01/12/19 - 14:10
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Yas Marina Circuit • Race


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HAMILTON WINS! That was never in doubt. Further down the pack, Verstappen is second. Leclerc holds onto third. Bottas recovers into fourth for a great drive. Vettel is fith, Albon is sixth. Somehow Norris holds Perez off... NO! Perez takes seventh. Kvyat in ninth and Sainz claims 10th for sixth position in the championship.


If Sainz does not get into 10th then he will lose sixth place for the season.


Three and a bit laps remaining. Bottas does not seem to have the pace to get quite close enough.


Bottas is mounting a charge for third. Four seconds behind Leclerc.


Stroll has retired for the second race in succession.


Norris has been told to stay out and see what he can get out of his tires with Perez attacking from behind. It will be tight.


Kvyat attempts to take Hulkenberg, and battles past the Renault. That's two spots lost in a few minutes for Hulkenberg.


Something happens! Perez activates DRS to take Hulkenberg, and then holds off Hulkenberg when he attempts to mount a challenge of his own.


Hamilton is more than 15 seconds ahead of Verstappen.


Norris is being told to stay out, and that might be a tough request given the state of his tires.


Mercedes have told Hamilton he like to speed up to warm his tires, but he has responded that the grip is currently sufficient - that might be the first time this season that he has expressed contentment with his tires.


In comes Leclerc, and they double stack with Vettel. Bottas is now up into fifth.


Raikkonen is closing in on Magnussen in thirteenth, and he will be waiting for another DRS to attempt a pass.


Bottas is in sixth still, but has put the fastest lap on the board.


Verstappen attacks Leclerc. The Ferrari tries to hold him off but can't, and two turns later Leclerc tries an attack of his own around the outside and couldn't pass him. That's second place for Verstappen.


At 27 laps remaining.


Bottas comes in now as he attempts to get back out ahead of Perez in seventh. That stop - watched by Toto Wolff - was about two seconds. He's out ahead of Perez and continues in sixth, with Albon ahead of him.


Verstappen again complains, and he is starting to drop back again with what might be a turbo-lag problem.


Verstappen tells his team that 'something is not correct' with his car. Hamilton pits, but has a six point lead already.


Kubica and Giovanazzi come together and the pair of them lose a couple of bits off their car. It could be time for a virtual safety car.


Verstappen lets his team know that he wouldn't mind coming in for new tires soon.


Here's where we are (from lap 20)


Bottas is now up to fourth, and Hamilton is 13 seconds ahead of Verstappen, with Leclerc in third. The Monegasque has the fastest lap at the moment.


We have DRS!


Bottas is now up to fifth, but he's trying to hold off some aggressive driving from Vettel behind him, who has fresh tires.


About a quarter of a way through the last race of the season, and there is little of note. There's not much at stake throughout the top 10.


Leclerc is now third, and Verstappen is second behind Hamilton. The champion's lead is now almost 10 seconds in front.


2.6 seconds for Leclerc, then 6.9 seconds for Vettel with a really lengthy pitstop. There seemed to be bother with the back of the car.


Hamilton is now six seconds, almost, ahead of Leclerc. Bottas is now up to eighth after taking Perez.


Leclerc tells his team to check his tires after some 'weird vibrations'.


Norris is in the pit for an early stop. He's down to 15th, after problem with his right rear tire.


Verstappen is having problems with his engine, and he is forced to use mode six rather than mode seven on his car, following instructions from his car.


Verstsappen appears to complain over a technical fault that his team are now looking into. Bottas slips past Giovinazzi on the inside.


There is a technical problem with DRS, so it is not yet enabled. Leclerc is two seconds behind Hamilton, with Gasly about to be lapped.


Leclerc will be investigated at the end of the race over a difference in fuel levels between qualifying and the start of the race.


Vettel is fourth, Albon fifth. Norris is sixth and then it's Sainz, Ricciardo, Magnussen and Hulkenberg. Gasly is in the pit to get a new nose put on. He was tapped by Stroll and clipped Perez on the same turn early on at the start.

Lap 1/55

Hamilto keeps the lead, Verstappen is into second. There's a yellow flag now, but Verstsappen cedes ground to Leclerc.


Five minutes to go until what I like to call 'kick off'.


As far as I can tell, if Charles Leclerc wins and gets the fastest lap bonus, and Max Verstsappen gets nothing, there is a chance he could take or share third. It's on the line today.


This could be Robert Kubica's final F1 race.


So, what's the point of this? Well, you could say the same about life. And I'll tell you the same answer for the both of them: the sheer thrill of being able to take part! Lewis Hamilton may be the champion already but there's plenty left to be decided.


Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.