Kane’s affinity with club’s support has expedited his rise. In fact, the optimism that surrounds Kane engulfs the stadium. He is a reference point for the fans. His presence lifts the crowd; the positivity reverberates through the team.
This is not to say that N17 is immune from a deterioration in atmosphere. Unrest grew in tandem with an abject home performance against West Ham, as is the norm in the Premier League. Further compounding those groans was West Ham were looking fully worth the 2-1 scoreline as the clock ticked down.
While Danny Rose’s 80th-minute strike gave impetus, Kane secured a scarcely-deserved draw as he dispatched his own saved penalty. His growing legend was furnished further.
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Kane’s rise has undoubtedly engineered more of a connection between the club and its fans, though. He is one of their own, as the song goes. His affable, hard working nature has endeared him to the home support. That appeal is unique - possibly once in a generation.
This is not to undermine his merits as a footballer – his excellence this season has established his credentials. Said performances have two international-level forwards consigned to the role of understudies.
Suspicions that his performances are some form of anomaly diminish by the goal. His rise has been exponential but will surely plateau – can he plateau as a 20-goal-a-season forward? Time will reveal the true depth of Kane’s skill set. Longevity remains the truest barometer of a player’s talent.
Despite the wealth of performances behind him, a second season of continued goal-scoring consistency is the minimum requirement before he can lay claim to being a proven Premier League striker.
Tottenham, do however, have a player in their ranks who has continually proven his worth at this level: Emmanuel Adebayor.
A player four goals shy of a century of Premier League goals, who, amongst others, has represented Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Manchester City.
Tottenham have an unenviable run of games on the horizon: this was the first of seven games in 28 days. Pochettino will be wise to use his squad. A squad that currently has only three senior strikers.
Adebayor failed to make the bench against West Ham, while Roberto Soldado put in a pretty undistinguished showing from the bench.
Utilising Adebayor could prove a touch treacherous for Pochettino; particularly at home, where the Togolese’s relationship with the home fans is fraught. His appearance from the bench has been met with a cacophony of boos on more than one occasion this season.
The continued booing of Adebayor is reductive in the extreme. It sullies the Lane. Pochettino and Andre Villas-Boas have previously lamented the difficult atmosphere – sadly Adebayor appears to hasten a return to that pessimistic underbelly of White Hart Lane.
Typically substitutes enter the fray as a fillip. There were cheers for Soldado – four goals in 23 appearances – when he came on in the stead of Andros Townsend. The same pleasantries would not have been afforded to Adebayor. Adebayor has scored two goals but in ten less appearances.
Adebayor, like all professionals, peaks and troughs. While, quite accurately, most player’s troughs are attributed to natural fluctuations of form, more arbitrary questions are asked of Adebayor – accusations that sully his character are thrown around with abandon.
The Togolese is a victim of aesthetics over substance. One man's perceived lack of commitment is another's economy of movement; perception can be deceptive. Unfortunately, perceived wisdom of Adebayor is unfavourable but horribly biased.
His apparent willingness to move club with frequency – six clubs in a 15-year career is hardly nomadic – further clouds this perception. His professionalism has been questioned in times of contractual uncertainty.
However, Adebayor is, in the purest terms, a model professional. He will score goals for whoever is willing to meet his wage demands. It is a free market after all.
His considerable talent is demeaned by such accusations. That talent is best measured against contemporaries - Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has seven more Premier League goals to his name.
Once he retires, Adebayor’s record will stand favourably against the most forensic scrutiny. It is little wonder that a manager as wily as Sam Allardyce wanted to bring him to Upton Park this January.
How Tottenham could have done with him today – particularly in the closing moments as they swamped the West Ham goal. Their bluntness up front looked as though it were to usher in a successive Premier League defeat.
Soldado was full of running but is a player shorn of confidence. Once again, Harry Kane came to the rescue.
However, Tottenham can’t rely on him every time. It is time Adebayor was brought in from the cold.
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