Women's World Cup • Quarter-final
  • 2nd Half
  • Germany (W)
  • Sweden (W)
  • RolföHurtig
  • RubenssonBjörn
  • SchüllerOberdorf
  • FischerIlestedt
  • Rolfö
  • Blackstenius
  • 1/2 Time
  • Germany (W)
  • Sweden (W)
  • DallmannMarozsán
  • 1st Half
  • Germany (W)
  • Sweden (W)
  • SimonMaier
  • Jakobsson
  • Magull

Germany (W) - Sweden (W)

Follow the Women's World Cup live Football match between Germany (W) and Sweden (W) with Eurosport. The match starts at 18:30 on 29 June 2019.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers: Martina Voss-Tecklenburg or Peter Gerhardsson? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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2-1 to Sweden, and much deserved. Thanks for joining us this evening. We'll be back on Tuesday with coverage of the England v USA semi-final.


Sweden come from a goal down to beat Germany for the first time in 24 years in a major tournament!


That's it, that's the whistle!


Oberdorf gives away a free kick to the Swedes and that might be their final chance.


Rolfo comes off and Hurtig takes her place in the final minutes of the match.


I have thoughts on this...


Germany AGAIN as Hegering heads the ball just in front of the goal. Glas puts the pressure on and it's a goal kick for Sweden as the ball fires over the net.


Lindahl is forced to make another save. This is what I think we call squeaky bum time for the Swedes.


There's been a surprising lack of VAR action in this match but six minutes of additional time regardless. Oberdorf has a shot at goal and Lindahl pounces on it. 6 minutes is going to feel like a long time.


Sweden return the favour as Blackstenius shows Sweden remain a threat. They could do with more of this in the final minutes of the game.


Germany have a free-kick and Oberdorf gets her head to Marozsan's cross in front of the box. It's wide. Sweden are lucky.


We're into the final few minutes here at Valenciennes and it's tense. The fouls are coming thick and fast as Germany put the pressure on.


Bjorn comes on for Rubensson for Sweden now.


Popp is now fairly unambiguously fouled by Ilestedt who jumps at her from behind in an attempt to clear the ball.


There's a VAR check for a possible penalty here after a punch by Lindahl as she fouls Popp. Alas Poo was offside and there will be no penalty for the Germans.


We're back underway again and Sweden start witha free-kick. It looks like Germany will steal possession but Sweden regain it quickly to make another exceptional counter-attack. Jacobsson shoots on the edge of the box but Germany defend well here.


We'll have a cooling break now...


Germany have an oportunity here as they take another corner. It's whipped into the box but Lindhal catches the ball with little effort.


Blackstenius wants another goal. Another great run - it's too easy to penetrate the German back four. Fortunately for Germany they clear it this time.


Germany will now make their final substitution as young player Oberdorf comes on for Schuller. We've 20 minutes left to play, hopefully they won't need another... Popp moves up front to accomodate the change.


Sweden do well there to quell the rebellion but the ball goes out of play and Germany continue to attack.


Germany have a free kick around 30 yards out.


Fischer has gone down and will be forced to leave the pitch. She'll be replaced by Ilestedt. A loss for Sweden, she's played well today.


Sweden look pretty comfortable now and Germany seem to have lost the attacking edge they brought to the table early on in this match.


Germany are starting to look a bit livelier now. We are back in the Sweden half and there's a corner to be taken. Sweden clear.


Lindahl, the Sweden keeper, has a terrifying habit of coming really quite far out of her box. Too far, in my humble opinion. She's lucky Maroszan is not in the position to take advantage.


Magull hits the floor again and Rolfo takes a yellow card for the challenge. She will miss the semi-final should Sweden progress beyond this match.


Sweden play the ball out from behind again and it's another cracking run by Blackstenius. Germany's back four are struggling to conain what is looking like quite the predictable move by Sweden at this point in the game.


Jakobsson is oozing with confidence now and it's a great run to the edge of the 18-yard box, but Germany make the necessary intervention.


We are 2-1 to Sweden in Valenciennes.


Germany have complained that there was a foul in the lead up to the goal but the referee is not interested. The goal stands.


GOAL! Blackstenius gives Sweden the lead as she fires in a rebound afer the keeper saves Rolfo's header.


Marozsan who, of course, broke a toe in the German side's opening game against China.


We're back underway in Valenciennes and Marozsan replaces Dallman at the break.


That's the whistle and the first half ends 1-1. A really solid first half by both sides - it will be interesting to see how the second half pans out. Join us in 15 minutes!


We've three minutes of additional time to play in this half.


Sweden have looked more in control in the last 20 minutes or so. This has turned into a fairly well-matched game.


OK, that's it for SImon, she can't go on and is replaced by Maier for Germany.


Fischer plays forward again and Dourson isn't quite there. The keeper clears it and it's a corner for Sweden. Germany clears.


Simon is back on the pitch, hopefully it was nothing too serious.


Simon is on the floor now. Not sure what this is - nothing obvious has happened during this match, so perhaps a pre-existing injury?


Sweden get on the ball again and make the same pass from behind towars the German half. Germany are on to them now, and shut it down promptly.


We're back underway and Sweden make a great run. Blackstenius fires at the goal and Schult is forced to save.


We have a cooling break now - not sure if anyone's mentioned, it's rather hot in France at the moment...


Sweden are on the counter-attack and Popp does a wonderful job to force Blacktenius out of the 18-yar box. It buys Germany enough time to flood the final third and defuse the threat.


Germany look ready to capitalise on any opportunity handed to them, Sweden need to keep the ball forward as much as possible, passing back to the keeper uneccesarily is putting them at massive risk.


Both sides are displaying real defensive frailties here. Sweden make a meal of trying to clear the ball as the German side makes another attack.


Some very stylish passing by the Swedes on the edge of the right wing, but they lose possession.


We're 1-1 and Sweden have a little more momentum. They look to capitalise on that and Balckstenius passes ahead to the box - to absolutely no one, it seems. Terrible ball.


GOAL! Jakobsson receives the ball on the vey edge of the final third with plenty of space around her. She takes her shot and finds the net. An avoidable goal as Germany concede their first of the tournament.


The German defence looks slightly less well organised than the attack, so Sweden do have some weakness to exploit here.


Sweden don't want to let this spread as they put pressure on the Germans from the left wing. Rolfo tries to find the net, but to no avail.


GOAL! A wonderful shot by Magull from a cross by Dabritz, as she finds herself well placed in front of the goal.


A foul by Rubensson on Popp benefits Germany wih a free-kick.


Jakobsson makes a great run down the centre of the pitch. It looks like it's going to be offside, but it's extremely well timed, the flag stays down, but the keeper scoops it up. This is more like it from the Swedes.


Sweden get a chance but they hesitate in the box to their detriment. The ball is swept back up the pitch and Magull fancies her chances but she's offside.


Germany are very much in control in the opening 10 minutes of this match.


Lindahl finds herself in trouble as she leaves the box to tackle the German attack. She's left herself wide open and is forced to clear the ball off the pitch to get back to the goal.


Magull fires over the wall, an easy save for the keeper.


A free-kick on the edge of the area for Germany after Fisher makes an ill-judged block using her body.


Glas clears the ball as Germany make a strong run at the ball. Wonderfully timed by the German side. Good defending by the Swede.


A spirited start by both sides today, and Sweden win a free kick in the midfield.


Bit of a tussle between Rolfo and Gwinn on the far side of the pitch.


Right, we're underway...


We're close to kick off now, the teams are on the pitch and the national anthems have been sung...


Germany have won all the matches they have played thus far in the tournament.


Sweden have lost just one game in this tournament – against USA in their group stage. They beat higher ranked side Canada in the round of 16 to find their way here today.


Sweden look to right the wrongs of 24 years – the amount of time since they last beat Germany in a major tournament.


Obviously, there's a lot ridnig on tonight's game - there's a World Cup semi-final, in case you didn't get the memo. But there's more to this match


For Germany Schweers is replaced by Simon who subbed in for her at half-time in their last match against Nigeria, while Leupolz is replaced by Dallman. They both drop back to the bench.


Sweden's starting XI remains unchnaged from their last outing against Canada, which they won 1-0.



Germany: Schult, Gwinn, Hegering, Doorsoun, Simon, Huth, Dallman, Dabritz, Schuller, Popp, Magull. Subs: Hendrich, Maier, Oberdorf, Goessling, Marozsan, Benkarth, Elsig, Schweers, Leupolz, Buhl, Frohms, Knaak // Sweden: Lindahl, Glas, Fischer, Sembrant, Eriksson, Rubensson, Seger, Jakobsson, Asllani, Rolfo, Blackstenius. Subs: Andersspn, Janogy, Hurtig, Falk, Ilestedt, Roddar, Bjorn, Zigiotti Olme, Anvegard, Larsson, Musovic, Schough.


Good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE coverage of today's FIFA Women's World Cup quarter-final between Germany and Sweden.