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Colombia - Japan

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Anyway, there we go - stick with us for Senegal-Poland, and every other game! Have a good day.


Well who expected that? "That" being a great win for Japan, their first ever in the World Cup on European soil, and this group is right up in the air now.


Full-time: Colombia 1-2 Japan


Colombia bump the ball around the Japan box, but it won't come down for them and there we go!


Bacca muscles down the left and lumps a cross that flies behind.


Japan have been excellent this half, completely dominating the game. In fairness, they ought really to have finished it before Colombia scored, but rode the disappointment, sorted themselves out, and put it on them thereafter.


There'll be five added minutes.


Colombia put the ball into the box and Falcao nods over to James. He doesn't want to go for goal because there's little chance of scoring, but heading back across, he catches Falcao offside instead.


In any case, this group is now wide open. Senegal and Poland will both fancy their chances of qualifying too - both are properly dangerous in attack.


I wonder, what more could Colombia have done here? With ten men, I'm just not sure that you can have Falcao and James, especially when the other team is absolutely dominating possession.


Rodriguez lunges in on Haraguchi and is booked. I'd forgotten he was even playing.


Okazaki, who's meant to be injured, replaces Osako.


Japan are passing it as slowly as possible, keeping the ball away from Colombia as they did in the first half. But now it's the sensible way to go.


This game is dying a death.


Off goes Shibasaki, on comes Yamaguchi.


WHAT A block! Lerma is persistent, chasing Nagatomo who's looking to clear close to touchline, robbing him, and backheeling a pass which puts James in! He swings a huge foot at it, but Osako dives in to deflect the ball over the top.


The corner was very well taken, fast and flat, and Japan forced the opportunity with their relentless pressure. I'm not quite sure what's happened to Colombia in the second half, though, as though they're a man down, that shouldn't render them incapable totally incapable of competing.


GOAL! Colombia 1-2 Japan (Osako) Honda clips in the corner and close to the front post, Osako is up first to flick home a header into the far top corner. Ospina, obviously, is nowhere.


Ach! Honda puts the ball into the box, where Osako is backing into Murillo. He tees up Sakai, who drives low ... it looks for all the world as though it's going in ... but Arias gets a toes in and the ball goes behind for a corner.


And there's Honda, coming inside from the right and dragging a low shot towards the near post. Ospina saves easily.


Colombia also make a change, Bacca replacing Izquierdo. I'm not certain he even touched the ball once.


Change for Japan: Kagawa goes off, and Japan's second-greatest Honda comes on.


Inui is going for it, and again he sashays into the box, forcing Ospina to dive at his feet while Murillo tidies up.


To whet the appetite for later:


Inui skates in from inside-left and again dips inside onto his right foot, curling a shot that Sanchez does well to head clear. Colombia just can't get anything going now.


Inui ploughs at the heart of the Colombia defence and barrios has a couple of nibbles, looking for the ball - and eventually he finds it. Good but risky defending.


Barrios barges through the back of Kagawa and is booked. It looked worth it.


I like this. It suggests that teams are practising.


If James can help Colombia get on the ball that'll be useful, because at the moment, we're just waiting for Japan to score. And they nearly do! Hasebe flights a ball from centre to right over the Colombia defence, and Sakai lashes a cross-shot just wide of the far post.


Sakai whips in the free-kick and Yoshida is up first, but can't direct his header and the ball flies high and wide.


Japan win a free-kick down the right but before they can take it, James replaces Quintero. Oooh yeah!


Arias crunches in on Inui and bousts forward with the ball. Inui thinks about fouling him but somehow manages to refrain, gets nowhere, and Japan attack again. They're finding space now, and Kagawa slides left to Inui, who comes inside, opens his body and curls towards the far corner. But he can't impart the necessary venom, and Ospina shoves away. Still, though, Japan are coming and Colombia are tottering


Nice from Colombia, Kagawa feeding a pass down the side of Sanchez and Osako. With Sanchez dreaming of flowers, and beaches, and flowered beaches and beached flowers, and rubber toilets, Osako steals a march on him and swivels into a shot which Ospina saves well at his near post.


There's not loads going on here, but Colombia are struggling to get hold of the ball.


I say that, but Sanchez is still a proper prospect. He's only 22, and no centre-back in the history of football has been the finished article by that age, while very few have been as good at that age as he is now.


Osako moves out to the left and nips back a cross that Lerma heads behind, noting Sanchez to be out of position. Sanchez, out of position? Never!


Inui finds Nagatomo on the overlap, and he flings in a cross that Murillo does well to head clear. Japan have had all of the ball so far this half.


I wonder if Japan resolved to be more aggressive this half. They moved the ball far too slowly after taking the lead, though on the other hand, had they taken their chances this game would be over.


We go again...


Japan huddle. How, exactly, have they spent half-time?


In the BBC studio, they're tasting borscht. They really are! Next: McEnroe v Borg.


I could literally spend my whole life watching people celebrate goals.


Turns out that Sanchez's red card was not the World Cup's fastest-ever - why, it's almost as though the internet and Fifa are unreliable sources of information, As it happens, I've shaken my head, and remembered that Batista of Uruguay holds the record, after scything down Gordon Strachan in 1986.


That was fun. Japan surprised Colombia on the break, looked to have struck the decisive blows, missed a couple of great chances, and were then stung in terrific style. Props to Colombia, though, who didn't panic and have played pretty well. The second half should be a bazzer.


Half-time: Colombia 1-1 Japan


Colombia should chick everything forward right now, because Japan are contemplating things - life and such. Imagine the delicious humiliation of taking the lead after three minutes and facing ten men from that time, then getting beaten. That is the beauty of football.


Looking at the goal again, Quintero didn't just come up with sound rationale, he also picked a great line - the ball finished just inside the post, curling away from the keeper.


Japan sense that they're proximate to embarrassment and stroke the ball around for a bit, to limited avail.


Japan complain a lot, about what I'm not sure. Quintero has looked Colombia's most likely, and how well did he take that chance. It's going to be fascinating to see how things pan out from here.


GOAL! Colombia 1-1 Japan (Quintero) Clever clever! I love this game! Quintero waits for the wall to jump, drives under it and inside the near post, then Kawashime scoops the ball out and protests but everyone knows it was in and the technology confirms the same. Excellent behaviour.


Falcao asks for a penalty after a coming together with Hasebe, then as play continues, the two find themselves under a high ball. Falcao bums Hasebe out of the way, and somehow wins a free-kick on the edge of the box, right of centre. Quintero fancies it...


Colombia have done ok since conceding but have only created half-chances, whereas Japan have fluffed two huge ones.


Lerma flips a pass over the Japan backline and Falcao leaps at it with extended right foot, Mark Hughes-style. But can't get enough on it, and Kawashime fields easily enough.


And Barrios makes an immediate impact, selling Sanchez short with a pass which allows Osako to rob him, open his body, and looking for another Henry into the far corner, send his shot out for a throw. Nearly, old mate.


Odd. Colombia withdraw Cuardrado, especially odd given the need for running power with ten men, and Barrios replaces him.


If I'm Panamanian, and assuming they lose to England, I'm trying to beat that record in the final game.


Apparently, Snchez's red card was the fastest in World Cup history. If Colombia qualify from the group, I'm pretty sure he'd take it. Imagine the naches of being the answer to a trivia question!


A quiet passage.


Nice from Colombia, Mojica swerving in a lovely cross, attacked by Cuadrado ... only Nagatomo goes with him and pokes the ball behind for a corner. That comes to nothing.


The corner goes short and then into the box, where Yoshida and Murillo both miss it, allowing Colombia a goalkick.


Lovely ball down the right from Kagawa sends Haraguchi running at Mojica, who does well to insert himself between man and ball, conceding a corner.


Bit of ball for Japan, who are in no hurry unless they're on the break. They play a few exceedingly short passes, then spread it wide, and Colombia sit in.


This is a decent game so far. Colombia are dictating, but Japan aren't hanging about on the counter and, I'd say, look the more likely to get the next goal.


A lovely ball from Quintero, who's having a decent day so far, sets Cuadrado at Nagatomo. But despite a succession of stepovers and sways, the defender stands his ground, and does well to win a goalkick.


Is Carlos Sanchez the Colombian version of John Smith?


Colombia give it away in centrefield and Kagawa nashes forward, skinning Lerma before rolling Inui in the Thierry Henry position. He opens his body and everything, but doesn't get a decent connection, rolling the ball wide.


Haraguchi lands one Izqierdo but escapes without punishment.


Chance Colombia! Quintaro clips a free-kick into the box and Falcao watches it comes over his shoulder then expertly guides it goalwards, extending foot and imparting flick. But he hits it straight at Kawashime, who claims easily enough. Still, though, a sign that Colombia are not out of this.


Colombia are starting to dominate the ball. I wonder if there's now a better chance we'll see James today, or if Pekerman will call a rinse a rinse and hope to win the next two games instead.


Arias nips down the right and looks for Falcao in the middle, but Shoji is there to head away.


Colombia's twitter is strangely impartial.


By the way, that's the first red card of the competition, and this is the ninth game. That's not acceptable really, please can we have more fouling, fighting and dissent please lads.


I've not a clue how Colombia get out of this one. And having had a few minutes to reflect, I still think that the red card was harsh. It wasn't a save - Sanchez leapt to cover as much space as possible, and the ball played him. He didn't move his arm towards it.


GOAL! Colombia 0-1 Japan (Kagawa pen) Kagawa waits for Ospina to dive right, then rolls the ball down the middle. Colombia are in a situation.


PENALTY JAPAN! RED CARD CARLOS SANCHEZ! Japan break and Davinson Sanchez lets the ball bounce, allowing Osaka to hustle him out of it and run in on goal. Ospina gets out well to block, but the rebounds falls directly to the feet of Kagawa, who strokes in the opener ... only for Sanchez to hurl himsself at it and stop with his arm and chest. II'm not sure a red card is needed as well as apenalty, and nor is he - it takes him a long old time to depart.


Colombia are moving the ball fairly slowly, but look as though they've aggressive intent. Their centre-backs split when the keeper picks up the ball, and the full-backs push high up the park.


Away we go!


They get ready, then realise they've taken the wrong sides, so Falcao, who picked the one he wanted, insists they swap.


I should note that there was an earthquake in Osaka yesterday that killed three people.


Quintero looks a lot like Rodriguez. There is the source of the error.


Japan's anthem is a more sedate affair, so is more sedately observed.


Falcao even forces out a tear. Lovely gear, that's why we're out here.


The Colombians - squad and crowd - are absolutely taking their anthem apart. Great stuff.


Here come the players!


I know I wondered how Japan were going to score - that was because they pass nicely but struggle to penetrate - but they've not been tight at the back lately either. The beat Paraguay last week but conceded twice in the process, and also lost 2-0 to Ghana and Switzerland.


Phil Neville reckons Colombia will miss James. Thanks for coming!


Apologies: I was misinformed. Hamez is not playing, and Quintero is.


And this proves it.


Japan, meanwhile, finished top of their group (a point ahead of Saudi Arabia, and we know how good they are).


In fairness, it's also worth noting that Colombia did not qualify with any sort of elan. They finished a point ahead of Peru, who needed a playoff, and a point behind Argentina who were, by common consent, rubbish.


Looking again at that Japan XI, I was perhaps too hasty in dismissing their attacking potential. Inui has just left Eibar for Betis and though he didn't score many, he did notch against Barcelina, "sniping the ball via cross-bar behind Ter Stegen, twice" according to Wikipedia. Shinji Kagawa, meanwhile, has a lovely touch and eye - if it's one of his days - while Osako. though never prolific, has just left Koln for Bremen.


These two actually met in Brazil, and this is what happened.


Japan, then. They've lost four of their last games and it's not entirely easy to see from where their goals might come. Basically, if Colombia play well, they'll win well.


Here's one: Radamel Falcao is 32nand this is his first World Cup game. There may be hope for you yet.


Worry not: J. Quintero is, in fact, the artist formerly known as Hamez Rodriguez.


Shall we have some teams, then?


And it's not even matter of principle either - I'm really looking forward to this one. Colombia were one of the better teams at the last World Cup, ought really to have beaten Brazil - who knew they were overmatched so tried kicking them out of it - and still have plenty of class and flair. Japan, meanwhile, are not so good, so we could well be set for the competition's first aesthetic kicking....


Well hello there! I do believe we are about to enjoy some more football! This is absolutely ridiculous.