Massa accepts 'too hot' Verstappen's apology

Massa accepts 'too hot' Verstappen's apology
By AutoSport

18/04/2017 at 20:04Updated

Felipe Massa says he has "no problem" with Max Verstappen following the row over the Red Bull Formula 1 driver's joke about Brazilians during the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend.

Verstappen angered Massa when he said "he's a Brazilian, so there's not much to discuss" after he felt the Williams driver ruined his qualifying effort at Sakhir.

Massa felt the comment was uncalled for, and Verstappen issued an apology on Monday evening for any offence he could have caused.

Williams driver Massa believes Verstappen was "too hot" after qualifying and that the matter is now resolved.

"To be honest, maybe he was a little bit too hot after qualifying and said things you are not supposed to say," said Massa in Bahrain on Tuesday.

"I get along with him very well.

"I have no problem with him and to be honest I was just joking with him and I think he understood because afterwards he said sorry and that's the way it needs to be."

Massa added that he felt Verstappen's remarks were partly a product of his inexperience in the F1 paddock.

"He's nice a guy, a great driver and just needs to calm down a little bit," said Massa.

"With age for sure it will get better."