Tevez is subject to a tug-of-war between West Ham and MSI, the Kia Joorabchian-fronted company that claim to own his registration.
Manchester United want to buy the player but it is unsure to whom the transfer fee should be paid; both parties claiming ownership of Tevez' economic rights are demanding it, although West Ham are willing to strike a comprimise in order to avoid a potentially damaging ruling that they never indeed owned the player, which could see ramifications additional to the £5.5 million fine imposed by the Premier League in February for the invailidity of the original contract with Tevez and MSI.
Joorabchian, however, wants the full fee and is furious that West Ham and the Premier League tore up what he and his lawyers view as a valid contract as third party ownership is legal outside of English football.
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The Iranian-born British businessman has therefore taken the matter to the High Court, confident that - if West Ham do not accept his token offer for Tevez' registration - he will win any legal challenge.
The date of the ruling gives both sides time to prepare a case or some to an out-of-court settlement before the August 31st transfer deadline.
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