The front four of assorted Mercedes and Ferraris all made strong starts - but pole sitter Hamilton stayed in front under pressure. That's what he managed for the rest of the afternoon, avoiding debris and overexuberance further down the pack, negotiating a safety-car spell, and crossing the line to pick up another win - marking his 200th Grand Prix in style.
Vettel came in second, not for the lack of trying as he endeavoured to dive past the Silver Arrow in front of him in the dying stages of the race, clocking some great times and proving himself the fastest man on track - to no avail.
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And Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo drove wonderfully to put some space between himself and the chasing Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas, and eventually claim third position.

Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP celebrates his win

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Five stars out of five. Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher's record of 68 career pole positions, and led pretty much from start to finish today. He stayed alert to the threat posed by the lurking Vettel, and saw him off when necessary.


"No more radio, please." Fernando Alonso's patience with McLaren-Honda, his car, and humanity in general has now dissipated for good. Despite an excellent start, his car simply had no power in the straights, and when he was informed that team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne would be pitting shortly, he scorned the decision with a caustic (and expletive-laden): "Why? He's the only car I'll overtake."
A few laps later, the engine seemed to give up all claims on existence entirely, and Alonso retired from the race once again.


Hamilton was smart as anything on his first pit stop, agreeing with his team that "Hammer-time" was imminent, and then returning to the track just behind Raikkonen - and gliding straight past him. Beautiful all round.


Daniel Ricciardo has traditionally been a good bet for a gorgeous overtake, and he managed one after the safety car restart.
He unfurled the Red Bull past Valtteri Bottas's Mercedes, using the tow from the two race leaders to grab himself the final podium position.


The safety car threw up some quick strategy tweaks. It all came about because of the Force Indias, who tried to race each other a bit too closely once again, meaning that Sergio Perez wound up with a puncture, failed to park up immediately, and left bits of car and rubber all over the place.
Both Mercedes switched to softs with their impromptu pit stops, with the Ferraris going to ultras, and then Hamilton complained about the safety car, claiming somewhat erroneously, "There is literally no debris." As his tyres cooled, his temper did not - and he was not made any happier by Vettel's insistence of trying to overtake him out of the hairpin bend when the safety car went in.


Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll, after yesterday's ignominy in qualifiying, managed to record respectable finishes - with the Brazilian in the points. Some dignity reclaimed for the famous old team.


Max Verstappen's Red Bull packed up on the eighth lap, and he ended up parking in front of a stand packed full of his compatriots, who had flocked over the border to cheer on the young Dutchman.
"I can't believe this," he said, angrily, as he climbed out of the cockpit, and recorded yet another DNF.


Limited. On the plus side, Martin Brundle was back on the scene following his absence through illness.
Mark Webber did the podium presentations, on his birthday - but failed to celebrate it in the time-honoured tradition, by sharing a shoey with compatriot Daniel Ricciardo.
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