Over the past year Harry Kane has been linked with Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. And in the past week those links with City and Madrid have surfaced again.
But is there any genuine chance Kane ever actually leaves Tottenham?
He’s been with Spurs since the age of 11 and now - 16 years later - he is captain of England and regarded as one of the best all-round centre forwards in the game.
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One obvious issue at Spurs is that he has never won a trophy—and that is often used as ammunition for pundits and rival fans over why he needs to leave. Yet, Kane has never shown much intention of doing so.
He briefly considered it for the first time one year ago, when a source explained: “He loves the club, but doesn't want to be a club hero that looks back on his career one day and has no trophies to show for it.” But he decided to remain loyal to Spurs, as they settled into life at their revamped stadium and he stood tall as the club’s poster boy.
Now the rumours are back again - but you sense he might have missed the boat when it comes to moving clubs.

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Spanish outlet SER Deportivos revealed on Wednesday that Kane is back on Madrid’s radar in case deals for Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland prove impossible. They state that the possibility of negotiating with his brother, Charlie - who acts as his agent - is refreshing, rather than to have to deal with various intermediaries when looking at other big names.
They also state that relations are good, in light of that Bale loan deal this season.
In terms of City, one of the links has come from former player Don Hutchison who told ESPN FC Extra Time: "I believe it will be Manchester City. That's what I've been told and I believe it would be a good fit."
Both clubs are certainly on the lookout for a new goalscorer and it makes perfect sense that Kane would be a target - but here we can breakdown some of the reasons that Kane is unlikely to leave Tottenham.
Firstly it is worth looking at his personal life. Kane and wife Kate hold family life as very important value to them and, with three children under the age of five, it is thought the prospect of going to live in another country away from their super bubbles does not hold much appeal.
On top of that, Kane is loyal. He loves being a club icon, the figurehead of the team on and off the pitch, and realises that would be hard to replicate at other clubs.
And, of course, he has the opportunity to become the Premier League's all-time top scorer. Now 27, he is 100 goals short of Alan Shearer's record. It's a status he would love to achieve.
But there are other factors preventing a move, too.

José Mourinho et Harry Kane - Tottenham

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Where could Kane actually go?

It's important to state that Spurs are adamant the player is not for sale and that no price-tag has been put on his head. So while there are assumptions that he could be bought for £150 million, that is not strictly true.
Even if that was the case, who has £150m to spend right now? Manchester City have never spent on one player at those heights, and are hoping to achieve better value in their hunt for a new forward. PSG have the Mauricio Pochettino factor but do not hold quite the lure that Madrid and Barca might. And as for those Spanish giants? Well, there is some interest on both sides but they are not making Kane a priority. It’s as simple as that.
In Italy, Inter have great options right now in Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, and the finances involved would make that move difficult anyway. Juve still have Cristiano Ronaldo, so he is their star man until the day they are willing to let him go. And that’s not yet. Similarly, Bayern still have Robert Lewandowski so will not be going for Kane now.
Daniel Levy has next to zero interest in selling Kane to another Premier League club, sources say, so unless Kane decides to actively seek a transfer and push the club down that road, a move to City or United is difficult to see.
Let’s face it. Kane does not seem the type of man that is suddenly going to turn on Tottenham.
Levy is undoubtedly helped here by the fact Covid-19's impact on clubs across Europe limits the landing spots of a superstar striker.
And even if Kane truly does have ambition and drive to win top trophies, when you step back and look at the whole picture - where does he go? There is no obvious move that suits all parties.
It’s because of all this that the speculation around his future may just remain little more than gossip.
Spurs have been holding off on talks with him until the end of the season but it’s natural that they will seek to extend his contract.
He’ll be interested in the club’s latest vision and, of course, how they see Jose Mourinho’s position. Sources are becoming increasingly expectant that the boss fails to survive beyond this season and maybe a new manager - say Brendan Rodgers or Julian Nagelsmann - could give Kane new belief that some of his dreams can still be realised at Spurs.
The rumours will continue to follow Kane - only he knows whether he has the inner drive to make the jump. For now, we have to assume he will decide to stick with Spurs.
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