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Paul Parker: David Moyes can be the answer for West Ham - just give him a chance

Paul Parker: Moyes can be the answer for West Ham - just give him a chance

07/11/2017 at 13:39Updated 17/11/2017 at 19:36

There has been a wave of scepticism about David Moyes, not least from West Ham fans, but Paul Parker believes he could be just what the struggling Premier League club need.

There were reports in the papers today that David Sullivan and David Gold were taken aback by the negative reaction from some supporters to the news that Moyes would be taking over. But fans are always going to have reservations. There are always going to be splits. Every fan wants the best manager and there are only so many good bosses to go around. That's the problem West Ham had: who else could they have got?

It's not a case of cherry-picking the best manager in the game. You have to look at who was available and who was a realistic target. I don't think it's a very long list, to be honest. Moyes isn’t quite a safe bet any more, but he does have the qualities West Ham need.

Admittedly, the past four years have been a struggle. Moyes could never have turned down Manchester United but replacing Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013 was an impossible task. We have to give him credit for trying his luck in Spain with Real Sociedad, but not many Englishmen have gone there and been successful and it didn't work out again. Sunderland, meanwhile, was just a ticking timebomb.

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You have to also judge him on what he achieved when he had stability at Everton. Reaching the Champions League was the highlight of his 11 years in charge but he regularly finished in the top eight and that was no small achievement. Football is a game of quick opinions now, played out on Twitter, and we are too quick to forget what happened even five years ago. As an individual you want people to look at the whole of your CV, not just a tricky recent spell.

Moyes made Everton very difficult to beat. They were a good unit defensively and he introduced a number of good young players. These chime with West Ham's targets: they want young players coming through and, more than anything, to become a unit again. They haven't been a proper team since they moved into the new stadium and it’s even longer since they had a convincing defence. These are things that Moyes can change.

Taking over West Ham isn't like taking over Sunderland - it reminds me more of the task he faced at Everton. Sunderland were a complete mess, a team which had been lucky to avoid relegation on any number of occasions, a collection of poor players. West Ham have got some good players and have a lot going for them as a club.

They have quality players who just need some passion, hunger and discipline restored. There are some bad players there as well and Moyes will have to clear out the deadwood, but there is plenty there for him to work with. It's a good opportunity, not a cursed appointment like at Sunderland.

David Moyes arrives for the English Premier League football match between Hull City and Sunderland

David Moyes arrives for the English Premier League football match between Hull City and SunderlandGetty Images

Having said that, there are lessons he has to learn from his time in the North East. He can't be so negative in press conferences and constantly talk his team down, for one. He can't go out and buy a bunch of his former players and hope they will turn things around.

The onus is on Moyes to rescue his reputation at West Ham but the supporters have a role to play too. They have to be positive or the team will suffer even more. It is understandable that some fans weren't impressed with the Moyes appointment but they can't let that disappointment filter through into the stadium. He deserves a chance to show what he can do, to try and get the results the club want. The fans need to back Moyes at the start. Be with him. Be with the team.

Moyes has to be positive as well. West Ham are a big enough club, with a big fan base, and he needs to act like it. The fans should give him the benefit of the doubt from the outset, but he has to work for their loyalty long-term too.