That is the view of Team Lotus reserve driver Karun Chandhok, who thinks that F1 will stand to benefit from the triumph of the Buddh circuit's addition to the calendar.
"It is going to be massive now," said Chandhok about the impact the F1 race will have had on India. "I think people maybe somehow underestimated the power of the Indian market before this weekend. But things will be different from here on."
Chandhok believed that India had left a positive impression on F1, despite a few teething problems at its first race that should be ironed out by the time the sport returns next year.
Indian Grand Prix
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26/10/2011 AT 14:11
"Before the weekend I think I said they needed to do three things: you have got to have backsides in the grandstand, you have got to have a circuit that the drivers enjoy and you have to have the support of the media. And I think we have had all three.
"The local media has been fantastic, and the international media, apart from a few initial hiccups, has been positive. Everyone has enjoyed it.
"Although facilities like those at Abu Dhabi may be five star, as an event and as a track, this is way better - and it is way better than Korea. Overall, it has been a highly successful event."
Chandhok also said that organisers were open to doing what F1 wants to ensure that issues teams faced last weekend would be sorted for next year.
"I have personally, on behalf of the organisers, spoken to two or three team managers and asked them to send me a list of recommendations and suggestions for next year. I am going to ask people in the media what should be better for next year.
"The organisers want constructive criticism, so as long as it is not public, that is fine. They want constructive criticism because there are things we can improve."
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