Not a typical north London derby

Tottenham must play positively and not attempt to be too cute against Arsenal if they are going to win the north London derby.
Jose Mourinho's side are turning in results, which is arguably more important than form at this stage of the season.
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When you see the scoreline against Burnley, you think they did something special to win 4-0; but when you watch the game, Burnley could have scored a few themselves.
Against Palace, they went out and scored goals early in the second half but that was more down to Palace's naivety than Spurs' calculated play.
Fulham deserved to take a point off them and it was baffling that Fulham's goal, which was completely with the run of play, didn't stand. Spurs were really pathetic in the secord half.
If Spurs are just going to play cat and mouse football and let Arsenal do what they do best, then you have to look at the Gunners to win.
But it's not a north London derby as we know it because it's the fans who are engaged in communities, not players any more, as few of them are born and bred.
This match will be very unpredictable.

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Liverpool can make CL... but must stop blaming Van Dijk

Jurgen Klopp knows the Germany job is available in the summer but has already come out and said he's got a job. It's the obvious statement to make at this time. Anybody who says anything else would have to be either brave or maybe stupid. If he's the manager people believe he is, he should stay and turn things around for Liverpool Football Club and get them back to where they were this time last year. That should be his aim.
I think Klopp focused too much on winning something without actually thinking about winning it again. He's had that team for a while and the players have grown and matured to reach their pinnacle. They needed something underneath that. Klopp wasn't rebuilding as he was going so maybe some of the players weren't prepared for the next stage. And that next stage got even harder because there wasn't a big push from the fans in the stands. I think he'll certainly have learned about expectations after winning the Premier League.
Scoring goals has been very difficult for them and they're struggling to create chances. A lot of their players lost form so suddenly.
You can't blame their failure to compete for the league on one player getting injured.
You can't be called a great club or a great team if you're so reliant on one player and blame that one player getting injured on everything going wrong, as appears to be with Virgil van Dijk.

'I have a job' - Klopp says he won’t quit Liverpool for Germany

You look at their form and you've got to wonder if they've got enough about them to go and win the Champions League. You can't judge a team by their Premier League form when they go to play in Europe because it's a different game in a different competition. There are a lot of top sides in Europe who have been struggling so I wouldn't write off their chances of winning it. It's not always Europe's best team who win the Champions League.
There's still an opportunity for them to turn things around and get a top-four finish. I don't think you can rule that out. Not finishing in the top four would be a massive embarrassment and I'm not sure they can win the Champions League at the moment with their state of mind. But Premier League form can change very quickly.
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