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Not content with facilitating plans to decimate the fabric of English football by staying silent on Project Big Picture – plans that incidentally come with a £125 million bonus to pay off some stadium debt – Tottenham are trying to derail the national team too.

England boss Gareth Southgate will be praying he’s still saved as Gary in Jose Mourinho’s phonebook after he had the temerity to suggest: a) Harry Kane is “100% fit”, and b) should start for his country against Denmark on Wednesday.

Now obviously we all know Kane hasn’t actually been 100% fit since Tottenham topped the Premier League for 13 minutes and 45 seconds in March 2016, but it’s a ridiculous world where managers are bullied into who gets a game. Even when it's the nonsense UEFA Nations League.

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"I don't really understand the story because he's been fully fit since the end of last week, just before the last game," explained Southgate.

"He hasn't had an injury. He was feeling muscle soreness, which can happen to athletes, but there was no injury at any point.

"We don't risk players. I've said this before the camp last week. I've been a player. My priority is always the welfare of players. We would never risk a player. We've ended up on very rare occasions with a couple of injuries during matches. That's pretty much unavoidable."

Oh well, at least Southgate will soon be able to call upon Eddie Nketiah, who fired his 14th goal for England U21 to become their all-time top scorer.

And, albeit not in attack, Aaron Ramsdale, who made a strong penalty save in the same win over Turkey after one of the all-time great dives.

Abandon the international break

...and yet, maybe Mourinho has a point.

At the risk of also being dubbed Captain Hindsight, it does seem incredibly mad to hold an international break when the world is falling apart. At least give us a chance of beating this monster.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest A-lister to be struck down by the bloody coronavirus, meaning that basically the only exciting event in October – Ronaldo v Messi in the Champions League – may not even happen.

Some good news though, the whole of the Portugal squad has tested negative. Although does that mean they can still test positive later? It’s been seven months and we’re still not sure.

We know it’s a little early for Christmas lists, and the Warm-Up is probably a little old for them, but please can someone just find a vaccine and produce seven billion vials ASAP.

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Arsenal put Gunnersaurus cash to good use

There are photoshoots. And then there are Arsenal Football Club photoshoots.

"Everybody is wanting to win all the trophies that can be won," Partey said after ditching the boxing gloves.

He clearly hasn’t got the memo.


60°C. One hour. Now.


A few weeks ago, we discussed whether it was OK for someone in the media to accept work from a bookmaker. We talked about the increasing gamblification of football and asked whose responsibility it is to regulate the industry and help people who have become addicted.

OK, you’ll need headphones or tolerant housemates, but this podcast from The Guardian on the “gamblification” of football caught our attention.


Harry Kane gets injured as England play out the second act of their goalless draw with Denmark. Italy also tackle the Netherlands and Croatia host France. All three will have minute-by-minute coverage here on, you lucky souls.

Andi Thomas still thinks Project Big Picture is a Neil Buchanan special. We're not going to ruin it for him.

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