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World Cup • Group E
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  • SeferovicEmbolo
  • JesusFirmino
  • BehramiZakaria
  • Behrami
  • PaulinhoAugusto
  • Schär
  • CasemiroFernandinho
  • Zuber
  • Casemiro
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Brazil - Switzerland
World Cup - 17 June 2018

World Cup – Follow the Football match between Brazil and Switzerland live with Eurosport. The match starts at 20:00 on 17 June 2018. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Tite or Vladimir Petkovic? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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FULL-TIME. A draw is probably a fair result, all told - Coutinho's goal was special, but Brazil weren't dominant, and Switzerland had plenty of possession and chances, with goalkeeper Sommer mopping up the defensive errors that occurred far too much. This fascinating World Cup continues to enthral. Thanks for your company this evening.


Willian takes it, the referee blows his whistle for a foul, and Switzerland have a free kick.


Neymar dinks it in, it falls to Renato Augusto and Schaer nudges that out. One last corner.


Zakaria shoves over Neymar as the clock ticks down. Free kick, about 40 yards out.


Miranda smacks his volley into the ground from the edge of the area, and it bounces through all the bodies and wide of the post.


Five minutes added on.


CLOSE! Sommer makes another great save, batting away the header from Firmino, who's given all the space he could possibly require.


Another optimistic shot from Shaqiri, from range and much too high, into the stands.


CLOSE! Snap chance from close range falls to the forehead of Neymar, under some pressure, and into the arms of Sommer.

  • Michael Lang
    OffStephan LichtsteinerSwitzerlandLichtsteiner heads off, replaced by Lang.
    TodayYellow Cards1Fouls1Free Kicks1
  • Michael Lang
    OnMichael LangSwitzerland

Lichtsteiner heads off, replaced by Lang.


Interesting to see this end-to-end contest continuing right to the end rather than petering out into a score draw.


Diversion for Alisson as he has to stamp on an inflatable beach ball that's made its way on to the pitch.


Firmino looks to make an instant impact but skies his shot over the bar, then falls to his knees and skids along the pitch in despair.


Break in play as Lichtsteiner hits the ground after a blow to the face.

  • Breel Embolo
    OffHaris SeferovicSwitzerlandEmbolo is the next man to join the fray.
    TodayFouls2Fouls against1
  • Breel Embolo
    OnBreel EmboloSwitzerland

Embolo is the next man to join the fray.

  • Roberto Firmino
    OffGabriel JesusBrazilFirmino replaces Gabriel Jesus.
  • Roberto Firmino
    OnRoberto FirminoBrazil

Firmino replaces Gabriel Jesus.


Neymar has a shot himself, curling in from the right but Sommer sees that coming and holds it comfortably.


NOT CLOSE! Fernandinho has a dig from distance, with all the time and space he could want, and his shot is rushed and always rising.


Neymar is shouting for a free kick now and Switzerland are basically laughing at him.


NO PENALTY! Akanji and Gabriel Jesus tangle in the box, and Brazil scream for a spot kick. Is this going to get VARed?


Dzemaili has a tame shot held easily by Alisson.


Handball against Willian, who swings his arms in exasperation.


Seferovic is on the floor, clutching his foot and beating the ground. He got Fernandinho's studs through the top of his boot.

  • Denis Zakaria
    OffValon BehramiSwitzerlandBehrami leaves the field, to be replaced by Zakaria.
    TodayYellow Cards1Fouls4
  • Denis Zakaria
    OnDenis ZakariaSwitzerland

Behrami leaves the field, to be replaced by Zakaria.


CLOSE! Coutinho slices his shot wide of the far post, having taken a great touch and created marvellous space for himself.


Free kick to Brazil in the middle of the park and again they endeavour to keep possession rather than pushing forward.

  • Renato Augusto
    OffPaulinhoBrazilRenato Augusto is the next change, replacing Paulinho.
    TodayFouls against2Wide1Free Kicks1
  • Renato Augusto
    OnRenato AugustoBrazil

Renato Augusto is the next change, replacing Paulinho.


Poor free kick from Neymar, who doesn't get the contact he needs.

  • Fabian Schär
    Yellow cardFabian SchärSwitzerlandSchaer decides to hold Neymar back in an effort to prevent him from getting into the box and just manages to pick himself up a booking.
    TodayYellow Cards1Fouls1Free Kicks3

Schaer decides to hold Neymar back in an effort to prevent him from getting into the box and just manages to pick himself up a booking.


Brazil are making an effort to regroup while Switzerland look confident.

  • Fernandinho
    OffCasemiroBrazilFernandinho replaces Casemiro.
    TodayYellow Cards1Fouls2Wide1Free Kicks2
  • Fernandinho

Fernandinho replaces Casemiro.


Coutinho attempts another dig from long range, and it eventually falls to Neymar, who hits the side netting and then starts limping.

  • Steven Zuber
    GoalSteven ZuberSwitzerlandGOAL! Shaqiri swings it in and Zuber meets it with a powerful smack of a header. There are five defenders around him failing to challenge as he leaps to meet it.
    TodayGoals1On target1Blocked Shots1

GOAL! Shaqiri swings it in and Zuber meets it with a powerful smack of a header. There are five defenders around him failing to challenge as he leaps to meet it.


Up the other end and Shaqiri wins a corner.


Neymar is surging through the centre, and Paulinho is lurking, waiting for the ball through that doesn't come. Rodriguez deals with it.


We're up and running in the second half.

  • End of 1st Half

HALF-TIME. That marvellous Coutinho goal gives Brazil the edge at half-time.


Wait - time just for a hopeful Switzerland free kick, but Alisson can get that with ease.


Thiago Silva races towards it but he can't direct it and flicks his header over the crossbar.


And Brazil are finishing strongly, with one more corner before the whistle blows.


Two minutes to be added on here in this intriguingly-balanced first half.


Early ball through the Switzerland defence towards Gabriel Jesus but he finds himself forced wide and struggling to keep control.


Zuber is mopping up the ball in midfield, nicking the ball off the toes of Neymar who crashes to the ground as Switzerland continue their attack.


OOF! Zuber lets fly with a shot from the edge of the box and it's right into Thiago Silva's face.


Seferovic gets his feet in a knot before he can thread the ball through to Shaqiri, but Switzerland are looking more of a threat as we approach half-time.


Gabriel Jesus looks surprised to see an offside flag despite the fact he's half a yard in front of everyone else.

  • Stephan Lichtsteiner
    Yellow cardStephan LichtsteinerSwitzerlandYellow card for Lichtsteiner for grabbing Neymar's neck, presented with a flourish by the referee.
    TodayYellow Cards1Fouls1

Yellow card for Lichtsteiner for grabbing Neymar's neck, presented with a flourish by the referee.


Paulinho picks up the ball on the edge of the box, gets himself in a tangle with Behrami and it's a free kick.


Rodriguez continues to work hard, swinging in a cross to the far side with Lichtsteiner making a late run.


Rodriguez swings it in to the centre, it's cleared, and then the referee blows his whistle as Schaer seems to have taken a blow to the head.


Heads down for Switzerland - they have a corner and need to make set pieces count.


Switzerland are now apparently trapped in the centre third of the pitch and unable to think of anything else to do.


Alisson falls to his knees with joy at the other end of the pitch.

  • Philippe Coutinho
    GoalPhilippe CoutinhoBrazilGOAL! And that's Philippe Coutinho, doing Philippe Coutinho things. Edge of the box, beautiful first touch, and an accurate curling biff of a second.
    TodayGoals1On target1

GOAL! And that's Philippe Coutinho, doing Philippe Coutinho things. Edge of the box, beautiful first touch, and an accurate curling biff of a second.


Gabriel Jesus picks up a lovely ball and tries an angled cross from the left, but Sommer is again quick off his line to smother it.


Neymar takes the free kick but it's not good and it's straight into the wall.


Neymar is upended centrally by Behrami, who might as well be holding up a sign reading, "Book me please".


Gabriel Jesus lifts in a ball from the left towards Willian at the far post again, but he misjudges the distance and it's out for a goal kick.


CLOSE! That falls to Paulinho at the far post, who's in acres of space, but Sommer gets his fingertips to it to nudge it away from the goal.


Willian is fizzing in a few of those nice square crosses at the moment.


Switzerland are stroking the ball around from the back now as Brazil stand off them.


Rodriguez gallops down the left, linking up well with Zuber, but again Thiago Silva steps in. Very end to end so far.


Zuber is hard pushed to get anywhere near a direct ball up the field, and Thiago Silva deals with it comfortably.


Willian skims a ball across the face of goal, with everyone else in the box standing too far backwards to even attempt a touch.


Brazil opt for a long ball forward but nobody seems to know what to do with it, and Switzerland deal with it easily. That's probably why they're opting for short passes.


Neymar wins a free kick in his own half, and it's taken short as Brazil continue to work the ball around at their own pace.


Dzemaili has the first chance of the evening, shinning his shot over the bar as he leans too far backwards.


Alisson spreads it to the left flank and Brazil knit together a web of passes, not pushing too high up the field.



Brazil get us under way this evening after the obligatory countdown.


And time for the national anthems.


The teams are lining up in the tunnel and the music of foreboding cranks up in the stadium.



BRAZIL - Alisson, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Casemiro, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, Coutinho, Marcelo, Danilo, Paulinho, Willian. Subs: Pedro Geromel, Filipe Luis, Douglas Costa, Renato Augusto, Marquinhos, Cassio, Fernandinho, Firmino, Taison, Fagner, Ederson, Fred.

SWITZERLAND - Sommer, Lichtsteiner, Akanji, Seferovic, Xhaka, Behrami, Rodriguez, Zuber, Dzemaili, Schaer, Shaqiri. Subs: Moubandje, Elvedi, Lang, Embolo, Freuler, Mvogo, Fernandes, Zakaria, Gavranovic, Drmic, Djourou, Buerki.


As we wait for kick-off, there's plenty of time to brush up on your knowledge of these two teams.


Brazil have won 16 of their 20 opening matches at the World Cup - and lost just two, 2-1 to Yugoslavia at Uruguay 1930 and 3-1 to Spain at Italy 1934.


Switzerland, meanwhile, have lost just once since the start of 2016 - and only got knocked out of Euro 2016 on penalties.


After their disappointing showing at home in 2014, coach Tite has revamped the Brazil squad; they have only six players with World Cup experience with them in Russia.


Brazil are the tournament favourites; Switzerland are the only team ever to have beaten the eventual tournament winners in their opening game - which they did in 2010 when they defeated Spain.


This is the second match in Group E, and comes to us from the Rostov Arena.


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of Brazil v Switzerland.