To start off bold and brash, Manchester United are not ready to win the Premier League at this time, because they haven't sorted out their central midfield.
They have taken a massive step forward in signing Cristiano Ronaldo as it gives them a better chance and takes pressure off other players as the heat is on him, but United are nowhere near having one of the best central midfields in the Premier League at this moment in time. Defensively, though, they are better than a lot of the other teams.
Up front, they can score goals and compete with all the best teams in the league on that stance, but in midfield they don't. They seem to often get overwhelmed by attacking teams and it seems that they're having to dig deep and rely on individuals to get them out of trouble. Previously it was Bruno Fernandes who rescued them and now he's got help in Ronaldo. I would say it's about consistency and retention, you want a midfield player who is going to move the ball quickly from Harry Maguire at centre-back.
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Luke Shaw is pushing forward well, but he needs to concentrate on defending. He's got himself out of a difficult situation with the previous manager (Jose Mourinho), he's done everything right to get himself in a better position mentally and physically, and scoring for England in Euro 2020. Now he needs to realise what his strengths and weaknesses are and look after his captain in centre-back.
Realistically, who could fill the gap in central midfield at United? Brighton's Yves Bissouma, maybe? Declan Rice? Definitely a Declan Rice-style player, but his market value has increased following the standards he set at the Euros this summer and what he's done this season so far at West Ham. With Jack Grealish going for £100m, if Declan Rice is a team player, in theory, that's better than a Jack Grealish, because you know what you're going to get from him and he's good in all areas of the pitch.
Rice is not a midfield player who wants to be labelled defensive midfield because he is a box-to-box midfield player. He wants to score goals and make goals but he will sit in and defend and affect things going forward.
Jude Bellingham is another player who doesn't want to be cast into one particular position. Here, there are a few players that are better than what Manchester United have already.
You don't win a Premier League title with Fred or Scott McTominay. Nemanja Matic - when he was at his peak in his Chelsea days - was better than a Fred or a McTominay. But if you can have a Matic in there looking to win the Premier League with Manchester United then that isn't right, they need to look for someone more youthful who can destroy attacks and create scoring chances, and everyone needs to know what their tasks are.
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