A big, big day for Verstappen and Red Bull! Not only does the Dutchman take the chequered flag at Monaco, but he moves top of the Drivers' Championship for the first time in his career! Sainz finishes in P2 with Norris taking the final podium place!
Monaco Grand Prix
Mercedes waiting to get jammed wheel off Bottas' car
24/05/2021 AT 12:16

78/78 - Last lap!

Verstappen is just one lap away from winning the Monaco GP and taking the lead in the Drivers' Championship. It's been a procession from the Dutchman. A real show of strength from a young man hoping to win the title for Red Bull this season!

76/78 - This is interesting...

75/78 - Looking good for Lando!

A few laps ago, it seemed that Norris would be up against it to keep Perez behind him, but the McLaren has found some extra grip and pace and looks set to finish on the podium!

73/78 - Getting closer...

Barring any mechanical issues or lapses in concentration, Verstappen will win this Monaco Grand Prix and move clear at the top of the Drivers' Championship. This could be a big moment in the title race!

72/78 - Fastest lap!

Hamilton has just set the fastest lap of the race! The gamble to move on to the fresh set of soft tyres might just work for the defending world champion, although it's still been a very disappointing afternoon for Mercedes.

71/78 - As it stands...

1) Verstappen 2) Sainz 3) Norris 4) Perez 5) Vettel 6) Gasly 7) Hamilton 8) Stroll 9) Ocon 10) Giovinazzi

70/78 - No action on Stroll!

The stewards have taken a good look at the incident involving Stroll and whether or not he crossed over from the right side of the pit lane and they have decided the Aston Martin didn't violate the rules. He gets away with one!

69/78 - Hamilton pits!

Hamilton on to fresh tyres! This is recognition from Mercedes that Hamilton isn't going to end up in the serious points at the front of the pack and so Hamilton is going for the fastest lap bonus point! He's on a set of softs.

67/78 - Chance for Perez

Norris comes into traffic and that gives Perez an opportunity. The McLaren gets past one and then another. This could be the thing that shakes up the battle for third place and the final place on the podium!

66/78 - Battle for third!

There's less than a second between Norris and Perez as the Red Bull chases down the McLaren in the special livery ahead of him. Can Norris hold on for the final 12 laps to claim a podium finish?

63/78 - Stroll under investigation!

Stroll is being investigated for allegedly failing to keep to the right of the pit lane. That could be a disaster for the Canadian after such a good race from him. If found guilty, that will be a time penalty!

61/78 - Checo wants P3

60/78 - Stroll pits!

A 58-lap stint from Stroll and the Canadian rejoins the race in eighth place. That has worked out nicely for Aston Martin who are on course to collect points with both cars. Vettel is in P5!

59/78 - Message to Perez

The message for Perez from the Red Bull pit wall is to conserve fuel to give himself the best chance of passing Norris towards the end of the race. We could be about to get a duel between the McLaren and Red Bull for third!

58/78 - Lando's car is 'awful'

"I'm struggling. The car is awful on these tyres," says Norris. Does he have enough grip and traction to get to the end of the race and keep Perez behind him? Can the Red Bull find a way past?

57/78 - Norris is concerned!

Norris has just been on the McLaren team radio to say his car is undriveable on this set of tyres. He will soon have Perez on his tail if this continues. That is a concern for the youngster.

56/78 - Sainz having a go!

Just 2.7 seconds between Verstappen and Sainz. This race has had the feeling of a procession since early on, but there could be some drama towards the end if the Ferrari keeps up this pace...

55/78 - Max feeling good...

53/78 - Verstappen still leads!

Just to recap - if this race was to finish this way Verstappen would take the lead in the drivers' championship for the first time this season. And for the first time in his career!

52/78 - McLarens compared

There's currently 73 seconds (!) between the two McLarens - Norris and Ricciardo. The former laps the latter and that will be a painful one for Ricciardo, who is supposed to be the experienced driver of the two!

50/78 - Sainz closing up!

This is getting a bit interesting. Sainz is really pushing on Verstappen and while the Red Bull still has an advantage of around three seconds, the Ferrari has had good pace all weekend. Could they put some pressure on the race leader?

47/78 - Alonso pits!

Alonso is the final driver to pit and he comes out in P13, just behind Ricciardo who is enduring a difficult race for McLaren. The Australian is really struggling to get to grips with his new car!

46/78 - Special guest!

45/78 - Mercedes don't have the pace!

It's been a strange weekend for Mercedes. Hamilton just doesn't have the pace to get any closer to Gasly and time is running out for him to get any closer to the podium places. Lewis isn't happy!

44/78 - Norris going well...

Norris has benefited from some good fortune, with Leclerc and Bottas retiring from the race, but the McLaren is more than holding his own in P3! Can he claim his second podium finish of the 2021 season?

43/78 - Hamilton frustration!

Hamilton is doing his best to make his way through the pack, but it's so difficult around this circuit and there are already signs the world champion is losing some interest. He's been asking about Bottas on the team radio...

41/78 - As it stands...

1) Verstappen 2) Sainz 3) Norris 4) Perez 5) Vettel 6) Gasly 7) Hamilton 8) Stroll 9) Raikkonen 10) Ocon

39/78 - Max in and out!

Verstappen has pitted! In all the chaos of what was happening with Mercedes, I forgot to mention that Verstappen was pitted. Unlike Bottas, it was a clean stop from Red Bull and Verstappen has rejoined the race at the head of the pack.

38/78 - Schumacher in last

We must have missed something because Schumacher is now running in last place despite Mazepin pitting for a new set of hards. The Haas must have gone off at some point.

36/78 - Perez up into P4!

Big moment for Red Bull! This is turning into a dream afternoon for Horner! Verstappen is leading the race and Perez, who has now pitted, is in P4, three points ahead of Hamilton who is NOT happy with what has just unfolded!

35/78 - Disaster for Mercedes!

This race has turned to ash for Mercedes. Hamilton lost TWO places by pitting and he's just been told that he's under threat from Perez who is now leading the race and has some clear air to stretch his advantage. Lewis isn't happy.

34/78 - Vettel past Gasly!

Vettel is up into P5! The TV director cuts away just as Vettel makes his move on Gasly, but by the time we come back to the action the Aston Martin is ahead of the AlphaTauri!

33/78 - BOTTAS IS OUT!

Bottas' race is over! What on earth has just happened? Mercedes just couldn't get the wheel nut off Bottas' car and he has had to retire! Incredible!

32/78 - Bottas box, box!

A slow pit stop! Disaster for Bottas! What is up with his luck? It's an epicly slow pit stop for Bottas! The right front just won't come off! His race is being ruined here! What is the solution here?!

31/78 - Lewis pits!

Hamilton on new tyres! Mercedes have taken the plunge first and Hamilton is on the hard compound tyres! They key for Hamilton was to get out in front of Giovinazzi and he has managed that!

30/78 - Mechanics getting ready?

There have been some reports of twitching from the Mercedes mechanics. Are they about to pit Bottas or Hamilton?

27/78 - Who'll blink first?

Was Bottas' message to the pit wall a bluff in an attempt to get Red Bull to pit first? Who's going to blink first? It feels like we're all waiting for one of the teams to take the plunge!

26/78 - More info from Leclerc

24/78 - Bono's message!

"Right Lewis, we think it's all about to happen," says Bono on the Mercedes pit wall to Hamilton, who is running in sixth and will be looking for opportunities to move through the field.

23/78 - Uh oh!

Just as Mercedes challenge Bottas to push on, he says his front left tyre is losing grip and the Finn has lost three tenths of a second on Verstappen. Sainz is getting closer to the Silver Arrow!

22/78 - Mercedes' challenge to Bottas!

The Mercedes pit wall are now asking Bottas to really push on Verstappen. This is a golden opportunity for the Finn to win at Monaco, although it won't be easy for him to get past the Red Bull.

21/78 - Hairy moment!

That was a close one! Stroll launches it over the kerb where Leclerc crashed in Saturday qualifying, but rescues it just in time to save it from landing in the barrier. The Aston Martin survives.

20/78 - Another black and white flag!

Now Norris has been shown a black and white flag. Another one and the McLaren will be handed a five-second time penalty. He certainly doesn't need that given that he is running in fourth place at the moment.

19/78 - Happy Max!

"For these tyres I'm happy" is the message from Verstappen to the Red Bull pit wall. All going to plan for the Dutchman so far.

18/78 - Picking up the pace!

Verstappen sets a new fastest lap and there is certainly a sense that the pick is being picked up across the board. It's getting to the point of the race where we'll start to thinking about pit stops and that's when things will get interesting.

16/78 - Black and white flag!

The first black and white flag of the race has been shown to Mazepin for exceeding track limits. He has cut the chicane too many times. We're only 16 laps into the race, but another violation will see the Russian handed some sort of penalty.

15/78 - After 15 laps...

1) Verstappen 2) Bottas 3) Sainz 4) Norris 5) Gasly 6) Hamilton 7) Vettel 8) Perez 9) Giovinazzi 10) Ocon

12/78 - As things stand...

If the race was to finish like this, Verstappen would lead the drivers' championship for the first time in his career. That would be significant in the title fight between the Dutchman and Hamilton!

11/78 - Not a lot happening...

10/78 - Tyre management

Not many drivers taking too many risks out there at the moment. Of course, that comes with the territory of the Monaco GP, but even by that measure, it's all very cautious right now. All about tyre management.

9/78 - Fastest lap!

Verstappen sets a new fastest lap just a couple laps after Bottas did the same. The Red Bull has a lead of just over a second ahead of the Mercedes. There's also a good scrap for P7 with Perez chasing down Vettel.

6/78 - Haas on Haas!

Schumacher up into P18! One Haas doesn't fancy sticking around behind another Haas for much longer and Schumahcer gets past Mazepin at the back of the pack.

5/78 - Alonso is moving!

One driver who has managed to make up a few places in the first five laps is Alonso. He started in P17 and is now up to 14th! There's still a chance that Alpine could land both of their cars in the points this afternoon.

4/78 - Clean racing

Replays show that Bottas actually got a good start off the line, but Verstappen was very aggresive in coming across to cover the Mercedes. All fair racing from the Red Bull.

2/78 - Good start, Max!

It's been an aggresive start from Verstappen who has a decent lead over Bottas at the head of the pack. There doesn't actually look to have been much movement in the top 10. That's Monaco for you.

1/78 - LIGHTS OUT!

Verstappen leads! Good start from the Red Bull! There's a lock-up from Bottas into Turn 1. Sainz has also got away well from the line. The Ferraris have had good pace this weekend, as they demonstrated by taking pole yesterday!

14:00 - Formation lap!

The drivers have started their formation lap around the Circuit de Monaco. There is no pole-sitter in this race! Keep that in mind! That could shake things up!

13:55 - Bottas' big chance?

All of a sudden, this looks like a big chance for Bottas to really boost his drivers' championship chances. This is his big opportunity to win at Monaco. He starts in third and has an empty grid box in front of him after Leclerc's withdrawal. Hamilton, meanwhile, starts in seventh!

13:50 - Anthem time

The drivers have observed the national anthem on the start line and F1 has played its 'We Race as One' video for equality. It's almost time to start racing at this famous old track. We've already witnessed drama and the race hasn't even started yet! The big storyline at the moment is all about Leclerc.

13:45 - Leclerc is OUT!

Bad news for Leclerc! Ferrari have confirmed that he will not be racing this afternoon. The 23-year-old is walking down the grid with his head in his hands. This should have been a memorable day for Leclerc after claiming pole in his home Grand Prix, but he will be watching from the sidelines. Ouch!

13:40 - The grid

How they qualified on Saturday... 1) Leclerc (not on the grid) 2) Verstappen 3) Bottas 4) Sainz 5) Norris 6) Gasly 7) Hamilton 8) Vettel 9) Perez 10) Giovinazzi 11) Ocon 12) Ricciardo 13) Stroll 14) Raikkonen 15) Russell 16) Tsunoda 17) Alonso 18) Latifi 19) Mazepin 20) Schumacher

13:35 - Leclerc not on the grid!

Ferrari have confirmed on the team radio that Leclerc will not make it to the grid. Now it's a race against time to get that Ferrari ready to start from the pit lane. What a disaster for Leclerc who was looking forward to starting his home race on pole.

13:30 - It's Monaco, baby!

Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix! Drama is already unfolding as Charles Leclerc has experienced some gearbox issues on his out lap. Might the Ferrari have to start from the pit lane having qualified on pole yesterday?
Leclerc put his car in the barrier late on in Q3 on Saturday. That brought the session to an end with his lap time still the fastest. Can Ferrari get this fixed in time? Will it be a pit lane start?
Monaco Grand Prix
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Monaco Grand Prix
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