Montreal makes changes for faster 2017 cars

Montreal makes changes for faster 2017 cars
By AutoSport

20/04/2017 at 18:17Updated

The Montreal Formula 1 circuit is undergoing upgrades in preparation for this year's Canadian Grand Prix.

Most F1 circuits have tweaked their safety features to reflect the faster cars and cornering speeds under the 2017 rules.

While the layout of the Montreal circuit will not be altered, substantial work is taking place on its barriers.

Most of the guardrails and 5000 tyres will be removed and replaced by TecPro barriers.

These red-and-white barriers made of polyethylene are filled with plastic, foam and sometimes sand, and offer a significantly better energy dispersion when a car hit them.

The FIA has also asked for the the traditional gravel traps to be replaced by portions of asphalt as seen at other F1 tracks.

The infamous 'Wall of Champions' - the concrete wall that located at the exit of the last chicane - will have its angle modified, as the FIA has deemed it was dangerous.

Cranes, payloaders, trucks and graders are in now action at Turns 1 and 2, 5, 13 and 14. Later, work will begin at Turns 7 and 8, and 10.

A SAFER barrier - used on most IndyCar and NASCAR oval tracks - will replace the old steel guardrails at Turn 5.

The promoter expects to have the work finished by mid-May.

The Canadian GP takes place on June 9-11.