Surely I'm not alone when I say we should expect a better game in Athens than last weekend's dour FA Cup final. Even with both teams likely to play with a lone striker I'm getting excited about the clash in Greece because I feel there are goals on the cards. And if Milan score first, we could be in for a classic as Liverpool will be forced to come out and attack.
Out of the two, Milan are undeniably the more interesting side to watch, and I could watch Kaka in action all day long, but even Liverpool like to get forward and find the back of the net, so we should be in for an interesting encounter.
The last time these two teams played each other, for 45 minutes Liverpool realised that if they take the game to Milan, they were easy to get at. In this year's semi-finals, Manchester United hoped they could get something rather than believing they could, and that ultimately proved to be their downfall.
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If Liverpool take the same mind-set from that second half in Istanbul two years ago, they stand a very good chance of retaining the Cup.
For all Milan's qualities and dominance against United, I just can't see Liverpool allowing them the same kind of space and time on the ball and they won't be allowed to play the same kind of game.
But in Kaka we have one of, if not the, best players in the world at the moment and he will be without doubt the most dangerous player on the pitch at the Olympic Stadium. The match could easily be decided by one moment of magic from him and he's more than capable of unlocking any defence in the world. If Liverpool are to shackle him, they have to learn from the mistakes United made in the semi-final.
Then, United allowed Kaka to roam a little too freely, and he tore them to shreds with his intelligent running from deep, finding space in the hole between midfield and attack. He's said he won't, but Rafa Benitez needs to designate a man to keep tabs on the Brazilian.
At the back, the ageless Paolo Maldini will play an important role for Milan. As a full-back myself, I have so much respect for him. I find it incredible that at the age of 38, he is still plying his trade at the highest level after such a long and glorious career. Milan will be grateful for his experience at the back on Wednesday, when a cool head could be the difference between glory and despair.
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