The Eurosport World Cup Bracket Game is free to play and accessible via the web and the Eurosport app for Android and iOS. To save your predictions, you'll need to register for a Eurosport account or sign in.


  • First, predict the final standings in each of the 8 groups.
  • Then, predict the winner of each knockout match to complete your bracket.
  • Predict the score of each knockout match to earn bonus points.


In the group stages, you’ll earn three points for every correct prediction of a team’s position in the final standings. If you submit or edit your bracket after the first group stage match has begun, you won't score any points for the group stages. You will still be awarded points for correct predictions in the knockout stages.

In the knockout stages, you’ll earn three points every time you correctly predict that a team will move on to the next round. You’ll earn one bonus point every time that winner moves on to the subsequent round.

If you submit your bracket any time after the first knockout stage match kicks off, you won't be awarded any points.


Group Stages

  • Three points for each correct position prediction
  • Possible points that can be scored per group: 0 / 3 / 6 / 12 points

Knockout Stages

  • Three points for each correct team prediction that progresses to the next round
  • Bonus one point for each prediction that gets into the subsequent next round

Bonus Points

  • Correctly predicting the goal difference - One point
  • Correctly predicting the home goals scored - One point
  • Correctly predicting the away goals scored - One point


The Eurosport Bracket Game is an inclusive space where everyone should feel welcome and safe. We ask that all users think carefully before registering a username or league name. Names that are deemed inappropriate or offensive may result in a user and/or league being deleted.

If you spot a name you find inappropriate or offensive, please let us know by reporting the name and/or the league to the following email: Your information will not be shared with anyone. We will look into the report and take immediate and appropriate action. Thank you for your help.