Breitner slates Blatter

Breitner: Blatter is off his head
By Eurosport

03/10/2006 at 10:56Updated

Former Germany international Paul Breitner has slammed FIFA President Sepp Blatter after the Swiss said he would like to see penalties replaced by a replay for the World Cup final. Breitner labelled the idea "crackpot", saying FIFA would be the only winne

Blatter has hit the headlines with a number of proposals in recent years, including making the World Cup a biennial event, increasing the size of the goals, and introducing skimpy shorts in the women's game.

But Breitner, one of only four players to score in two separate World Cup finals, clearly believes world football's biggest cheese has gone too far this time. "A mere shaking of the head or mild criticism are no longer enough. Stronger words are needed. This President is clearly off his head," he told German daily Bild.

Without his famous afro hairstyle, but no less opinionated, Breitner also branded 70-year-old Blatter "power hungry and extremely vain", adding that he "does not think or act like a professional footballer, because he never was one."