31/08/12 - 2:00 PM
Belgian Grand Prix
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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We will be back at this link at 10am UK time tomorrow (Saturday) for final practice with qualifying at 1pm.


Several drivers practising their starts. Our data is now showing drivers' lap-times, but they don't mean anything: the morning times were in the low two minutes.


The chequered flag. Not a single timed lap has been set in this 90-minute session.


Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso going for an afternoon drive. A bit of experience of the soaked tarmac in case we have a wet session tomorrow, I suppose.


Timo Glock and Pastor Maldonado are now out. The rain has intensified.


Bruno Senna decides the time is right to take the Williams out.


Massa alone out there now after Button came back in sharpish. "Massive aquaplaning on the straights," is the Brazilian's verdict.


Hamilton is back in for a while while Button comes in for a box and getaway test in the gloom. This is riveting stuff...


Button about to come out. Hamilton forced to take that escape road at Les Combes which proved so useful this morning.


And Vettel is also out on track. Perhaps they're just bored...


He stays out while Hulkenberg has also ventured out. I don't see the point in risking the cars in this way.


Hamilton out and about in the McLaren.


Kovalainen says there is too much standing water out there. Schumacher back out there and alone.


A huge amount of spray being thrown up; Schumi and Kova come back in. No one contemplating a competitive lap.


Schumacher also out there. Kovalainen with a low-speed spin at Les Combes.


Heikki Kovalainen now has a trundle in the Caterham - the information relayed by his engineer is at the other end of the scale of complexity. They are still using KERS in this weather, although DRS is disabled for everyone.


And back in comes the German, safe and sound.


Tony Ross, his engineer, on the radio: "The track is clear, we're just looking out for puddles." Nico may have forgotten that - good job he mentioned it.


We have action! Nico Rosberg guides his Mercedes out on to the Spa circuit - very carefully indeed.


The heavy rain now looks like continuing until the end of the session, which would make it a complete washout. /// Paul: "lets hope schumi has a great 300th gp"


Vettel is nowhere near his car, heading down the pitlane in a hoodie to share a few words with some circuit workers.


Sebastian Vettel says the experience of coming from behind to win his maiden title in 2010 gives him hope for this season.


More from Horner, speaking to Sky: "Forty points sounds a lot, but with the scoring system we've got with 25 points for a win it can be quickly eroded."


Red Bull principal Christian Horner: "We can be hopeful of being stronger here [than at Hungary]. We were strong here last year, which was unexpected, but it's so close this year with so many variables that it's impossible to predict."


I dread the day that a World Championship is decided by a driver moving aside to let his team-mate through. /// Red Ears: "Not much being accomplished today unless the cars need­ washed. It's great to be back at Spa!"


An intersting twist in the team orders debate: Lewis Hamilton does not want Jenson Button to play a supporting role to him this season.


Heikki Kovalainen standing by in his Caterham. He'd be a brave man to go out in that.


The prediction is for 45 minutes of hard rain and softer rain after that. No chance of a dry track.


The track is soaked as the rain has become even heavier in the break. No one heading out at the start of this session.


It is raining again at Spa as championship hopefuls McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari are once more frustrated after the mid-season break.