Wolverhampton Wanderers boss Nuno Espirito Santo has been left unhappy with the delays in receiving Covid-19 test results, citing the negative impact it has on preparation for games and calling on a faster testing procedure.

Speaking ahead of his team's match against West Ham on Sunday, Nuno told reporters: "It's very disruptive for preparation and planning.

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It's tough for us, you get tested - we got tested today - and we don't know the results. We're preparing for the match on Sunday and having the stress about the final result... can you use a player, can you not?

"Faster results of the test would help all teams immensely so we can proceed without having these problems."

Alan Irvine, assistant coach at West Ham and forced to step in for an absent David Moyes after he tested positive for Covid-19, suggested that the delays could be because of how busy laboratories are.

He said: "Normally test results have come back quickly but the labs are finding it more difficult because of the amount of tests they have to do for people outside football.

"It's a situation that's out of our control. We'll be tested next on Monday and we have the game at Everton (in the League Cup) on Wednesday... we could find ourselves in a situation where we're travelling to Everton not knowing the results."

Moyes returns to duty for Sunday's match albeit making all the decisions remotely. Though West Ham are without Issa Diop and Josh Cullen who also tested positive.

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