Tottenham manager Antonio Conte has refused to give assurances about his long-term future at the North London club.
The Italian signed a 20-month contract when he was appointed Nuno Espirito Santo's successor in November.
He was asked three times at his Friday press conference to give assurances he would be at the club at the end of next season but declined to give a direct answer each time.
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The first time Conte was asked, he replied that he was "enjoying [his] time in Tottenham" and that he wanted to "improve the situation".
The second time he was quizzed about his future, he responded: "Honestly, I like to live in the present and not to think a lot about the future.
"Now it is important to live in the present, to try in the present to improve the situation and get out the best of my players.
"To work to improve the situation because the present is now, the future is later. Later could be too much later for us.
"We have to be focused on the present and work to try to improve the situation now.
"Now we have to be focused on the present and we have to work a lot to try to keep Tottenham in the right position."
When asked again if he could provide assurances, he pointed to his positive relations with Daniel Levy and Fabio Paratici.
"As you know I signed a contract for the end of this season and one year more," he said.
"But I repeat, I am enjoying my time at Tottenham and I have a good relationship with the people in Tottenham, with our chairman, with our general director.
"I want to work and improve this team. We have to be focused on the present to try to improve the situation.
"For sure I want to improve, we want to improve. This must be the important thing."
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