Verstappen wins the Austrian GP! The Red Bull driver wins at the Red Bull Ring for the second straight weekend! It's his third straight race victory and his fourth of the second! He has opened up a 32-point lead at the top of the standings!
Meanwhile, Bottas crosses the line in second, Norris in third and Hamilton in fourth!
Austrian Grand Prix
Race Review – Time for some Lando lovin’
05/07/2021 AT 07:06

71/71 - Last lap!

Verstappen is just one lap away from a third straight GP victory. As things stand, Bottas will finish in second place and Norris will take third. Meanwhile, Sainz is up into sixth place past Ricciardo!

68/71 - Alonso is through!

Alonso is up into P10! That's a real shame for Russell. He gave it everything he had, but there was very little he could do to stop the Alpine with DRS from passing him. What a scrap that was between the two drivers!

67/71 - Ferrari invert their drivers

Sainz is past Leclerc after team instructions and now it will be the Spniard's chance to have a go at Ricciardo who is currently holding on for P6!

66/71 - Russell fending off Alonso!

This is a real battle between the veteran Alonso and the youngster Russell who is getting closer and closer to his first ever point as a Williams driver!

65/71 - Bit of concern for Max!

Red Bull have been on the team radio to warn Verstappen that he has a cut on the rear right tyre. This after they warned the race leader to take it easy on the tyres. Just something to keep an eye on in these final few laps.

63/71 - Nobody jinx it!

Dare I say it, but Russell is just a few laps away from claiming his first points as a Williams driver. However, he's under pressure from Alonso who is on a fresh set of tyres.

62/71 - Leclerc on the brakes late!

Leclerc might just need to calm down a bit here. Once again, he is very late on the brakes into Turn 4 and very nearly goes into the back of Ricciardo. He is still fuming after the incidents involving Perez.

61/71 - 10 laps to go...

1) Verstappen 2) Bottas 3) Norris 4) Hamilton 5) Perez 6) Ricciardo 7) Leclerc 8) Sainz 9) Gasly 10) Russell

59/71 - New fastest lap

Verstappen has just set a new fastest lap. To be honest, he has been completely out of sight since the opening lap when he made a solid start off the line. The Dutchman seems to be unbeatable at the moment. Nobody can get close to him.

56/71 - Lando is chasing!

"Let's go get Bottas," is the message across the McLaren team radio to Norris...

54/71 - NORRIS INTO P3!

Norris overtakes Hamilton! The defending world champion just couldn't get the elbows out far enough to keep the McLaren behind him and Norris is through into P3!

53/71 - Mercedes invert their drivers!

Bottas is through! Mercedes gave the message to their drivers that they are going to switch them and Bottas takes second place over Hamilton who is losing a lot of pace at the moment.

52/71 - ANOTHER penalty!

Five-second time penalty for Perez! The Red Bull driver has been handed his second five-second time penalty of the race for forcing Leclerc off the track at Turn 6.

51/71 - Mercedes reverse their stance!

Bottas has now been told that he is free to race Hamilton. Mercedes have clearly taken a look at the pace of Norris behind them and don't want to risk losing any places to the McLaren.

50/71 - Hamilton concerned

"I don't think I'll make these tyres last man," says Hamilton, who has just set his fastest lap of the race. Bluffing from the world champion?

49/71 - Bottas told NOT to overtake Hamilton!

"Lewis has damage. Do not race him for now. We will review," is the message to Bottas over the team radio. Norris told "that leaves the door open for us." Indeed it does! Very interesting...

48/71 - Once again...

47/71 - Leclerc into the gravel again!

Leclerc into the gravel again! Perez keeps track position, but it could well be the case that the Red Bull is handed ANOTHER time penalty for that. As I said earlier, the stewards have set a precedent here.

43/71 - Perez time penalty!

Five-second time penalty for Perez! Indeed, the stewards have set a precedent for themselves and Perez is now handed a five-second time penalty, ironically. Just so incredibly harsh. The FIA clearly don't have drivers racing today.

42/71 - Under investigation

There we go...

41/71 - Perez holds off Leclerc!

They touch wheels! Leclerc attempts to go the long way round at Turn 4, he touches wheels with Perez and the Red Bull keeps his place. The stewards have set a precedent here. It was almost EXACTLY the same sort of incident as the one that saw Norris handed a time penalty.

40/71 - Russell chasing points!

Russell gets past Stroll and is now up to P12. He is chasing points for the first time as a Williams driver. He had an excellent qualifying session yesterday, but can he finish in the top 10 here?

39/71 - Ricciardo racing!

"Do your thing," is the message to Ricciardo on the McLaren team radio as the Australian closes up the gap on Gasly ahead of him in P6.

35/71 - The undercut works!

The strategy from Red Bull has worked as the pit stop by Leclerc is slightly slow and that allows Perez to take ninth place having stopped early.

33/71 - Verstappen pits!

Remember Verstappen? We haven't mentioned him since the opening lap of the race. Well, he's into the pits and back out as the race leader. Barring any mechanical issues, it seems like Verstappen has this one in the bag already.

31/71 - Norris serves his time penalty!

Norris is into the pits and he's served his five-second time penalty. That has allowed Bottas to pass the McLaren who rejoins the race in fourth place. Still think that penalty was incredibly harsh.

30/71 - Ricciardo pits!

McLaren pit Ricciardo and the Australian rejoins the race in 12th. He is going for the undercut, so Ricciardo really needs to get a move on to make the strategy work.

26/71 - 'For what?'

This exchange sums up how a lot of people feel about that time penalty...

25/71 - Harsh on Lando?

The reaction to that decision by the stewards to hand Norris a five-second time penalty for the incident with Perez hasn't gone done well with fans. At times it seems like the FIA want to stop all racing.

22/71 - Tsunoda time penalty!

Five-second time penalty! Tsunoda is the next driver to be penalised by the race stewards. He crossed the white line on pit entry.

21/71 - Praise for Lando

"Such a great driver, Lando," says Hamilton on the Mercedes team radio after passing Norris. Meanwhile, Norris is commenting on how Hamilton's brakes are apparently "on fire."

20/71 - Hamilton into P2!

Hamilton gets past Norris! The defending world champion finally gets past Norris and is up into second place. It's a bad lap for Norris who has also been handed a FIVE-SECOND TIME PENALTY for the incident involving Perez.

19/71 - Hamilton closing up

This is the closest Hamilton has got to the back of Norris all race. What is the strategy from Mercedes? Are they going to let Hamilton attack Norris? Or will they go longer?

17/71 - Ricciardo gets through!

Ricciardo up into fifth! Vettel was always going to find it difficult to keep the McLaren behind him on the soft compound tyres and so it proves as Ricciardo passes him into P5.

14/71 - Brilliant from Leclerc!

What an overtake by Leclerc! Both he and Perez had DRS down into Turn 4, but Leclerc had the awareness to pull out and let Perez go long before ducking inside and taking the place on the inside. Lovely!

13/71 - Norris under investigation!

Despite Christian Horner admitting that the clash between Norris and Perez was a racing incident, the race stewards are going to take a look at the incident at Turn 4.

12/71 - More messages to Lando!

The McLaren race engineers have noted that the rear left tyre on Norris' car is becoming a bit of a problem. Norris says Hamilton is quicker than him, so what is the race strategy? Should he continue to stick with Verstappen? How much fight should he put up to stop Hamilton from getting past?

9/71 - Message to Lando

"Yeah, OK. I don't care," Norris responds to being told that Gasly isn't quite matching his pace in fifth place. He isn't caring about that! Norris has his sights set on a better finish than fifth place.

8/71 - As it stands...

1) Verstappen 2) Norris 3) Hamilton 4) Bottas 5) Gasly 6) Tsunoda 7) Stroll 8) Vettel 9) Ricciardo 10) Perez

7/71 - Penalty for Giovinazzi!

Five-second time penalty! Giovinazzi has been penalised by the race stewards for overtaking before the Safety Car line when pitting earlier. That will cost the Alfa Romeo.

4/71 - Perez unhappy

"He pushed me off," says Perez on the Red Bull team radio. Looking at the replays, it didn't seem that Norris did push him off. It was just that Perez went too hard and the McLaren had the straightline speed!

3/71 - Safety Car comes in!

We're racing once more! Perez has a real look at Norris, but the Mexican goes too hard and ends up in the gravel! Norris wasn't about to give up that place! Excellent defence!

2/71 - Ocon is out!

I spoke too soon. Ocon got squeezed out by Schumacher on the left and Giovinazzi on the right heading through Turn 3 and there was contact. That's the Alpine driver's race over.

1/71 - LIGHTS OUT!

Verstappen gets away! It's a clean start to the race as all 20 drivers get through the opening lap without incident.

14:00 - Formation lap!

The 20 drivers have embarked on their formation lap at the Red Bull Ring. There's a 60% chance of rain, apparently. That could make things interesting!

13:55 - Big day for Lando!

McLaren are on the front row for a grand prix for the first time in NINE years! Norris was incredible in qualifying yesterday, but can he convert that into a podium finish?

13:50 - Welcome to the Austrian GP!

Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring! Max Verstappen is on pole with McLaren's Lando Norris alongside him on the front row!
It's just started to warm up at the track which could be a factor in how this race pans out. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is in P4 behind Sergio Perez. Red Bull having it all their own way at the moment!
1) Verstappen 2) Norris 3) Perez 4) Hamilton 5) Bottas 6) Gasly 7) Tsunoda 8) Russell 9) Stroll 10) Sainz 11) Vettel 12) Leclerc 13) Ricciardo 14) Alonso 15) Giovinazzi 16) Raikkonen 17) Ocon 18) Latifi 19) Schumacher 20) Mazepin
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