cross into the middle. And Hernandez is underneath it too, but Moreno shoves him in the back and the chance is gone.


But here come Liverpool, Firmino backheeling very nicely into the path of Mane, with space on the left. He rushes forwards and shmices a shot wide.


We're back underway. West Ham need to get Lanzini on the ball wherever possible.


West Ham win a free-kick on the left, drifted towards Carroll at the back of the box. But Matip blocks him off well and Mignolet gambles well, racing out to catch. The two protagonists receive treatment.


I think I just saw Javier Hernandez; i could be wrong, but he was in an offside position, so I'm pretty sure it was him.


West Ham are pushing now, and without Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool don't have the class in midfield to control things.


I don't take it back; the change was tactical. Must be an old war wound, what.


Ok, I take it back - Noble looks to have taken a knock.


Arnautovic replaces Noble. West Ham think they can salvage this.


West Ham have woken up, though. Carroll does his version of hotstepping - hotcloping - on the edge of the box and feeds Lanzini, again pulling off Gomez. The angle isn't great, though, and forces him to recline into the shot, which accordingly flies over the bar. West Ham have changed the game simply by trying hard; who knew!


GOAL! West Ham 1-3 Liverpool (Oxlade-Chanberlain) West Ham are everything you never want to ever be. Firmino turns nicely in centrefield and Reid minces into a pitiful challenge. The ball works its way out to Oxlade-Chamberlain, he drives a low shot, , Hart saves with his knees, but is powerless to prevent the follow-up. 57 seconds between the goals.


GOAL! West Ham United 1-2 Liverpool (Lanzini) Liverpool haven't really started this half, and Obiang spreads to Ayew. He crosses towards the back post, where Lanzini has pulled off Gomez, he chests down beautifully, and as the ball drops, lifts over Mignolet. Wonderful, wonderful finish.


Big bad Mark Noble ploughs through Mane and the crowd are momentarily engaged. Perhaps they saw a nice firework or something.


Kouyate tries a long pass, looking for Laznini, out on the left and looking right across the line. He's offsided himself!


Liverpool aren't playing well, which is giving West Ham a shot. Lanzini makes a run towards the left by-line, looks to cross, and Gomez blocks away.


Carroll chases an aerial ball as Can holds his ground, and as sure as night follows day, flailing arm bashes coupon.


West Ham are hinting at competing, without quite competing.


"A four", not "four". That's us telt.


The crowd have been getting on Mark Noble's back, accusing him of passing back when he might go forwards. Steve McManaman reckons that from his vantage point, you can see that his team-mates are running away from the ball.


Mane runs the ball away and Reid chases him, then gets bored and flattens him. We've all been there; yellow card.


West Ham win a corner! It's aimed at Carroll, who starts his run from well back, and Matip bumps it clear well before he arrives.


Carroll is on for Fernandes. West Ham are probably matching Liverpool's 4-4-2.


Andy Carroll is on.


Half-time: West Ham United 0-2 Liverpool

Boooo! Boooo! Hiss!


Ayew chases a ball towards the right corner and Mignolet chases out of his goal for no reason. But he does just enough, getting the ball clear, and then seconds later, Lanzini smelts a shot off towards Westfield.


There'll be two added minutes.


Oxlade-Chamberlain swings a pass into the channel for Salah, who for a second looks to be away. But a bum touch takes him towards Reid, who is happy to cede a corner. It comes to nowt.


Surely West Ham have got to get Carrolli on at half-time.


Salah chases a ball headed towards the touchline, and astonishingly - ok, not at all astonishingly - is able to turn and flick it between Cresswell and Reid. Nothing comes of it, but only due to coincidence of happenstance.


I'm sure something is happening, I just can't discern what it is.


Noble has a cunning plan! He weaves past Gomez and flies over his outstretched leg, so is booked for diving! He gets West Ham, though.


The home crowd are starting to get involved as the players break into minor trots.


Lanzini finds Noble and he's got Fernandes outside him, but instead of simply sending the ball wide he tries to slip it at an oblique angle to put him in on goal. It's beyond him, and Liverpool clear.


Liverpool are knocking it about slowly and West Ham are letting them. They really can' be arsed.


Liverpool are knocking it about slowly and West Ham are letting them. They really can't be arsed.


Meanwhile, in quality football news:


Firmino robs Reid, so Reid drags him down. Free-kick Liverpool, 35 yards out, right of centre. I think they're even going to let Oxlade-Chamberlain take it, which tells you all you need to know. You'll be amazed to learn that it comes to nothing.


What on earth do West Ham do now? They need to attack, but they can't afford to leave their defence exposed. Liverpool haven't even played well and are still winning easily.


West Ham are a shower. They're Calamity James out of the Beano.


GOAL! West Ham United 0-2 Liverpool (Matip) And he looks double-disgusted now! Liverpool win a corner down the left, it goes to Mane, running towards the near post, and though he doesn't really connect with his attempted flick, the ball hits Noble's shin - he's running towards goal - lands at Matip's feet, five yards out, and he confidently passes home. I think Liverpool might win this one.


Slaven Bilic looks disgusted.


GOAL! West Ham United 0-1 Liverpool (Salah) Oh my, West Ham are useless. The useless corner goes to the edge of the box, one header sees Salah bounce the ball deftly off to Mane as Fernandes uselessly contemplates a useless challenge. He and Salah then charge at goal, mane slips a return, Salah takes a touch, opens his body, and with his left foot slides a finish under Hart's arm and in at the near post. West Ham are useless.


Fernandes finds possession deep in the Liverpool half and welts a cross into Moreno's shins; corner.


This game is really, exceptionally bad. I'm not sure we've seen one decent passage of play yet.


We learn that "English referees are really good at managing games" from Chris Foy, an English referee. I remember thinking that when he refereed, er, never. And that those you get in EUrope are generally better than those you get in the Premier League.


Imagine being able to do this to your boss.


If my daughter misbehaves this evening, I'm going to make her watch Match of the Day tonight.


"It hasn't got going," says Steve McManaman, which is a generous assessment of the dog's sloppy seconds we've been served thus far.


Poor p!


Hernandez has treatment and is still complaining minutes later.


Hernandez and his little haircut are down. He whips the ball inside Matip, on the turn - it's a lovely move and far too fleet-footed for the defender. So Matip bangs out a leg, they mince knees, the ref sees nowt untoward and Liverpool bring it away. Oxlade-Chamberlain does really well to win space, beating his man, then drills a Hollywood pass timezones in front of Firmino.


Gomez is awfully well developed for a 12-year-old, and wrestles Lanzini to the ground in centrefield. Lanzini is looking lively; if West Ham can find him, and get the front two running down the sides of the Liverpool centrebacks, there's joy to be had.


Ohhhhh this is nice from West Ham, Lanzini weaving in midfield and lifting a lovely pass over the top for Ayew ... except, ah - it was deflected, which explains it. I take it all back. Ayew then does all he can to adjust his body to strike with his left foot, lifting the ball over Mignolet, who was slow to advance, and striking the bear post full in the phizog!


This has been a slow start fro Liverpool, and Mane is immediately found out when sent an imprecise pass from Firmino.


Excellent snapping.


Obiang spreads a booming pass wide for Fernandes, but gets too much on it and the ball winds up in touch. But quick switches is where it's at for West Ham, because otherwise they'll get outnumbered out wide.


Cresswell storms forward, but runs into two men, which is what you get when you have 3-4-1-2 against 4-3-3.


This is very scrappy so far. West Ham won't mind that.


With a lull in play we focus on Simon Mignolet, Liverpool's captain. I've no idea why he was left out in midweek - again. Towards the end of last season he looked to be getting the hang of things, and yet. Is it the ego of buying Karius that's forcing Klopp to use him?


Obiang treads on Moreno and Liverpool pump a free-kick into the box. The ball is brilliantly taken down by Firmino with his neck, and Hart does well to smother his shot. hooked clear. West Ham then break, and Cresswell wallops a cross miles past Pluto.


Tell youse what, I don't mind the camera angle at the London Stadium. What else can be added to the list?


Bilic said he's use the Spurs blueprint for beating Liverpool. It's the way he tells 'em.


Away we go!




The various remembrance wreaths are being laid.


Slaven Bilic looks a worried man. I can see that.


I really can't see a way for West Ham tonight, but if Hernandez can get himself on Klavan and they can get quality into the box, there are goals to be had.


Ah! News I somehow missed, no idea how.


"I hate attention."


"...and for those of you watching in black and white, Liverpool will be playing in the highlighter shirts."


I've just seen an advert for a "global partner of Real Madrid". I'm off to buy a crate of whatever it is.


Posted without comment.


A crashed system - apologies - but back now for the duration I promise...


I know all the reasons not to play Andy Carroll, and yet against that Liverpool defence? I don't know any reasons not to play Andy Carroll.




Jurgen Klopp praised Liverpool fans' reaction to Dejan Lovren getting online abuse following a poor performance: "It only shows how fans are different from people who are very loud on social media. That’s how I see it. In the more difficult moments you have to really show togetherness and I could not imagine the fans would react that quick."


No idea why this isn't a terrace classic.


On the plus side for Liverpool, Sa sa Sadio Mane is back. I've no idea how West Ham are coping with him.


He really, really ought to be a player. Pace, skill, strength; the ability to run with the ball in the middle of the pitch. And yet, though he's intelligent and thoughtful, his game intelligence is that of an infant. This is a big chance for him.


Except Alexander Mark David Oxlade-Chamberlain!


Liverpool were, though, excellent in this fixture last season. Notably, Philippe Coutinho was deployed in what we are now morally obliged to call the “number 8” position, and was a revelation. If he can establish himself in the role, and if the things can work behind him, then him, plus a number 10, plus three attackers, will be a hard night for anyone. Far too hard for West Ham, that’s for sure.


Neither of these teams have had an auspicious start to the season. Liverpool have failed to sort a dodgy defence and stodgy midfield, while West Ham are just horrible. Which is pretty hard to fathom, given the integrity of their owners.


Evening all and welcome to West Ham v Liverpool. Rest assured that wherever in the galaxy you are, you’ll have a better view of the game than every single person at “London Stadium”.


TEAMS: West Ham: Harte, Kouyate, Reid, Ogbonna, Fernandes, Cresswell, Noble, Obiang, Lanzini, Ayew, Chicarito. Subs: Adrian, Rice, Masuaku, Haksbanovic, Arnautovic, Carroll, Sakho. /// Liverpool: Mignolet, Gomez, Matip, Klavan, Moreno, Can, Wijnaldum, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Salah, Mane, Firmino. Subs: Karius, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, Milner, Grujic, Sturridge, Solanke.


West Ham: Hart, Cresswell, Reid, Ogbonna, Fernandes, Kouyate, Lanzini, Noble, Obiang, Hernandez, Ayew.

Liverpool: Mignolet, Gomez, Matip, Klavan, Moreno, Can, Wijnaldum, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Salah, Mane, Firmino.


Good evening and welcome to our live text coverage of West Ham v Liverpool. The teams have just been announced...