Final places

1) Hamilton 2) Bottas 3) Verstappen 4) Leclerc 5) Gasly 6) Sainz 7) Perez 8) Ocon 9) Ricciardo 10) Vettel 11) Raikkonen 12) Albon 13) Norris 14) Russell 15) Giovinazzi 16) Magnussen 17) Grosjean 18) Latifi 19) Kvyat DNF - Stroll

Hamilton makes more history!

Portuguese Grand Prix
Hamilton surpasses Schumacher with record 92nd win
25/10/2020 AT 14:46
Hamilton wins the Portuguese Grand Prix! The world champion takes the chequered flag with a huge 25-second advantage over Bottas in second place and Hamilton now has the most race victories (92) of any F1 driver in history! What a stunning performance from the six-time world champion!

66/66 - Last lap!

This is an historic last lap for Hamilton. He qualified on pole and is on course to bring it home for his 92nd race victory as an F1 driver.

65/66 - Around the outside!

Gasly takes fifth! The AlphaTauri sweeps around the outside of Perez and takes fifth place! That had been coming these past few laps, with Sainz also passing Perez.

64/66 - Gasly going for it!

Perez defending well! Gasly looked to have the DRS advantage on Perez, but the Mexican got his elbows out and defended the position. Gasly has the straightline pace on the Racing Point. Can he take P5?

63/66 - Verstappen wants the bonus

"What's the fastest lap?" Verstappen asks his race engineer on the Red Bull radio. Hamilton currently holds it, but the Dutchman has his sights set on the bonus point in the final three laps of this race. All about maximising the return.

62/66 - RAIN!

Here we go! There is some light rain in the pit lane and that could shake up the final few laps of this race. Light rain was enough to make the first few laps utterly chaotic. Are we on course for a further shower?

61/66 - Five to go!

Leclerc looks like he is trying to warm his tyres, which is interesting. He has done a good job of taking this mess of a Ferrari to a good finish, but there is still some work to be done for Leclerc to claim fourth place. He has Perez and Gasly in fifth and sixth behind him.

59/66 - Cramp!

Hamilton is complaining that he has cramp... "I've got a cramp." That probably isn't enough to stop him from winning this race, but can't imagine having cramp in the cockpit of an F1 car is particularly comfortable.

57/66 - Fastest lap

Hamilton in complete control! The race leader has just set a new fastest lap and he now has a 16-second lead over his teammate, Bottas, in second place. Barring any dramatic change of conditions or a mechanical issue, Hamilton has this race victory wrapped up. He is untouchable when he's like this.

56/66 - Conditions!

Russell has been on the Williams team radio to complain about the wind, and it does look very difficult out there for the drivers. The trees are swaying quite drastically. This has been a really challenging afternoon in terms of the conditions. Windy, rainy, cold...

54/66 - Stroll retires!

Stroll's afternoon is over! It's been a day to forget for Stroll as he is pulled into the garage. That's four race weekends in a row that the Canadian has either not finished or not been involved in.

51/66 - Ricciardo dropping

Sainz past Ricciardo! It has been a difficult day for the two Renaults and Ricciardo is sinking like a stone down the pack. Now Sainz gets past the Australian, although Ocon is still on course for a decent finish. He is getting the most of the car in P5 at the moment.

50/66 - Bad day for Albon

After a second pit stop for Albon, Verstappen is about to lap his Red Bull teammate. This isn't the race the young Thai driver needed. He has faced some questions in recent weeks and this won't provide any answers. Horner insists he isn't at risk, but he is surely having some thoughts.

48/66 - Gasly past Ricciardo

Strong driving from Gasly and the Alphatauri gets past Ricciardo into P7. He is on course for a good points finish here after winning the Italian Grand Prix a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, Albon is struggling in P12. Just saying...

47/66 - Perez impressive!

Good day for Perez! The Racing Point is on course for a fifth place finish. He has recovered very well since that spin on the first lap. He has taken a set of soft tyres to take him to the end of the race and emerged ahead of Glasy and Ricciardo in P6. That puts him in a good place for a strong finish.

43/66 - Puncture!

It's been a challenging day for Norris with the young Brit picking up a puncture. It's not something that needs urgent attention, though. McLaren have been on the team radio telling Norris to monitor it. A slow puncture.

42/66 - Bottas into pits!

Bottas on to the hards! Despite asking to go on to whatever the opposite of what Hamilton is on, Bottas has also been put on the hard compound tyres. Mercedes did exactly the same last time he asked for that. Hmmm...

41/66 - Hamilton box, box!

Hamilton into the pits! The race leader has been pulled in and is shifted on to a set of hard compound tyres. That will see him to the end of the race. Bottas has been on the team radio saying he wants to go on the opposite tyres to whatever Hamilton is on. We've heard that before from him...

40/66 - Russell out in 15th

The Williams is still in a good position to finish in the points here. Russell's first stint was very impressive, but he has now been changed on to new tyres and has emerged in 15th. Still has a very good look at a top 10 finish.

36/66 - 30 laps to go

1) Hamilton 2) Bottas 3) Verstappen 4) Lecerc 5) Perez 6) Ocon 7) Ricciardo 8) Gasly 9) Sainz 10) Raikonnen 11) Albon 12) Vettel 13) Norris 14) Russell 15) Giovinazzi 16) Grosjean 17) Kvyat 18) Latifi 19) Magnussen 20) Stroll

35/66 - Wheel-to-wheel!

What a move from Perez! The Racing Point and Ocon go wheel-to-wheel through THREE turns, they did well not to make contact, and Perez eventually takes fifth place! That was fantastic from the Mexican driver. He showed such nerve to stick with the move and ultimately wrestle the inside line from the Renault.

33/66 - Bottas concern!

I was talking about Hamilton being on fire in the last update, but now Bottas has an issue with heat! "I have a warning on the dash... cool the car," says the Finn over the Mercedes team radio. What could be causing that? Bottas has had reliability issues fairly recently. Surely it's not happening again?

32/66 - Hamilton on fire

The race leader is stretching his advantage. He now has an eight-second lead over Bottas. Is there anything or anyone who can stop Hamilton from an historic 92nd race victory? Bottas is quickly falling away. Can he do something with the strategy instead?

31/66 - Another penalty!

Another five-second penalty for Stroll! The Racing Point has been handed a second punishment for exceeding track limits. Things are going from bad to worse for Stroll who either now has to sit in the pits for 10 seconds or have 10 seconds add to his time at the end of the race. Oh dear.

26/66 - Hamilton happy

Hamilton has been on the Mercedes team radio to tell Bono that he feels he has more racing left in his tyres. He's been asking if there is any rain coming. No sign of it at the moment...

25/66 - Time penalty!

Stroll handed a punishment! The Racing Point will serve a five-second time penalty for causing a collision with Norris. That looked likely from the moment the incident happened.

24/66 - Russell into points!

Russell up into ninth! Is today the day the young Brit will register his first points? Russell has gained a good reputation for qualifying and getting his Williams car up into Q2, but has struggled on race day. Is today he breaks his duck?

23/66 - Investigation

It should be noted the stewards are taking a look at the incident between Norris and Stroll. The latter didn't appear to have the racing line on the former and so Norris will surely be confident that he will face no action as a result of the investigation.

22/66 - Rain again!

"It's starting to rain again," Sainz claims over the McLaren team radio. It was light rain that caused chaos in the first few laps. Just as the race appears to have resumed some sort of normality, rain could throw another spanner in the works. All eyes on the radar!

20/66 - Hamilton into the lead!

Hamilton takes first place! The championship leader had DRS on Bottas down the home straight and there was little the Finn could have done to keep him at bay. It's been a chaotic first 20 laps, but after starting on pole Hamilton is back at the front of the pack.

18/66 - Stroll spins!

Stroll off the track! The Racing Point tangles with Norris and Stroll ends up off the track! Stroll has damage on his front wing and he's going to have to come into the pits! Norris was defending against the Canadian and isn't happy with that move from Stroll.

13/66 - Verstappen wants in

"The left front is dead, mate," Verstappen says over the Red Bull team radio. He wants pulled into the pits for a change of tyres.

10/66 - As things stand...

1) Bottas 2) Hamilton 3) Verstappen 4) Sainz 5) Leclerc 6) Norris 7) Gasly 8) Ricciardo 9) Stroll 10) Raikkonen 11) Albon 12) Ocon 13) Russell 14) Vettel 15) Giovinazzi 16) Kvyat 17) Grosjean 18) Latifi 19) Magnussen 20) Perez

9/66 - Leclerc into fifth

Norris enjoyed an excellent start to the race alongside his McLaren teamate Sainz, but he is now slipping down through the pack. Leclerc has DRS on Norris and takes fifth place. He is still getting a tune out of this Ferrari.

8/66 - Verstappen charge

Verstappen into the podium positions! The Red Bull has some real speed at the moment. On these tyres, he has the pace to challenge the Mercedes. He's up into third after passing Sainz and Verstappen will now have a real look at Hamilton and Bottas ahead of him.

6/66 - Bottas regains the lead!

Bottas back in front! The Finn passes Sainz and there is a sense the two Mercedes have found some race pace, and some grip, with the rain easing off somewhat. Bottas' tyres are now up to temperature and regains the lead at turn one. Verstappen is flying... keep an eye on that!

5/66 - Verstappen through

Verstappen into fourth! Even though the Red Bull is struggling with straightline speed, Verstappen uses DRS to get past Norris and now he will have a clear look at the two Mercedes. The Silver Arrows have settled down a little bit after a bad start.

4/66 - Chaos

There is such variance in terms of pace through the pack. A number of drivers are struggling to get to grips with, well, grip. This circuit was only resurfaced a month ago and so the rain, even light rain like we are experiencing, has the potential to make it very slippy.

2/66 - Sainz leads!

What an incredible start for the Spaniard! He is into the lead! Bottas in second, Hamilton in third. Norris is up to fourth and Raikkonen is running P6! What an incredible start to this race! Rain is causing problems.

1/66 - Lights out!

Drama through the first few laps! Bottas dropped down to third into the first turn, Perez then tagged Verstappen and now Bottas has the lead! Is something wrong with Hamilton? Rain is falling! What a scruffy start! Hamilton is down to P3!

13:10 - Formation lap

The 20 drivers have embarked on their formation lap. There's a chance of rain this afternoon. Is that the only thing that can stop the two Mercedes from claiming another victory?

13:05 - Clear the grid

Okay, here we go. Just moments away from the start of the Portuguese Grand Prix. Will today be the day Hamilton becomes the driver with the most F1 race victories in his own right? Can Verstappen make good use of the clean side of the track to challenge the two Silver Arrows?

13:00 - Interesting track

Hamilton on the Autodromo Internactional do Algarve earlier this weekend: "Oh god... it’s hardcore. It’s a really, really hardcore circuit. There are places where you can’t see where you’re going. You’re looking at the sky for periods of time."

12:55 - Anthem time

The drivers are on the grid for the national anthem and for the 'We Race As One' anti-racism campaign. As has been the case all through this season, some drivers take the knee and some don't. Mixed messages from F1 on a defining issue of our times. Not good enough.

12:50 - Conditions

It's chilly in the Algarve for this race. That could be a factor, but an even bigger factor could be the grey clouds gathering overhead...

12:45 - Bottas frustration

Saturday qualifying was very frustrating for Bottas. The Finn had set the pace for Mercedes in every session only for Hamilton to steal pole position right at the last moment. Can Bottas strike back in the race itself? Pressure is starting to build on him. Many expect better from someone in the best car on the grid.

12:40 - Constructers race

Something to keep an eye on is that Mercedes could mathematically clinch the constructors' championship this weekend. The Silver Arrows need to better Red Bulls' points haul by 40 points. That seems unlikely, but could feasibly happen if Verstappen and Albon have bad days.

12:35 - Starting grid

1) Lewis Hamilton 2) Valtteri Bottas 3) Max Verstappen 4) Charles Leclerc 5) Sergio Perez 6) Alex Albon 7) Carlos Sainz 8) Lando Norris 9) Pierre Gasly 10) Daniel Ricciardo 11) Estaban Ocon 12) Lance Stroll 13) Daniil Kvyat 14) George Russell 15) Sebastian Vettel 16) Kimi Raikkonen 17) Antonio Giovinazzi 18) Romain Grosjean 19) Kevin Magnussen 20) Nicholas Latifi

12:30 - It's race day!

Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Portuguese Grand Prix. This is the first F1 race in Portugal since 1996 and so it's difficult to know what to expect from this track! That's what could make this afternoon that little bit more exciting.
This could be an historic day for Lewis Hamilton who can surpass Michael Schumacher's record of 91 race victories. The world champion is on pole with Valtteri Bottas locking out the front row for Mercedes. Max Verstappen is in P3. Can he keep the Silver Arrows honest?
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