A week ago, Newcastle fans were celebrating an end to 13 years of Mike Ashley rule, with Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) finally completing its takeover of the club.
Since then, not a lot has changed - discussions about sports washing and human rights abuses continue, Steve Bruce remains the head coach, and Joelinton is still not the new Alan Shearer.
But there are now reports that PIF may be interested in another sleeping giant - Inter Milan. We caught up with Eurosport Italy's Simone Eterno to find out just how likely that might be - and if it is, what difference it could make.
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How much do Inter need new investment?

A lot. Chinese owner Suning had quite a few problems in the last year, and that played out in public during the summer - they sold Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi, boss Antonio Conte left, and there were some delays in paying player salaries. So yes, they’ve been looking for someone to invest for quite a long time, but now it's more desperate - it seems that from ‘someone to invest’ it has became ‘someone to sell to'.

Would a takeover be of interest to PIF?

Yes it would. The rumours in Italy actually began even before the takeover of Newcastle. The problem right now is that it looks like Suning is asking for a price that is a little bit too high: €1 billion. Definitely too high, if you consider what they paid for Newcastle.

Inter Milan fans at the San Siro

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What could a Saudi-led takeover do for Inter?

Easy answer: bring in money. Fresh cash to spend on the transfer market. If you consider the whole situation in Serie A, with Juventus struggling on and off the pitch, they could easily squeeze in and look like the saviours. It would not take a supreme effort, the level of rebuilding required at Newcastle is not the same at Inter. They have a pretty good team, a pretty good manager and with 3-4 more big name players, they can be considered as contenders to fight for a spot in the Champions League.

Are fans starting to get excited this could happen?

There are just rumours right now, but yes, they would be happy for sure. Just like when the takeover happened at Newcastle, I would expect discussions about human rights and serious political issues to die down when a new owner with a lot of money comes to your team with a promise to win trophies.
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