Donny van de Beek just hasn't been given an opportunity at Manchester United.
People who say he hasn’t done anything at Old Trafford are people who are narrow-minded and not really football people. When you come from a different way of playing, especially when you’re a foreign player coming in with no family or friends around, it’s going to be difficult.
He has never had two, three games on the bounce to get into a rhythm. And on the rare occasion he has been given a game, he hasn’t been given an opportunity to play in what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sees as his strongest United team.
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It’s different when you come in only when Solskjaer wants to rest players. Van de Beek's rarely had the opportunity to play with Bruno Fernandes because, in Solskjaer’s eyes, they are similar. Well, they’re nowhere near similar.

Bruno Fernandes and Donny van de Beek

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Someone like him should be on the field in a United team that is competing in the big games.
Why are United always playing with a midfield two who can only break up a game, like Fred and Scott McTominay? Surely one of them can be left out for somebody who gets around the pitch, like Van de Beek.
He’s tenacious, reads situations, he gets around the box and he’s got quick feet. You can’t tell me that’s not a player you wouldn’t want in your team.
On three occasions, I saw him live for Ajax and was impressed. So it’s disappointing that he hasn’t been given an opportunity.
When you have Paul Pogba, Van de Beek and Fernandes there has to be a way Solskjaer can get them all in. It will make everyone playing with them feel good. As a teammate you'll want them in the same team.
It's been an absolute waste of time so far, especially given everything that is happening in the world. Finances are tight, United have spent around £35 million on a player that isn’t playing and now he is reportedly regretting his move.

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I think Van de Beek should look to Fred as an example of a player who has turned his fortunes around at United – even if his situation is worse than the Brazilian's was.
Fred is never going to be seen as the best, but see how he's improved. Fred is that player people talk about, about a player fighting back, which is a bonus for him and United.
When Solskjaer came in, he did something good with Fred. So when you look at Van de Beek, an established international player, you wonder if he can follow the same path. Currently, all you're saying to yourself is, 'there’s something wrong there'.
Meanwhile, you also wonder what other players at Old Trafford are feeling when they see a talent like him sitting around. It's surely got to the point that even they are asking questions...
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